Today was Friday – 10/07/2011. No songs for today as I still have both the Chickenfoot III album and the new Mayday Parade albums going through my brain. It’s probably because I created a playlist with most of the songs from both of those albums in iTunes and synced it to my iPhone. I just put it on shuffle and let it play. Both of those albums just kick freaking ass!

This was a relatively quiet day at work. I didn’t have to deal with any craziness – it was actually quite pleasant. Tonight the Hurricanes played the Lightning in their opening game of the NHL 2011-2012 season, but my Hurricanes lost. I got to watch most of it – streaming it from the internet on one of the computers at my desk. We have this streaming system at Turner where they stream dozens of TV channels across the network. Not just Turner / Time Warner owned stuff either – all the local channels, ESPN, Versus, and all sorts of other channels. It’s extremely cool. Wouldn’t you like to have a job where watching TV at your desk wasn’t frowned upon? Sometimes my life rules!

Tonight I started testing a new Facebook feature that’s going to go live next Saturday called “Timeline”. It’s a complete and total revamp of your wall / profile. I actually kind of like it – a lot! It arranges your whole FB life in a fairly logical / chronological order. You can “star” things to have them displayed prominently as well – it’s awesome sauce as far as I’m concerned. I’ve pretty much loathed every other change the powers that be at FB have done to the system since I first joined in 2008. Back then – there was so much less clutter going on and it the site was, in my opinion, so much more functional. Now it’s like being around someone who yells everything and has absolutely no “inside” voice. It’s all over the place and in your face and out of control. I mean…honestly. But I’ve gotten used to the shite more or less, and kind of like this new Timeline profile. I had to jump through some ridiculous hoops to get it to let me test it, though. Not gonna go into all that jazz – I want to go to bed soon lol. Anyway – Facebook Timeline is awesome. Everyone will get to see it next Saturday!

I played a lot of KOTOR tonight as well. This character is coming along well – I’m following the “light” side with him. Speaking of TOR stuff, Elisha was supposed to be able to start beta testing at 6p, but couldn’t login. She went to out to eat with her peeps – she let me know all of this in some texts. Not sure if she was able to go home and log in or what as I didn’t hear from her after that, but I hope she at least got to have some fun and experience this game. I can’t WAIT to hear about it. I got our TOR guild up to 10 people tonight, which qualifies us for inclusion in the over all beta, not just a beta weekend. It’s still random selection, but now she and I both have this extra chance to get into the overall beta. We have our individual selection possibility, and now we have the shot to get in with our guildmates as well. I realize the game launches in just over 2 months, but GDit I wanna play the frakking thing now! 🙂

Tonight I texted with Elisha, as I said, and also with my brother – still talking about hockey stuff (especially since the Hurricanes were on tonight). I IMd with my Mom on AIM – keeping her company. She says that aunt Mitzi is in town for the weekend, though, which is good for both of them. I also IMd with Todd because he logged into gmail chat. I got him to join the TOR guild, and he told me about Facebook Timeline and how to test it. Kickie Assie!

Well that was my Friday evening. I’m very pleased that the weekend is upon us once more! I’m going to sleep a lot today, and then get up and do some cleaning of the condo. I need to do laundry as well. I think “Scream 4” is out on Blu Ray – if so I’m gonna buy it. I have like 10 DVR shows to watch, so I will do some of that as well. And hopefully I will hear a ton of TOR info from Elisha.

Well, that’s all I have for ya. When it’s After the Fact – you’ll read all about it. Next time…………


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