10/08 and 10/09/2011

These days were Saturday and Sunday – 10/08 and 10/09/2011. Songs that most closely match my mood = “When You See My Friends”, Mayday Parade; and “Up Next”, Chickenfoot. I still have the whole albums of both Mayday Parade (self titled) and Chickenfoot III running through my head, but those two songs are at the top of my mind right now for some reason. However, I think my favorite song on either album is “You’re Dead Wrong” on the Mayday Parade album. I’ve linked a YouTube clip to commonterry.tumblr.com so you can listen to it if you’d like, so check it out! Be sure to buy both Mayday Parade and Chickenfoot III at your nearest retailer ASAP! I bought Mayday on iTunes, but I bought the Chickenfoot III CD because there is a bonus track on it that is not available on iTunes. I recommend you get the Chickenfoot III CD for the same reason I did. 🙂

Fah Lah! Well I spent most of Saturday chatting with Lee Jay and Todd, and texting with Lee Jay, Todd, and Mom; watching TV; and cleaning the condo. I didn’t hear a peep from Elisha, which I half expected as I’m sure she was buried in TOR during her free time as much as possible, and I know she doesn’t have a ton of free time. Although I was hoping for periodic updates through the weekend, I’m not sure if I would have been able to do that if the roles had been reversed. Heck, I barely make time to write in this blog, although I’m doing about 150% better at this than I have been since I started this way back when. I’ve never gone through such stretches of time where I wrote in the blog every day – it’s unheard of for me. Anyway – no peeps from Elisha on Saturday.

Lee Jay texted me and informed my that my nephew James had a goal and an assist in his Soccer game on Saturday, then later he also had a Baseball game during which he got player of the game! He walked three times, stole three bases, and scored twice. He played left field some, and also second base, and made some great fielding plays with no errors! So – WOW – what an awesome day for him! I sent him a text congratulating him. Then I sent him and his friend John invites into my TOR guild. I had to walk them through the procedure of signing up for accounts on the TOR site, and then going through the email to join the guild. But at least they’re in and hopefully we’ll get to play together some when the game goes live.

I decided what to do about cousin Geoff on Saturday as well. During Friday, I went through my Facebook profile and put him on my restricted list so he couldn’t see the bulk of my profile and wouldn’t write on my wall anymore. I had to do that because he kept posting on there asking me what was going on. The problem is that I can’t really give him a proper explanation without being rude, and I feel like if you believe you can’t avoid being rude then you shouldn’t say anything at all. But I decided he deserves some kind of explanation, so I crafted an email that basically said just that. That I can’t tell him exactly what’s up without being rude, so I felt I shouldn’t. I decided that I didn’t want to associate with him when he moves up here, and I asked him to respect that and not barrage me with messages asking why. I told him if he did, then I would block him totally on FB.

I sent the draft of the message to Lee Jay and Mom first so they could chime in. They both replied that they felt this was for the best, so I sent it to Geoff. He replied back that he didn’t really understand why I was doing this (sigh – I can’t understand how that is possible, but whatever) but he respected my decision and he wouldn’t bother me. So I’m glad that’s done and I don’t have to worry about being put in uncomfortable situations when he moves up here in three weeks or whatever.

Beyond all that, I played KOTOR some and did the LXFFO fantasy football stuff I have to do on Saturdays. That was basically all I did. Nothing exciting as you can see. No going out – no getting into any trouble or meeting any hot chicks. Oh well, Oh well.

Sunday saw me watching football all day long, of course. Today my Time Lords were matched up against the Legion of Doom, and I am having another simply rancid weekend of football. Both the Falcons and Panthers lost, plus my Time Lords are getting massacred 138 to 201.  I have 3 players going Monday night, but they are all defensive players so there is really no way I can come back and win. I don’t even think I will score the at least 185 a team should score to not be having a horrible week. So – no football glory was to be sound on Sunday for me.

I went to church service Sunday evening though – for the first time since football started back up. I’m going to try to go at least a couple times a month, if not more. Like I’ve written before – I can still watch the messages / sermons online for the nights that I don’t go. But it was nice to be back in the building as they play really great music there, complete with a kick ass light show. It’s like being at a rock concert! I love it! It was the best thing about Sunday other than getting to chat with Lee Jay and Todd all day, commenting to each other while we watched football. It was almost like watching the games together. 🙂

I heard a bit out of Elisha today, but she was knee deep in still playing. She is going to send me an email with full details when she isn’t so busy. I can only imagine, though, what it must be like. Really, really, really, really wanting to play as much as possible, but she still has Mommy and Wifey things to attend to. I didn’t want to be a dick and say, “Listen, missy, you get your bitch ass in the email and tell me all the frakking details right now! Oh, and make me some pie, too!” She prolly would have just laughed at me anyway. 🙂 It’s all good – I just can’t wait to find out what she thinks.

I also spent some time tonight dragging out my old Dell laptop and setting it up to run a Murmur server, which is an open source VOIP server used by the Mumble client application. Think Skype, or if you’re a gamer Ventrillo, except Mumble supposedly kicks the asses of both of those other apps. I need to talk to Elisha, and Todd, and maybe others to have them log in so we can test its viability to host our conversations while we play TOR once it’s finally released. The server seems to be up and running fine. I’m just wondering if it will actually work or not LOL. I’m sure I will write more about it here in the future….

Well that’s all I did on Sunday. I can’t believe the weekend is over already. Man it went by in a freaking flash. Ugh. I’m SO glad I get to work from home Mondays and Tuesdays, but I’m just not feeling like working at all today to be honest. I didn’t get enough play time in as I spent a lot of time this weekend either cleaning, or IMing and texting with family / friends. I also watched a ton of DVR stuff. So I had a relaxing weekend, but I didn’t play as much as I like to. Anyway…that’s that.

All the stuff that’s After the Fact will appear here next time. So I will tell you that story then. I know you can’t wait lol…..


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