10/11 and 10/12/2011

These days were Tuesday and Wednesday – 10/11 and 10/12/2011. No songs – just still listening to Chickenfoot III and Mayday Parade on a randomized shuffle. It’s greatness.

Gonna be really, really brief as I’m tired and don’t feel like going into huge detail.

Been working, chatting with Mom, texting with Lee Jay, texting with Elisha about TOR and KOTOR, got Elisha’s email about her beta test (awesomeness), emailed Elisha info on how to get TOR running on Win7, messaging Danielle on FB about the Hurricanes vs the Bruins – Hurricanes won WOO HOO! (Danielle is a Bruins fan lol.) Been watching a TON of DVR stuff. Halloween is around the corner and I need to start my annual scary movie viewing. Gonna start this weekend when the prequel to “The Thing” comes out. Can’t wait to see that! Gonna go from there and watch scary movies every day until Halloween gets here. 🙂 I love this time of year!

Well it’s time for bed now. Until next time – when my future becomes After the Fact, and I write about it here….


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