Today was Thursday – 10/20/2011. I have the musical score from the film “Interview with the Vampire” in my head. I love that flick, and the score, by Elliot Goldenthal, is perhaps one of the most perfect movie scores I have ever heard. It evokes the gothic feel of the movie, not to mention Louis’ ongoing sense of horror and loneliness, so perfectly that the movie wouldn’t be the same without it. “Libera Me” is my favorite cue – it’s just absolutely brilliant. It’s also perfect autumn / Halloween music! My favorite time of the year!

Check out commonterry.tumblr.com to listen to “Libera Me”.

Thursday was a cool day, although I didn’t feel well most of the day. I think I have acid reflux disease because I just have constant heartburn sometimes. I’ve always had stomach / intestinal issues all my life though. It’s just annoying. Anyway – had a decent day today otherwise.

Work was decent. I IMd with Mom a lot and picked out the camcorder I want for Christmas. I can’t wait! 🙂 I also chatted with Todd a lot on gmail. He’s planning to come up here in the middle of January for a concert, and I’m gonna go with him. Gonna see Dia Frampton – that will be fun. I texted with Elisha about “how is your day going” kind of stuff. It would have been an overall better day if I hadn’t felt nauseated and heart burned all freaking day long.

Got home tonight and didn’t set up my laptop, and didn’t play any DA2 either. Just layed on the couch and watched DVR stuff. Catching up on TV viewing. South Park was brilliant this week. I needed that laughter.

Well I’m thumbing this on my iPhone and my hands are going to sleep lol. Love this WordPress App though. Laying in bed in the dark and posting this. 🙂

Anyway – until next time when tomorrow will be After the Fact!


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