I’m back….

What up, bitches?! Hahahahahahaha. It has been a long time with no communication from me, I know. As expected, I don’t have nearly as much free time as I used to. It turns out that time passes by way faster for you when you’re awake during the day and you sleep at night. I mean – it seems crazy to me how the days are flying by now. That may seem strange, but that is my perception of things…at least right now.

When I first got this job and told my friend Angie about how I would be working during the day, she was shocked, to say the least, and asked me if I was afraid of bursting into flames. Yes, yes I was, but thankfully that did not happen. I am adjusting to being a day walker A LOT better than I ever thought I would. In all honesty I can’t imagine wanting to ever go back to working nights and sleeping days ever again. I know that may seem shocking to those of you who know me, but it’s true. Imagine how I feel!

Sleeping during the day and working/playing all night has always been a major part of who I am. Any time I had to wake up during the day to do anything, even for past jobs, it always felt awful to me. Even going to school for 1st through 12th grade was a daily challenge for me. No matter how much sleep I got, I still felt tired all day long. So no one was more surprised than me when I realized that I was happy with my transition into the light…………..


Okay, so I wrote the above paragraphs a month and a half ago. Things are still going great, but my sleeping schedule has been rougher on me lately. It seems my body doesn’t want, in normal conditions, to go to sleep until around 3 or 3:30 AM. So instead of getting around 7 hours of sleep a night, I am getting around 5. I’m not getting nearly as much sleep as I used to when I slept during the day because I could sleep until I woke up naturally. The lack of sleep is starting to wear me out a bit. I’m fighting to make myself adjust to this, though, more so than I ever have in the past because this job is such a great opportunity for me. I’m not oversleeping or sleeping through my alarms, as I used to though, so that is at least a good sign.

Man working in the CNN Center is a trip. You have to badge your way in as you cross the threshold, and then show your badge to a security guard standing just beyond that point. Then you go up an escalator and have to show your badge to another guard before you can get on the elevator and go up to your work area. Then when you get to your floor you have to badge through yet another door to get to your work area itself. Needless to say, your ID badge becomes almost as important as one of your appendages. It’s all good, though, because you can’t be too secure or careful nowadays. I like the fact that no one can come into my work area unless they belong in there.

Adding further to the coolness of working here is all the eateries and other businesses here in CNN Center. There are so many fast food places on the ground floor that you can never get tired of eating here. There’s two Chinese / Japanese places, a Wendy’s, a Chick-Fil-A, a Moe’s, a Taco Bell, an Arby’s, a pizza / Italian food place, a Blimpie’s, a Gorin’s, a sit down Mexican place, a sit down seafood place, a Jack and Jill’s sports bar, a Dunkin Doughnuts, and several other places that I hardly ever go to but at least the choices are there. There’s also a post office, a branch of my bank (Wachovia), a dry cleaners, a Waldenbook’s, and a police station in the building. It’s just…the best place to work ever.

Next door is Phillips Arena, and Turner employees get free tickets to Hockey (Thrashers) and Basketball (Hawks) games there. I’m not a fan of Basketball at all, but I’ve been going to tons of Thrashers games lately. It just rocks hardcore to get off of work at 7pm, go downstairs, and just walk directly into the area without having to deal with transportation or ticketing hassles. I don’t even have to go outside as there are entrances into the arena inside CNN center. The coolness of it all is immense if you ask me. We get two booklets of 20 vouchers for games – one for each team (Thrashers and the Hawks). I traded my Hawks vouchers for more Thrasher ones, though. Each voucher is good for two tickets for best available seats. In addition to that, my department, Turner Technology Services, has 4 club level seats (each seat worth over $100 a game) that it gives out for every game. You have to sign up for them, and two people get two tickets each. If more than two people sign up per game, then there is a drawing for the tickets. I’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to getting these tickets, though, so most of the games I’ve been going to I’ve been sitting in these awesome seats. Hockey rules, but there’s nothing like seeing it live. I’m loving this particular benefit of my job, that’s for sure!


Even more time has gone by since I wrote the above text. 2007 has been a somewhat rough year for me so far. I went home over Christmas break and my Mom had the flu most of the time I was there. Of course, I caught it from her and was sick the first week of January. I missed 4 days of work and basically was in bed suffering or sleeping the whole time. The flu evolved into a nasty cold, which in turn evolved into a nagging cough. Just as that was going away, I caught the frigging flu AGAIN and was too sick to do anything except sleep and moan from February 17th to February 21st. This flu was way worse than my initial bout as it made me sore and achy all over to a higher degree, and I was just feeling exhausted every moment of the day. What’s worse is that I was visiting my family in NC when I started getting sick and couldn’t drive home that Sunday. I sucked it up and drove home on Monday the 19th, but that was a horrible experience. It is no fun driving when you feel like you want to die. Needless to say, I missed work that Monday. I went to work the next morning, Tuesday, but my boss took one look at me and told me to go back home. I stayed in bed all that day and the following day (Wednesday) before going back to work on Thursday. But I continued to feel like shite even through the next week. Having sick days is another extremely cool benefit that I’m not used to having. Being sick suck balls, but getting paid anyway at least means you’re not getting double dicked by the whole experience.

It’s now March and I still have remnants of my cough, but I otherwise feel fine. So by now you understand that I love my new job, and life is going well for me. It’s so weird that I was -> <- this close to moving to Charlotte 8 months ago, and now there is no way in hell I would do that. As they say: things change. Time counts, and keeps counting. At least it’s all been positive changes and counting for me for once. I am quite sure that I am going to wake up soon to discover that this whole “season” of the show of my life is simply a dream. But, hey, I gotta stay positive. I suppose that sometimes, hehe sometimes, life is indeed good.

I’d like to say a few words now about a couple of technological marvels I’ve recently acquired and highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of getting something like them. First of all, I got a couple of Best Buy gift cards for Christmas and used them to purchase an iPod. I got one of the 30 gig, fifth generation, iPods and I freaking love it! I was going mental with riding MARTA everyday and having nothing to do but stare out the window or having to listen to the weirdo things that get discussed by the folks on MARTA. For example:

Girl #1: “Girl, I am so hungry….”

Girl #2: “Aw me too, girl! I could really go for some ghetto chips right now!”

Girl #1: Ridiculously extreme laughter. “Damn, girl, you so crazy! What the *uck is ghetto chips?”

Girl #2: Echoing ridiculously extreme laughter. “You know…it’s when you get some of those Raman noodles, crunch them up, put that seasoning stuff on them, and just eat ‘em dry.”

So, now, the concept of “Ghetto Chips” will stick with me forever. Fortunately I no longer have to worry about any new bombardments of craziness thanks to my iPod. I put on my kick ass Bose noise cancelling headphones and I am in my own world of musical goodness. Of course this problem could be resolved by any decent mp3 player, but I am in love with iTunes. iTunes kicks all the ass there is to be kicked in the entire world. Having the ability to preview songs, and download them individually instead of an entire album, rules. Their musical selection is unrivaled in the downloadable music store realm. Also, you can download TV shows and movies there as well to watch either on your iPod or computer.

Since Heroes comes on at the same time as 24, and no show kicks quite as much ass as Jack Bauer and 24, I must tape Heroes or otherwise watch it in another manner other than TV. This is where iTunes and my iPod come in. I can download each Heroes episode, sync it to my iPod, and watch it while I’m on lunch at work. The screen on the iPod is small, but it’s vivid, colorful, and works out extremely well for a handheld unit. In comparison with other mp3 devices, the iPod is thinner and lighter than them all. The only thing I wish was different about it is I wish the screen was 16:9 (widescreen) instead of 4:3 (normal). But letterboxing doesn’t bother me like it does some folks, so I’m fine with it as it is. If you’re thinking about getting an mp3 player soon I highly recommend an iPod. You can’t beat iTunes for acquiring music and other content. It’s the only way to go in my opinion.

The other technological marvel that I have recently acquired is a Smartphone – in particular I now own a T-Mobile Dash. See it at http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/Detail.aspx?device=f164419f-eee9-4cf6-a1bd-070dbe4b5023

This phone rocks. I have never owned any other Smartphone before, so I don’t know first hand how it compares to others. However, I have experience using Blackberry devices at work because everyone at work seems to have one. They stop working all the freaking time because the design behind them is a little crazy. They’re made by a company called RIM (Research in Motion). Any mail that you get on your Blackberry has to pass through your work’s exchange server, to the Blackberry server at your work, then to the RIM network, then to your cell company’s network, and then to your phone. If any one of those points of travel has a problem, then bam! no email for the Blackberry. The cool thing about Windows Mobile devices, like my Dash, is that they can just use Active Sync’s Direct Push (Microsoft technology) built into the 2003 Exchange server (A Microsoft product) to push email directly to your phone. My previous phone was with T-Mobile, and I wanted to stick with them, so my choices were limited as to what Smartphone I could get to replace my normal phone. Fortunately I read some good reviews of the Dash and was sold on it since I decided I didn’t want to deal with Blackberry madness.

Anyway, this phone has a full QWERTY keyboard on it so I can send and receive email with ease. It also has AIM built into it so I can log into AIM and send/receive instant messages easily. I like to log into AIM every evening when I’m on my way home from work so I can say hello to my Mom, so I’m usually on between 7:30 and 8PM Mon-Fri if you want to say hello. I can browse the web on it – it has wireless access built into it so I can log it into unsecured (or secured if I have the access key) wireless networks can surf the web as if I were on a laptop or something. Of course it can also make and receive normal phone calls hahahaha. But I got it to keep up with my email while I’m on the go, since I’m on the go a lot given that I don’t have a car. It takes a lot longer for me to get from point A to point B nowadays, you see. It’s cool to be able to check my work email when I’m away from my desk too. People sometimes email me to check status on their tickets, and if I’m away from my desk I can reply to them and tell them to call the help desk. It helps me be more helpful and efficient with my work. It also keeps track of my work calendar, so if I have a meeting tomorrow it tells me that in case I don’t remember myself. I can set other reminders up on my calendar and they’ll appear on my phone as well. I also have my maplejar gmail account sending mail to it. During football season I’ll have my lxffo account sending mail to it as well since I have to do a lot of admin work with the fantasy football league during that time. Man…technology rocks. That’s all there is to it.

So you might like your Motorola Blackjack, or your Q, or your Palm device, but my Dash kickies assie if you ask me. It has a camera on it even, which isn’t a big deal to me but it is kinda cool. It’s also easy to mod it, which is something I like to do. The homescreen on it is coded in XML and I’ve already tweaked its code to change the display to my liking. I made the bar at the top (that shows your signal strength and battery level) transparent so you only see the icons and the words, put up a cool background of Mandy Moore, and changed the words on the screen around (like if I have email or not, or text messages, time / date, and calendar reminders) so that they are not covering up her face. There’s so much more you can do (you can completely change the color scheme in any way you want), but I haven’t tried to do much of anything beyond that. Anyway, the phone rules all. I highly recommend it if you are looking at getting a Smartphone of your own.

Well that’s about all I have to say for this entry. I’ve decided that I’m going to try to do a weekly post, so here’s to hoping that I can make that happen. To that end, here is my thought of the week.

I’m really sick of hearing from the liberal asshounds in the country about this whole US Attorney firings situation, and how they were so politically motivated. Look, these are political positions, so being fired for political reasons…makes sense. Hello! Not to mention how hilarious it is to see Satan….oh I mean Hilary…talk trash about this. Once upon a time her husband fired all 93 US Attorneys! Did you hear the glorious liberal media all talk shite about that? No, of course not. I’m a Libertarian. I think both Democrats and Republicans are effed up. But at least with Republicans there isn’t this silly double standard that exists between the Democrats and the media when it comes to similar issues such as this. If something is “wrong” then it should be bad for everyone to do it – not just Republicans. It’s this sort of thing that makes me question the logic and sense of anyone who votes for any Democrat. They’re just so full of bullshit.

One more thought of the week, since I have been away for many. We’ve been hearing a lot about “global warming” lately, thanks to another liberal lunatic named Al Gore. I just think this whole thing is such bunk. I mean, I think it’s a good idea for us to move away from pollution causing fuel sources to more renewable ones. That idea makes plenty of sense. But the assertions that it is humanity that is causing a “global warming” catastrophe that can destroy life as we know it is just retarded in my opinion. Man, we are just human beings. We are not that powerful. I mean, never mind the fact that stars expand and get hotter as they age. Couldn’t the sun getting hotter cause a little bit of “global warming”? If you’re interested in reading about an alternative take on this issue, check this out:


To Al Gore, I only have this to say: settle down, Beavis.

And that, as they say, is that. Until next time….