Minor but important tidbit of Info

I have a minor update / post to make here to inform you all of an important bit of information.  When I originally set up this site, I wanted it to be commonterry.com, of course, but at the time that domain was taken.  The person who previously owned the domain let it expire at the beginning of 2008, however, and I purchased it yesterday.

Now you can get to the site by using either commonterry.com or commonterry.org.  They both point to the same space.  I may, at some point in the future, let commonterry.org expire, so I recommend you start using commonterry.com to get to the site now.  It’s only costing me $7 a year for the extra domain, so I may keep them both for as long as I live.  It’s just that I can’t guarantee that.  I might want to drop commonterry.org and purchase a new domain name for Second Family Flicks or something.  Anyway, just letting you all know.

I hope all is well with everyone.  Until next time….


Update / The Glory of 2008

The main gallery (not the DOTL Gallery — the one above that) and the list of things that aggravate me have been updated! Enjoy!

The only thing going on in my life right now that’s noteworthy is that I have moved to a more agreeable shift: 3p to 12a, Mon-Fri! Ah yes it is so wonderful! My natural tendency is to sleep from 3a or 4a until 11a or 12p. I just feel so much more alive now! I am more refreshed every day, and I don’t dread having to get out of bed and get to work on time.

Ah life can be a wonderful thing sometimes. I’m doing a job I really enjoy, I’m getting paid well, and I can do so on my natural body-clock terms. 2008 has been good to me so far. The glory of this year has been immense!

That is all for now….