Darkening of the Light Screenplay

Please see the link to the right, in the “Pages” column, titled “Darkening of the Light Screenplay”. It will take you to a page where you can download and/or view a copy of the screenplay for “Star Wars: Darkening of the Light”.

By the way – it is 60 pages long so prepare yourself for a read if you actually are interested….  Enjoy!


Beginnings of 09

Blah on me.  I am ignoring my blog. I guess I haven’t really felt the draw to write about anything going on because I do most of the updating of my life on Facebook. Christmas has happened, but I catalogued that on Facebook in pictures. Not much else going on worth noting, really. Besides, I’m not getting any hits here hardly except people coming to check out my recipe for sweet and sour sauce. That is pretty much the only hits I’m getting nowadays – people searching for sweet and sour sauce recipies and coming coming here to see mine. Beyond that, I think Angela drops by here periodically, but much less often than she used to. Can’t blame her, though, as I don’t really write here, or on tumblr, that much anymore.

I did recently install the wordpress, and tumblr, apps on my iPhone, though, so maybe I will at least write more short notes more often. I’m not sure, though, because, like I said, I get a lot of that out of my system on Facebook. I’m still thinking about adding a poetry section and posting my poems here, so maybe I will do that soon. I’m also thinking about publishing the Star Wars: Darkening of the Light screenplay I wrote since it is obvious that we will never finish shooting the movie. At least people can read it and imagine for themselves the movie it would have been. I do have footage that I could do some effects, and editing, work on and post as well – so perhaps that will be something to look forward to here as well.

Beyond all that, I’m not sure how often I’m going to post stuff here anymore. Maybe I would mirror some of the stuff I post to Facebook – that’s a possibility. I have crap going on in my life, but I’m just not up for writing about it right now.

It’s just women…sigh… I know there has to be some wisdom and perfection somewhere in God’s decision to make men and women so inherently different, and so easily aggravated by one another, but I just can’t see it right now. It just hurts when someone who is supposed to know me better than just about anyone cannot have any faith in me. And while I admit that I am not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, I don’t see how I could be as wrong as I have been led to believe that I am. All I know is that I have been honest and straightforward in all things.  That is the bottom line. I have a feeling that there hasn’t been a quid pro quo of honesty in this situation, but again, given our imperfect natures, I could be wrong. Anyway….

Enough of all that – I don’t want to think about it anymore right now. If you have been thinking about maybe getting an iPhone, I just wanna say that I HIGHLY recommend  it. These things have everything you could possibly need! The phone calling capabilities, of course, but also iPod capabilities all rolled in with everything you need in a smart phone. It checks your email, keeps you reminded with calendar functionality, and last but not least there are so many apps (many of them free) you can download and install on it. Apps from everything to games to useful utilities like the built in google maps with GPS functionality. I have an app that will show me the closest movie theaters from where ever I am, the movies playing there, showtimes, and phone numbers to call to get tickets if I need to. I have an app to keep track of the calories I’ve eaten today. I have an app that will sense my location, and then tell me how close I am to pretty much any retail establishment or gas station I want. I have an app that will calculate tips for me, and round the total up automatically. My brother has one, and we are currently in the middle of a chess match – with me in Georgia and him in Texas. And all of this is only the beginning. I can’t imagine a phone that would give me more functionality than this. Get an iPhone – they are well worth the price!

Well – that’s all I have for now.  Be well and take care….