Reality Show Grievance

I have a reality show grievance to share. Not the usual refrain you hear – it seems so popular to dump on reality shows. It’s hip to talk crap, but watch them in private, right? Well shite on what’s hip…that’s what I say. Anyway, my problem is that the person / team I want to win almost ALWAYS comes in third place. I have four main reality shows that I watch: Survivor, Amazing Race, American Idol, and America’s Next Top Model. Yes I watch model because I love women, and observing them is interesting and facinating to me…and their drama is hilarious when it’s not happening to me LOL.  So now I’m going to complain.

Dammit to hell I cannot for the life of me understand how in the hell Kris Allen beat out Danny Gokey to be in the American Idol finale with Adam Lambert. Not that either one could beat Adam in the finals, I don’t think, but Kris Allen is so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. He has the stage presence of someone who is asleep…or even dead. And compared to Danny, the kid can’t sing. Okay. He just cannot sing like Danny or Adam can. I’m not saying he can’t sing, period, but he’s not not in the same park as either of them. I know you little girls think he’s cute, but that does not equal talented. Do you freaks get it? I mean…honestly. So shite on it all…the guy I wanted to win came in third. As usual.

Yes, I wanted Danny to win. Like I said, I don’t think it’s possible for Adam to lose because he’s the “hip” choice right now. Not to knock him or anything because, unlike Kris, Adam has more stage presence and talent than pretty much anyone on the radio right now. But for me he’s more style than substance. He belongs on Broadway…not on popular radio. It’s just the way he sings everything…I mean you shouldn’t raise the octave /key / whatever of every song just because you can sing up there. But I have that problem with singers like Christina Aguilera and Maria Carey as well. It’s just not necessary to tell every story the same flamboyant, extreme way just because you can. Go back and watch season 1 of American Idol. Kelly Clarkson can hit those notes as well, but she didn’t break it out every single performance. When she did, they were WOW moments. When an artists does that every single song, for me it becomes blase. Anyway…enough of this…you get it. I like Danny and Adam, but I don’t think Adam should be the American Idol even though there is no way he won’t be. Especially with zzzzzzzzzzzzzz man as his only competition. Blah. Blah on all you silly little girls who voted for him. You suck. Ass. Like a dog going around licking ass…all the time. Thank you. I mean…really….thank you…suckers of  ass. Blah.

On Sunay they showed the finale for The Amazing Race. I really, really wanted the deaf dude and his Mom to win, but where did they place..THIRD…of course! I can’t really complain about this because retarded ass sucking little girls didn’t rob us all of everything that makes any sense. Luke and Margie just had some bad luck, and I liked all the three finalist teams so I’m not too bummed out about it. I just can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to be deaf, and go through the competition like Luke did. My hat is off to strength of will and character like that.

(EDIT on 6/21/09: I have removed the links to the pictures here because I’m getting a lot of hits from people just through google image search who are looking for pics of the ladies in question. This is not an image site, or a site only about gorgeous chicks, so the links must go! If you want to know what these chicks look like, search for them on google yourself.)

Wednesday night we were also graced with the America’s Next Top model finale. This one threw off the balance somewhat because the girl I wanted to win, Allison, came in….second. But not first, dammit! Agh! The girl who won…blah. Just blah. She is pretty, I suppose, but she’s certainly not gorgeous or memorable. Unless looking like you’ve spent your life being hit in the face with an iron is memorable. Maybe it is.  Blah. I would rather have had the girl who came in third, Aminet, win instead if it couldn’t have been Allison – at least Aminet is gorgeous.  Allisonis just gorgeous nummy loveliness in every way.

The only girl who has won the show who I picked from the first episode was Nicole Linkletter from season 5.  Nicole and Allison are similar, though, as you can see if you find pictures of them. I just like the lighter skin tones, lighter colored eyes, the full lips, and the long hair. I don’t mind tanned skin in the summer, but most girls just go overboard with the tan thing that it, again, becomes blase. It’s fake. It’s not you who really are. The whole fake thing is another reason why I hate too much make-up, but you all know this if you’ve read my list of things that aggravate me. Among actresses, good examples of what I like are: Anna Torv from the new TV show Fringe and Michelle Trachtenberg.  Anyway…enough of this.

As far as Survivor goes – they haven’t had their finale yet, but it will break the mold as well because the one I wanted to win, Sierra, has already been voted out. Not last week but the week before she was voted out. Now I wouldn’t mind seeing Erin win, or even the psycho “Coach” just for laughs. But I’m not too terribly interested in who wins Survivor this time around. I’d rather not see Taj win it because she’s married to retired NFL star Eddie George, and they don’t need a million bucks, okay? They just don’t. I wouldn’t mind Stephen so much because he’s a good guy. I don’t like T.J. a whole lot so I wouldn’t really like to see him win either. So Erin, Coach, or Stephen would be okay with me.

There have been many, many other instances of my reality show favorites coming in third, so these listed here are not the beginning of my disappointments.  Well, that’s all I have to say for now. I hope all is well with everyone….

Fah Lah,