Tech Support Aggravation of the Day

The following is also going into the list of things that aggravate me.

I am getting weary of people who cry, “Browsing is SO slow for me <whine whine>…it takes a minute or two for a page to load!” So then I log into their machine and say, “Ok, show me.” You see, I know I’m about to waste a load of my time here, but it’s my job to at least see if what this person is saying is true, and they actually need my help. 99.999999999999999999999999% (plus infinity squared) of the time it is BS, but every now and then I do get to talk to someone who is not a jackass. Ok, so like I say, I log into their computer so the person can show me the problem. They start browsing and it takes, at most, 10 or 15 seconds for pages to load completely – but they are visible and scrollable usually at 5 seconds at the most. Sigh. Okay, people, 10 to 15 seconds DOES NOT EQUAL 1 or 2 minutes. Indeed, it doesn’t even equate to slow! Don’t any of you jackasses remember what 33k or even 56k modems were like? Yeah, we can talk about minutes then! You do realize that 1 to 2 minutes equals 60 to 120 seconds, right? Right?! I promise you that 60 to 120 seconds is not the same as 10 to 15 seconds. Seriously, I promise you that more than any promise has ever been promised in the history of promises! Man…we need to get these A.D.D. cry babies away from computers, and indeed away from the general population, before they infect anyone else with their lunacy….