Today was Tuesday – 8/30/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “Alone” – Heart; and “Come to Me (Instrumental)” – Brad Fiedel (from the 1985 version of Fright Night). I’m feeling lonely, but not depressingly so – just a little lonely. No companion pic tonight – not enough time to think about it.

Not much time tonight because I need to get to bed – it’s 5:54a and I’m seriously going to try to leave early tomorrow so I can get my hair cut on my way in to work. I’ll take the train to Midtown Station, walk to Great Clips on 5th Street, have them do the deed, walk to North Avenue station from there and catch the train there to head to work. That’s the plan anyway.

Today wasn’t as busy a day as yesterday, but still was pretty busy. Not much to talk about on the work front – no surprises there. Plenty of calls and more than my share of tickets. Job security means there are always going to be problems to solve, and solve them I do.

I was able to text with Elisha today for about an hour! It was awesome, but it’s also a little sad. I’ve never met anyone else like her and sometimes that’s hard to deal with. Blah. Anyway, we talked about our Sci-Fi passions, as usual. Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who information abounds. We hope to meet some of our favorite actors from our shows this weekend at Dragon Con. That will be sweet ass sweet! I can’t wait to see her this weekend, and I know I have to hold on to those seconds and try to wrap them around my heart so they won’t tick away so easily. Where’s a Time Lord when you really need him, eh? At the bottom of every cup of awesomesauce, there’s a little bit of pain. We have to pay for it somehow…right?

Elisha and I have this thing where one of us always knows when the other is thinking about them. I’ve heard the phone ding just before she’s called me. Like an echo of a ring that hasn’t happened yet. I will text her, “I’m thinking about you,” and she will text that I popped into her head just before she got the text. Today I texed her a smiley because I felt her close to me, and she texted back that she was sending me a message right as she got my smiley. We have this connection that transcends us – we always have. It’s almost like we’re twins. Like we’re Luke and Leia – strong with the force. Which is gross because I can’t even tell you the exact thousands of times I’ve had sexual encounters with her in my fantasies. I’ve never been connected like this with anyone else in my entire life. Ah, there I go getting sad again.

Anyway – I chatted with Todd today, giving him pointers on the best app to download to scan his machine for spyware (Malwarebytes). I texted with my brother about the US Open Tennis tournament that just started. We gotta talk about the hot chicks in their hot tennis skirts. I adore Caroline Wozniacki. She is lovely – and of course a damn good player as well. I like Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovich as well. I love tennis, and not just for the lovely ladies and their skirts, either. It’s one of the few sports I can actually play well. Love it!

So my brother and I talked tennis, and the chicks on the court. I talked to Mom about various things on AIM. I hadn’t heard from Danielle in awhile, but saw she finally posted on Facebook today. Their power is out and they’re up in a hotel for now. I assume it’s due to Hurricane Irene – didn’t really communicate with her I don’t know for sure what’s up. She starts her senior year of high school today – wow, those were the days. That was my favorite year of school…but that’s not really saying much. I hated that place with all my heart and soul. 🙂 I do not miss it at all. But I do have a lot of great memories. I hope her memories will be greater.

And that’s all I have. I need to go to bed. 700+ words in 20 minutes. Not bad. I am a writer. Always have been, always will be. Right, Dad?

Until tomorrow, when I will share it all with you……..After the Fact.



Today was Monday – 8/29/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “Are You Happy Now” – Michelle Branch; and “Come to Me (Instrumental)” – Brad Fiedel (from the 1985 version of Fright Night). I’m feeling tired and aggravated. Check out the companion photo here: commonterry.tumblr.com.

Not much to write for now, as not much went on today. It was a very busy day of working from home. Not stop calls and plenty of tickets assigned to me. I think I created about half a dozen network accounts today. Not sure what other businesses out there are doing, but we are hiring non-stop it seems. I think I get network account requests every single frakking day. Anyway – that was basically all I did today.

I did do some cleaning around here, and got some dishes and laundry done. I watched a bit of TV (“Rizzoli and Isles”, and DVR stuff of “In Plain Sight” that I hadn’t watched yet), and of course played some Mass Effect 2. I’m enjoying the Soldier class in ME2 better than I did in ME1. They changed the Adrenaline Rush ability in ME2 so that it slows down time for you. It makes it a billion times easier to aim at your enemies head and kill them. It’s a lot of fun.

In any event – that was the bulk of my day. I was so busy I didn’t even text or email anyone. I chatted with Mom on AIM like every work day, but not much – was too busy. So there you go – a day chock full of blah and so many aggravating issues that I can’t even get started. It’s time for bed.

Until tomorrow, when I share it all with you……….. After the Fact!



Today was Sunday – 8/28/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “Soap on a Rope” – Chickenfoot; and “Already in Love” – Pearl Jam. Just feeling like I rock the world. “Get your buzz on – right now!” Check out the companion photo here: commonterry.tumblr.com.

I went to bed last night at 6:51a and got up today at 5:09p – 10.3 hours of sleep. I got up, took a shower, and went to the 6p church service, which was awesome. The message was talking about how no one can recover from any bad situation until they totally admit their role in it. Too many times, when we do the wrong thing, we always have an excuse for it. “Yeah I did that, but………..” There’s always a “but” – where we will take some kind of partial responsibility for the issue, only as much as we have to, so we can just go on with our lives. Then the rest of the truth gets buried in our hearts where it drags us down the rest of our lives. The message started last week, where the pastor is talking about how if the members of government, Democrats; Republicans; and everyone else all alike, would just admit they have have an addiction to spending, and work to recover from it, then the country could recover from this situation. They always want to blame it on each other, and every other possible thing, instead of just admitting that they can’t stop spending money on nonsensical things. But the message is also about how we can’t wait for them to figure this out – fixing things start with me, not you. Fixing things starts with we, not them. I’ll post links to the messages, both last week and this, in the future.

It all made me realize how, in my mind, I’ve often blamed the failure of my marriage totally on my ex-wife. The truth is, though, that I married her only because I was scared to death of being alone my whole life. I loved her, yes, but I distinctly remember a moment, just before we got married, where I realized that I didn’t belong with her and shouldn’t marry her. I explained it away by telling myself I was just getting “cold feet”. But I knew in my heart that I was doing the wrong thing. So the truth is that if I had just done the right thing to begin with, then we wouldn’t have gotten married in the first place. But I went into the marriage with doubts, and that played a role in how the marriage went. I didn’t often treat her like a partner. I made us keep our money separate – and we had separate bank accounts. She hated my friends, and when she wanted to hang out with her friends, as a punishment, I often wouldn’t go. Even though I actually did like several of her friends. I’m a night person, and she wasn’t, and even though I knew she wanted me to at least lay down with her when she went to bed – I often didn’t, unless there was sex involved. I could have compromised more – I could have been a better husband for sure. I’ve never really owned up to my part in that, and really the bottom line truth that I knew I had no business marrying her to begin with. So I want to own this now, instead of letting it remain buried in my heart.

When you make mistakes, own them. Don’t let there be, “Yeah, I did this, but…….” There is indeed often another side, and plenty of reasons why we decide to do things. But the bottom line is that you make your choices, and you should own them – good and bad. My ex-wife was no saint, and she sucked hardcore at being a wife to me, so, yeah, there are two sides to the story. But I own the truth that I married the girl for all the wrong reasons. I loved her, but loving someone isn’t all you need to marry them. You need someone you can’t imagine living the rest of your life without. Blah – I’m getting carried away here, like I often do.

Anyway – I’m so glad I started going to this church. I used to think I didn’t need this. That I could study the bible on my own and get just as much out of it as I could going to church. I’m just too independent for my own good sometimes. I’ve been going to this church since around May, I think, and I’ve already learned so much that I don’t even know where to start. It’s been really good for my soul, I can tell you that. There are several other truths about myself that I buried in my heart, like the one above, and I’m learning to own them and let them go. I’m taking it to God and letting him know that I need to let go of these half truths, and embrace the whole. I hope we all can learn to do that.

Here’s what else happened today. I talked to Mom on the phone about the still growing dysfunction between my Brother and Sister in Law. Ugh. I texted Elisha a lot about her upcoming trip here this weekend, and the glory of Dragon Con. I reminded her that she needs to pick it up in the Doctor Who watching front, so she can get caught up with me. While we’re still young, Elisha. I watched “True Blood”, “Big Brother”, and a couple of episodes of “South Park”. I played some Mass Effect 2, which is always awesome. I ate and drank good stuff. I went for a walk/jog – 3 miles. I’m feeling good. And that was pretty much my day, folks.

I still need to get my hair cut. I’m going to stop trying to plan it. It’s going to happen when it happens. Tomorrow and Tuesday I work from home. I’m going to clean up the place in between calls tomorrow. The place isn’t a wreck as I did a massive clean up job a couple of weeks ago when my brother and nephew came up. But these hardwood floors – as soon as a speck of dust falls on them you can see it. Cleaning is this non-stop enterprise. I hate it. I need to hire a maid and just forget about it. Anyway – cleaning in between calls tomorrow. Work. Laundry. And some ME2 as well, I’m sure. Then another walk/jog sometime after work. That’s the plan, but I’ll tell you all about it…

…After the Fact! Until then:


Today was Saturday – 8/27/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “If you can’t live with me, then why aren’t you dead yet” – Mayday Parade; and “Love on a Real Train” – Tangerine Dream. “Love on a Real Train” isn’t a song, per se, it’s a piece of music from the movie “Risky Business” that plays while Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay are fooling around on a subway train. I’m in a general good mood, with this passionate under current. A link to a clip from “Risky Business” will be my picture of the day that shows my mood – look for that at commonterry.tumblr.com. 🙂

“Baby, I sorely miss the vibrant gleam that’s in your eyes….”

The fact that I’m in a good mood is a miracle considering how the day started. I did end up losing track of time somewhat last night while playing ME2, and didn’t end up going to bed until 7:59a. I got up at 4:15p to start my day and go pick up my zipcar. However, things started to take a sour note soon after.

I checked my mail and got an invoice from the storage people, and upon reading it got all confused. Here is what I had to deal with on this freaking insane invoice, but first some background.

The last invoice I got at the end of July said I owed $118. I was late a month at that time because I go out of town often to visit family, and I just can’t get up there to pay my bill. Saturdays is the only day I can do this as they are closed on Sundays, which is fine – I respect businesses like this and Chick Fil A that stand by their beliefs and do what they feel is right. It makes things inconvenient for me, but I respect it. I really wish their online system would let me pay my bill there. They keep saying they’re “working on it”. Blah.

I know I’m going to be busy next weekend, with Elisha being here and Dragon Con happening, which is why I tried to take care of September’s payment today. Anyway, on this invoice I got today there is a credit for $140 that was brought forward. This is confusing because the invoice I got for August says, as I said, I owed $118, which I paid on the 8th of this month. There should be no balance, or credit, to be brought forward at all. Anyway – rent for July to August took $59 out of this credit for a resulting credit balance of $81. Then a late fee of $20 (which is understandable) took the credit down to $61. Then another late fee of $75 turned the credit into a resulting balance owed of $14. That’s a late fee that’s larger than what my monthly rent for the storage unit is! Anyway, rent for August to September, $59, results in a balance owed of $73. Then it seems that $75 late fee was removed, and now I’m in credit again in the amount of $2. Then my payment of $118 on 8/8/2011 is reflected and now I have a credit of $120. Then rent for September through October, $59, leaves me with a credit of $61. So what am I supposed to do?! Assume they don’t want me to pay for September, or apparently October since I appear to have a remaining credit of $61 on my account?! The left hand doesn’t seem to know what the right hand is doing here.

So now I’m not only having to go up there to pay for September, and drop some extra stuff off, but I have to figure out what the F is up with my account. I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth with all these credits, but I also don’t want to steal from these people if this is some kind of clerical error. I have reserved a zipcar for 2 hours, which is costing me about $24. So I pack up the zipcar with my stuff, take along this invoice of madness, and head up there.

This place is advertised, both on their web site and on the door to place itself, to be open Monday through Saturday from 9a to 6p. I get there at about 5:20p and find the place locked up and no one in sight. When I went up there on the 8th, the same thing happened, but I waited around for a bit and the woman who runs the place showed up to help me. (She lives just around the corner, so I image she keeps an eye on the security cameras and comes up when someone pulls up.) Anyway, I waited around this time and no one showed. So now my ticked off is creeping ever so vigilantly into the pissed off zone. I decide “Fuck it – if they want to give me two months free, they can eat it since they don’t want to run the business on a GD Saturday either – assholes.” I can’t sit around forever because I need to take the zipcar back by 6:30p, so I head down to the gate to drive up to my unit and drop my stuff off there. However, my GD gate code isn’t working. I can’t get in there to drop off my stuff. There is a button on the pad you use to enter the code, to ask for help, so I press that button. No one responds to it, though, of course. I call their phone number, and naturally no one answers that either. So now I am beyond pissed. Not only have I wasted $24 on this zipcar, with absolutely zero productivity gained, I have also wasted two hours of my frakking life!

So I had to come back to the condo, unload the zipcar and bring the stuff back in here, and go drop it off. The only thing I got out of the whole excursion was I stopped by the Racetrac gas station and got a frozen Dr Pepper, because frozen Dr Peppers kick all the ass in the entire universe. The frozen drinks at Racetrac usually have the same awesome consistency that Slurpees do at 7 Elevens, rather than the weirdo consistencies you find with other frozen drinks like Icees. Anyway – I love frozen Dr Pepper, and having one made me feel a bit better.

So that was the craptastic start to my day, and I kind of felt like it was a bad omen. Was tonight’s episode of Doctor Who going to suck ass? Is this whole day going to be like the licking out of an asshole? Please, no! I did end up writing an email to the storage owner asshats to ask them to tell me what is up with my account, and get my gate code fixed. I’ll detail the results of that exchange in the future….

I also got an email from Elisha today, talking about some vlogs I posted on here a while ago, but since have taken down for personal reasons. I gave her the links to watch them, and she enjoyed them. I wrote an email to her just to touch base, and thank her for the comments. I can’t wait for her to be here….

Then I turned my attention to making some food to eat while I watched Doctor Who. I was in the mood for some Fish and Chips – Chips being what they call fries in the UK. And not the skinny shoestring fries that are prevalent here in America, but thick cut “Steak” fries. So I deep fried some beer battered fish, deep fried some fries, and even heated up some left over wings as well.

I have created my own wing sauce, and was craving some of it. Most Buffalo style wing sauce is made with either melted butter or margarine as a base, because when that stuff cools it congeals. This makes the hot sauce thick so it will stick to the wings. I wanted to come up with a sauce that would be somewhat thick, but not have such a fatty base that you get with butter or margarine. So I used tomato paste as the base. Then I poured a lot of Frank’s hot sauce over that. I added some white vinegar to give it some zest. Then some splashes of Worcestershire sauce. Then I put a tad of garlic salt in, and felt it was done then. It tastes awesome! I love cooking, and making up shit on the spot. Yes, my shit tastes good, bitches. LOL.

Then Doctor Who came on, and WOW…just wow, man it was FANTASTIC! BRILLIANT! This series has been one of the best, if not the best, that it has ever aired. It was so good that I just didn’t want it to end.

Whenever I watch something I end up loving, whether it’s a movie or a TV show or whatever, I’m often sad at the end of it. It doesn’t need to be a sad or depressing movie – it just has to be something I ended up loving. I use to wonder why I do this. I’ve wondered things like – I’m a gigantic pussy? Am I just too emotional? Am I a freak?
I think it has to do with the love part. No one likes to be separated from that which they love. So when a lovely movie or show is over, I will often be sad. I don’t want it to be over. Even though I know I can watch it again, it’s still going to end again. But I watch it again anyway. 🙂
I think I just feel things too hard. Every little thing resonates on intense frequencies. It’s often annoying, and I wish I could be like most dudes and just not care – or at least care less.

Whenever I watch something I end up loving, whether it’s a movie or a TV show or whatever, I’m often sad at the end of it. It doesn’t need to be a sad or depressing movie – it just has to be something I ended up loving, and it makes me sad when it ends. I use to wonder why I do this. I’ve wondered things like – Am I just too emotional? Am I a freak? Why does this always happen?

I think it has to do with the love part. No one likes to be separated from that which they love. So when a lovely movie or show is over, I will often be sad. I don’t want it to be over. Even though I know I can watch it again, it’s still going to end again. But I watch it again anyway. 🙂 It’s not a depressing kind of sad – it’s a longing kind of sad. Elisha once told me that she doesn’t watch the ending episodes of shows she loves on Netflix because of stuff like this, but I just love the journey too much to not let it end when it has to end. Despite the fact that it makes me sad.

I think I just feel things too hard. Every little thing resonates on intense frequencies. It’s often annoying, and I wish I could be like most dudes and just not care – or at least care less. It makes life more complicated than it already is. It has its benefits, though. I think I understand people, their motivations, and just emotion in general better than a lot of other people do. If I could change this aspect of me, I’m not sure that I would want to. Any change I’m sure would end up feeling numb to me, and I don’t think I want to go through life feeling numb.

Anyway – after Doctor Who was over, my friend Todd texted me and we texted for a bit. Then he logged into Gmail and we chatted there. We are both in a Fantasy Football League of which I am the Commissioner, and he offered to help me work on our rosters on our website and get them ready for our offseason free agency period. It was so awesome for him to offer, because this kind of administration could take hours for someone to do alone. So we did a video chat, which is Gmail’s version of Skype, and talked to each other while we worked on the rosters. We told jokes, laughed, and got A LOT accomplished. It still took hours, but we were entertaining each other, as well as working, which made the experience far more awesome than it ever could have been otherwise. It was a great way to wind down the night. Many, many thanks to Todd for kicking ass, being one of my best friends, and indeed one of the most awesome human beings I know. Thank you!

My friend Paul also logged into Gmail and chatted with me about how awesome Doctor Who was this week. Man it’s such an awesome show!

So that was my day. Despite the shitty beginnings, it turned out awesome and I’m feeling content and happy. Tomorrow I may go get my hair cut, but if I don’t wake up in time to go do that then I won’t. I at least want to go to 6p church service at Buckhead Church (buckheadchurch.org). After that I will clean up the condo a bit as Sundays is the day I usually do that. “True Blood” comes on at 9, and I’m looking forward to that. “Big Brother” also comes on, but I will wait until later in the night and watch my DVR of it. So that’s what is on tap for tomorrow as far as I know. I’m flexible, though, so if things change then they change. I may decide to go to the movies – who knows.

Don’t forget to check out my tumblr page for the Risky Business video, and the music “Love on a Real Train”, if you want to get a handle on my vibe tonight.

Until tomorrow,


Today was Friday – 8/26/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “Be Somebody” – The Kings of Leon; and still feeling “M4, Pt2” – Faunts –  today as well. I’m just feeling’ funky, my friends lol. 🙂 In a general good mood, really.

I hit the  hay last night at 6:43a and got up at 1:55a. On Fridays I don’t have to rush as much as Fridays are dress down day, so I get up and throw on a T-shit and put on a hat and don’t even touch my hair. Plus I always eat stuff from the CNN Center food court on Fridays, so I don’t have to worry about packing foods to eat. Anyway, I got out of here today to head to work at about 2:25p, and actually made it to the CNN Center by 2:50p – which is something of a miracle. So I was able to get food and make it to my desk by 2:55p. It was an awesomesauce way to start the day.

If only I didn’t have to wear pants to work – life would be mostly perfect. I hate to wear pants. If I could wear shorts 24/7, I would enjoy life so much more than I do. I was writing to Danielle tonight (jumping ahead in my timeline a bit – sorry), and I forgot to tell her that I noticed on her tumblr blog that she reblogged a pic that said “I hate wearing pants”. I meant to tell her that I hate it, too. Can’t stand it, really. Heck, when I sleep I usually stick at least one leg out from under the covers. Just not a big fan of covering up my legs. Not that my legs are a point of vanity for me or anything, even though I do think my legs are awesome. And I had a girlfriend once who embraced one of my legs once and remarked about how awesome they are…. Yes, it came out of left field at that time as well. Anyway… none of that is why I don’t like wearing pants. I just don’t like it! Okay? lol And if I didn’t have to wear them, I wouldn’t mind going into the office so much – that’s how I got on this train of thought. Working from home Mondays and Tuesdays is so awesome because I just sit in my pajama shorts all day. And that is just priceless to me, let me tell ya.

Anyway – back to work matters – today was yet another Summer Friday, which means most folks left at 3p. Which, by a further token of awesomeness, is when I arrive. So most of a normal Summer Friday is really relaxed and quiet for me. Nothing extremely interesting, or annoying, happened today.

I did have one call, though, where a person was using their own personal USB headphones at their desk, and for some reason the computer wouldn’t play any sound through them. I couldn’t figure out why not, because according to the computer they were working fine. I did everything I could think of doing. When I can’t figure out why something isn’t working like it should, it really annoys the piss out of me. It doesn’t happen often, fortunately, but still – it’s aggravating. But the person on the phone made it worse by saying, “I don’t understand why this isn’t working today – it worked fine yesterday.”

Why do people think that functionality in the past has any bearing on today, or in fact should somehow PREVENT any form of breakage today – or make it less likely to break – or something? I don’t understand how one draws the straight light from Point A to B on that – it makes no logical sense at all. So when I told the user, “Well, just because I’m alive today doesn’t mean I’m going to be alive tomorrow,” they laughed and chided me. They were trying to make ME feel like *I* was being silly. Seriously?! Seriously?

I feel like a part of my job is not to just fix problems like the headset issue – but to try and help the people I talk to learn to reason a little better. Well – this person wasn’t having any of it. Of course, now I’m rehashing this point on that’s been on my list of things that aggravate me for about 6 years now. Sorry. But still – EVERYTHING is always working the day BEFORE it stops! Honestly – this is indeed the case! But still, people always say this All. The. Time. When your tire goes flat – “Ah man, I can’t believe my tire is flat. It wasn’t flat yesterday.” Really? And that should have prevented the tire from going flat today because …………………………? What exactly is this statement indicative of to people? Can someone please comment and explain why saying this makes sense to you? I would really like for someone to explain it to me. But, really, my best way of making fun of this is what I wrote in the list of things that aggravate me. I wonder when a person like this dies, do they march up to the throne of God and say, “God – I can’t be dead! I was alive yesterday!” LOL! Perhaps God will be able to connect the dots for them, whereas my imperfections prevent such success.

In any event, like I said it was a mostly quiet day at work. I chatted with Mom on AIM. Todd logged into his Gmail account and chatted with me there, as I am usually logged into at least one of my Gmail accounts all day. Mom and I just shot the breeze and didn’t discuss much other than the growing dysfucntionality between my brother and sister and law. I don’t think this is going to end well. Todd and I just chatted about random stuff – mainly his job, my job, blogging, and fantasy football stuff.

I texted with Elisha a lot today – more than we have in a long time. She talked about the fact that she pre-ordered “The Old Republic” (woo hoo!), our guild on the TOR site, playing Tennis, lovely short Tennis skirts (which are awesome), blogging and vlogging. It was a nice little chat – I enjoyed it.

Then my friend Paul logged into his Gmail account and started chatting with me. We talked about Doctor Who, and other Sci-Fi shows that we love now, or loved when we were kids. He was encouraging me to start watching Firefly, which I really do want to watch, and I was encouraging him to watch the 2004-2009 version of Battlestar Galactica, and also Fringe. It was a cool chat, but unfortunately I had to cut it short to close out the tickets assigned to me over the course of the day, and from all the calls I took.

While I was working tickets and chatting with Paul, Danielle sent me a message on Facebook. Since I was so busy I had to put off replying to her until I got home.

So of course I’m home now, and I really haven’t done much in the way of productivity since I got home other than writing back to Danielle, writing this, eating a little homemade soup and wings, and listening to music. I wanted to continue on further Mass Effect 2 adventures, but it looks like I will go to bed shortly instead as it’s 5:49p. Maybe I will do one quest in ME2. Hopefully I won’t lose track of time and next notice the time when it’s 8am lol.

I like to let myself just sleep on Saturdays until I wake up naturally. No alarms or anything, but tomorrow I need to go pay for my storage building. Their web portal where I used to be able to pay it online doesn’t work, blah, so I have to drive out there to do so as I no longer write checks. To facilitate this, I have a Zipcar (www.zipcar.com) reserved to pick up at 4:30p. The Storage folks close at 6p, so I can’t just sleep indefinitely. Plus I have some more stuff I should have put in storage when I moved in here over a year ago lol. So I will take that stuff out there. Maybe I will go get my hair cut as well. The only other thing going on tomorrow, that I know of, is Series 6 of Doctor Who picks up with episode 8 where Episode 7 left off back in June. There are 6 episodes to go for Series 6, including this one. It’s been a great series so far, and I’m looking forward to how it all will turn out between now and Episode 13 in October. Doctor Who – woo hoo! Anyway – I’m thinking of going to see a movie after Doctor Who. Maybe “Our Idiot Brother” because Paul Rudd rules, and the trailer was hilarious.

Well, that’s all I have for today. Don’t forget to check out my pic of the day, which reflects my current mood, on my tumblr at http://commonterry.tumblr.com. Have a good one, and I’ll be back here tomorrow….



Today was Thursday – 8/25/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “M4 – Pt2” – Faunts; “Jaime All Over” – Mayday Parade. I’m feeling jovial and content.

I woke up on time today as well. Not as early as yesterday, I laid in bed for a few more minutes, but I still got up early enough. I went to bed yesterday at 6:47a and got up at 1:41p. I was able to get ready, get my laptop packed up, pack my food for the day, and get out the door by 2:20p. I arrived at work by 2:55p, early once again. It’s been a good work week for me, especially in the time management area of my life. The reason I’m noting this is I’m working to make myself accountable for time management, and being to work on time. I’m usually not anywhere on time, ever. I’m worse that Marty McFly, in all honesty. If ever anyone needed a time machine, it’s me. I want a TARDIS! – but I’d definitely settle for a DeLorean lol.

I had another good day at work, but it was unusually busy. I took about an entire shift’s worth of calls within the first few hours. Nothing was broken or down – it was just busy. I only hit a few Husks the whole day as well, which is awesome. See the Work Highlights text file, lines 1 through 23, for today’s moments of brilliance.

I’ve been in a lively mood all day. It’s just one of those days where the loneliness isn’t pressing down on me. I texted with my Mom, my brother, Todd, and Elisha. I chatted on AIM with Mom as well, like I do every work day.

Conversation highlights of the day:

It’s the weekend of the Nascar race at Bristol. My brother goes to it every year, but this year my sister in law is threatening to throw all my brother’s stuff out in the yard if he goes. If I know my brother, he’s going to go. The two of them have always been dysfunctional, but I sense a storm on the horizon. And my poor little nephew is going to suffer for it. I will pray; that’s all I can do.

Texted with Elisha about pre-ordering Star Wars: The Old Republic – she headed to Gamestop to do so. Sweet!

I was cutting through one of the Phillips Arena parking lots on my way to the train tonight, as always, and I saw a car parked in there with “Charlotte Fire Department” emblazoned on it. Weird. There was a fireman’s jacket in the backseat – with the reflective florescent yellow/green stripes on it. I didn’t look at the plates, but in a Google search I see that Georgia doesn’t have a Charlotte. We have a Lake Charlotte, and Cape Charlotte, though. So I think it was a Charlotte, NC vehicle. I’m curious why some Charlotte fire department official needed to drive what I’m sure is a taxpayer’s vehicle to Atlanta. I’m sure I’ll never know – just one of my random observations.

I got home and watched TV shows recorded on my DVR. I watched “Big Brother” – ugh I can’t believe that Shelley voted against Jeff and Jordan after they had been so close all season. Essentially what she is teaching her child is that it’s okay to stab a friend in the back as long as money is on the line. I hope she’s gone soon. Then I finally watched my DVR of Tuesday’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars”. It was awesome. I love a good mystery. I started watching this show when it premiered last year because I was hoping it would remind me of “Veronica Mars”, which the CW cancelled WAY before its time. It kind of did at first, but now it’s on it’s own thing. They didn’t wrap up the mystery at the end of the season like they always did on “Veronica Mars”. I hope they don’t keep this going years and years, though – I want to know who “A” is! Can’t they figure this out, and start a new mystery? Or something? Anyway – it was a great episode.

Then I finished my third play through of Mass Effect. This time with a female Soldier who was strictly Paragon. After I finish this I’m going to start up Mass Effect 2 and port over her save game, then continue her adventures in that game. It shall be awesome with a cup of awesomesauce on the side!

I’m glad tomorrow is Friday. We still have a few more summer Fridays left – which is when most of the staff, except for people on the News side of things, leave for the day at 3p. It’s usually quiet. Still, I can’t wait to get into the weekend. I don’t have much planned for this weekend, save for the fact that Series 6 of “Doctor Who” is starting up again on Saturday night at 9p on BBC America. We had episodes 1 through 7 of the series from April through June, and then they took a break for most of the summer. Now episodes 8 through 13 will air through October 1st – which will wrap up Series 6. I’m so excited; I can’t wait!

Then next weekend Elisha will be in town! I’m looking forward to that. Life can truly be glorious every now and then.

Well it’s 5:17a now. I’m gonna fire up Mass Effect 2 and play for a bit before hitting the hay. Goodnight!

I need to take my contacts out tonight and give my eyes a rest. Sorry – random thought there that just popped into my head.

Until tomorrow, folks…. 🙂


Journal (or 8/24/2011)

A while ago, I announced my “retirement” from the written blog, and a movement into a new direction of vlogging instead. Well after one hour long vlog I’ve realized that I really don’t want to do that. It was fun, mind you, but I don’t think it’s the way I want to go about expressing myself. I need better editing of my thoughts, and I think in the written word rather than the spoken word. It’s better for me to post my thoughts, and edit them to be more clear and concise, by writing them out.

However, I don’t really want to go back to the days of posting novella length blog posts either. I’m going to try to move in the direction of just making this a sort of daily journal where I will post the events of the day, and I’m sure my comments about things along the way. The trouble with making this a journal is that I can’t really post my deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings – without being at least somewhat obtuse. This isn’t a private space, and I don’t want it to be. Anyone in the frakking world can read this. There are things I can’t say – feelings I can’t reveal. Not bare in the vampire dusting sunlight anyway.

I usually use poetry to say things I don’t want to plainly say, and I’m sure I will continue doing that, but just fair warning – there will sometimes be things you will read here that will not make sense to you. Or maybe they will, or you will think they are making sense. Just move along when you come to them. Don’t ask me about them. I won’t tell you. Unless you’re my brother or Mom, Elisha, Todd, or James – someone really close to me. Then maybe I’ll tell you. It depends – no promises. Don’t try to force your perception of what I’m saying on me – regardless of who you are. I’m likely not interested in your perception of my reality, unless you’re one of the above folks.

So here begins the new format.

Today was Wednesday – 8/24/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “In the Air Tonight” – Phil Collins; “Alive” – Pearl Jam. I’m feeling manically melancholy.

I woke up when I wanted to today – around 1:35p. After 42 years I still can’t seem to find the right balance with having peace with the time I go to bed (feeling I have accomplished enough for the day), and getting enough sleep. I have an app on my iPhone that I use as an alarm, but it’s cool in so much that it can keep track of what time a go to sleep and wake up every day. Then it keeps track of this information, and tells me how many hours I’ve slept that day, and avg per week, month, and year. It’s pretty cool. I went to bed yesterday at 7:33a and got up at 1:39p. That’s 6.1 hours of sleep – not enough. I was feeling it, too. But there are nights where I will be thinking, “Damn I’m SO tired,” and then I find something else I want to do and lose track of time. Blah. I really need to work on this. I need to start getting more sleep; I’m not getting any younger.

Everything went right while I was getting ready for work as well, surprisingly enough. I was able to leave at 2:18p, which meant that I should be early arriving for work. And I did – I got to work at 2:51p, which is 9 minutes early. I was pleased. 3p to 12a went well – it was by and large a nebulous free day. I was able to help a lot of people correct various I.T. problems, working out technology puzzles, and answering questions that folks needed answered. It’s these things that I love about my job, and today was a great day of doing it.

The only truly annoying thing that happened at some point during the 24 hours that made up 8/24 was I had to jack-in to the Matrix and download a new lesson. Periodically the Matrix feels the need to publish, and then require, everyone to jack-in  and download courses directly into our brains  to “teach” us things that should be obvious to even the most brain dead of the living. In the real world it’s never learning something awesome like Kung-Fu. Nope – this one “taught” me how Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc) benefits the Matrix, and how I should behave online – even on this place, my own blog. I mean, if that’s not ridiculously arrogant audacity, I don’t know what is.

But it’s a reflection of what society has become over the years. God forbid that we “offend” anyone. God forbid we stop rewarding losers with ribbons just because we want to coddle everyone. This, and similar actions, have resulted in a world where everyone thinks they’re entitled to everything they think they deserve. Now we live in the world where “perception is reality” isn’t just a cliche. Just because someone has a perception, even if it’s mistaken, we can’t simply tell them – “Uh, no, your perception doesn’t equal reality.” Politically Correct behaviors are ruining the world. I’m not immune to any of this – I often feel like I’m entitled to everything I think I deserve. I also often feel like my argument is the only valid one. I’m trying to stop, though.

The land of the free and the home of the brave? This is not freedom, exactly, and there’s nothing brave about being gigantic whiners. Offend people – that’s life, losers. Life doesn’t spend it’s time picking you flowers, does it? Life is difficult. Life is complicated. People who whine about their perceptions being reality just need to be corrected – why is this not the answer?! Why do we have to worry about nonsense? Why can’t we have faith that the truth will champion us in the end? Why do we coddle perception, and therefore ultimately champion it? If you don’t correct people when they’re wrong, then they’ll just go through their whole lives being ignorant. We really should be more concerned with truth and correction, than whether some screaming vagina is offended or not.

The world has really changed so much from the 70s to what it is now. I’m hoping that 30-40 years from now, we will have found some balance between celebrating freedom and actual reality, and placating the masses. We’ve gone from one extreme to another. There has to be a balance in here somewhere. Hopefully we will find the answer before everyone becomes a screaming vagina.

Where in the constitution, or the law, does it say that we have to care about everyone’s perception of someone else’s reality?

Anyway – besides that totally irredeemable bit of lunacy, my day went well. I chatted with Mom and Todd online, and got some texts from Todd.

One of my cousins’ wife had a brain tumor, and had surgery today to remove it. The news is everything went well, and the doctors seem hopeful that it’s not malignant. I’m praying her, and for my cousin and their child.

Got an email from Elisha – that always makes me smile. It was just a few words, but still – it was awesome. I miss her so much every day.

Well writing this, and watching TV at the same time, has taken entirely much more time than it should have. It is 4:36a now. I wanted to go for a jog tonight – I need the exercise. Well, more of a combo of walking and jogging. The idea is to keep my heart rate steady to promote weight loss – not to press myself in to the cardio zone. I’m not sure if I will go now or not. Blah.

I want to play some Mass Effect.

Check out my tumblr page at http://commonterry.tumblr.com/. I’m going to post a pic of me, or something, that I take at the time I’m writing that reflects my current mood of the day every time I make a post in this Blogernal. Or is it a Jourblog? Something like that.

Until tomorrow…..

———————Journal Ends Here – old blog from this point———————