9/24 through 9/29/2011

These days were Saturday through Thursday – 9/24 through 9/29/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “Angel”, Massive Attack; and everything on the new Chickenfoot album “Chickenfoot III”. Just feeling like rocking, and being rocked. Not much time to write, and I have a lot of days to cover. I want to get to bed soon as it’s already 4:54a.

Saturday was awesome with the exception of the WVU game, which saw us get massacred by LSU. Earlier in the day I went to see James’ baseball game. His team lost, first time they’ve lost a game this year, but it was awesome fun. We got wings at Sports Page, and pizza at Nevole’s. Talk about amazing grub – I love the food at both of those places. Then we watched the aforementioned WVU game – that bit balls. During the game, James and his friend John were playing loudly in the kitchen and Mom got annoyed. She asked them to stop, but James talked back to her. Mom got all offended and decided to leave as soon as she got up Sunday morning. Kids will be kids, but Mom was “very disappointed” that James was being disrespectful. I feel her, but James is 10 years old and was just trying to play with his friend. Anyway – that was another sucky attribute to the night. But after Mom and Vickie went to bed, me and Lee Jay played James and John in some Call of Duty. They kickied our assies, of course, but it was still fun. And that was the bulk of Saturday.

Sunday we spent the whole day watching NFL football, of course. Lee Jay’s LXFFO team, The Intimidators, beat my team by the score of 187 to 165. In this league, if your team doesn’t score at least 185 then you had a rancid day. So……. my team had a rancid day. It bit all the nut sacks in the universe. Of course, it wasn’t final until after the Monday night game, but I would have had to get extremely lucky on Monday night to pull off the win. I did not. It was fun watching the games with my bro, but I was in a bad mood because my team sucked moose cock. After the Sunday night game, I left my bro’s and returned home.

Monday I worked from home, like usual, and watched Monday Night Football. It was a good game, but it sealed my team’s fate for the week. If they had receivers that knew what the F they were doing, though, Romo would have had multiple TDs and I likely would have won my game. So – F you to the Cowboys receivers!

Tuesday I worked from home – not much else to say about Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday I worked at the office. Getting tons of mind numbing procedural work that take little to no brain power to accomplish. It’s boring stuff that drives me crazy, but I guess I shouldn’t bitch too much about it. I am actually more blessed than blessed doing this job that I love. It’s still frakking annoying as hell, though.

Been playing KOTOR a lot lately. Been IMing with Mom, Danielle, and Todd. Texting with Elisha, Todd, and Lee Jay. Even managed to have several actual conversations with my Blondie babe Elisha. I miss her face, though. I miss her eyes, and her smile. We need to figure out that web cam chatting thing some day. She needs to finish up series 1 of Doctor Who already! 🙂 I’m suddenly remembering the first time I saw her. Now I’m remembering laying on my bed in the back room at Granny’s with her – watching 9 1/2 weeks. I hoped it would turn her on, and we would start fooling around. LOL! A guy can have his fantasies, right?

It’s funny I’m still writing about her over 20 years later. I used to write songs about her. I still do – sometimes. I started a novel and made her one of my main characters. I was a vampire, and I came back into town to get her. I came back to settle some scores, yes, but mainly to get her. This was in 1987, mind you. Then college happened, and we had to learn to keep that connection between us alive from a distance. We got the hang of it though. This was before the internet, texting, and free long distance calls on your cell phone. We had to hand write letters, birthday and Christmas cards, and make long distance phone calls that could cost a lot. It’s easy to take it for granted that we can text hello to each other every day now, if we want to. I don’t know what the point to all of this is – I’m sort of rambling I suppose. Stumbling down memory lane a bit. There is a piece of her in every atom of me. The Force binds us indeed. 🙂

Well I need to go to bed. Nighty night, folks, and until next time when I will share it all with you – After the Fact!



Today was Friday – 9/23/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “Be Somebody”, Kings of Leon; and “Breathe”, Michelle Branch. I’m feeling happy, blessed, and wanting to dance. These songs are in my head not for their words or meaning, but because of their vibe.

I’m at my brother’s in Charlotte, NC right now. Well, actually it’s about 20 miles or so north of Charlotte in a little town called Denver. Pretty much all I did today was get up, shower, pick up my rental car, and drive here. I got here at around 9p, and just hung out with Lee Jay, James, Mom, Vickie, and Cooper (Lee Jay’s dog). Never met a dog I like as much as I like Cooper, and for some reason he really likes me too. He freaks out with giddiness when I visit. Most dogs don’t take to me like this – I guess they can sense I’m more of a cat person. I guess Cooper can tell we’re all family. We hang – he’s my bud.

We didn’t do much tonight except sit around and talk. I tossed a football around with James and Lee Jay. We sat up and watched the TV – watching 80’s movies all night on HBO and Cinemax. Right now the flick “Legend” is on – the fantasy movie with Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, and Tim Curry. I LOVE this movie. However, it also pouring the rain right now and the satellite keeps going out. Bummer.

Everyone had to go to bed fairly early tonight, because James has a soccer game at 9 in the morning. Ugh lol! I’m glad we didn’t have games on Saturdays when I was a kid. Saturdays was cartoon day when I was very young, but when I got to around James’ age it was more like sleep day lol. Which is what it is for me now as well. 🙂

So it’s been a great day, really. It took 5 hours to get here (usually it’s a 3.5 to 4 hour drive), but I didn’t mind because I had my music going. Then once I got here, it’s just been family time. I don’t take these days for granted like I did when I was younger. Once you spend so much time away from your family, which I do being in Atlanta by myself, you treasure these times. I can’t wait for us to spend more of this time together tomorrow. James also has a baseball game tomorrow at 3p, which is far more temporally acceptable for me hahaha. We’re gonna have fun there. Then we’re going to eat some wings and/or some pizza at this sweet ass sweet local pizza place here. Then WVU plays LSU, and that game will kickie assie! I’m hoping we play a bit of texas hold em as well. Then Sunday we will of course be watching NFL football all day – woo hoo!

Well, it’s bedtime for me, folks. Until next time – when I will share it all with you After The Fact!



Just a quick note. Had a good day. Work was busy but not crazy. Gotta get some sleep for my drive later. Going to my brother’s for the weekend – it’s gonna rule. We play each other in our LXFFO game this Sunday as well. There will be mucho trash talking LOL. I’m ready! Looking forward to seeing James, and Mom is there is weekend as well. It will be a glorious family time. 🙂

Texted with Elisha. Did some laundry after work. Figured out how to get KOTOR running stable on Windows 7 64 bit, and played a little bit (until the escape pod landing on Taris). LOL it took a long time to get it to run and not crash every 5 minutes. That was my day. Until next time my friends….



Today was Wednesday – 9/21/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “Jump”, Van Halen; and “Dreams”, Van Halen. I’m feeling happy, fun, and full of life. Check out my hilarious picture posted below. I also posted it on commonterry.tumblr.com.

I went to bed last night in a crappy mood as I’m sure you could tell by last night’s post. But during my prayers I asked God to allow the approximately 6 hours of sleep I was about to get to recharge me as much as possible. I woke up feeling as rested as I’ve felt in awhile, and just happy, alive, and full of life. It was a sweet, long lost feeling let me tell you. Prayer works, folks. I am not nearly as good or pious a man as I ought to be, but God is faithful. I am blessed.

So today was a good day. I didn’t have to talk to any lunatics, which is always a plus. It wasn’t all that busy either. It was a great day indeed.

I didn’t IM with Mom because she drove to Lee Jay’s today in Charlotte. Thursday is Grandparent’s Day, and she always goes to James’ school to have lunch with him ever year for Grandparent’s Day. They both love it.

I got a text from Elisha. Tried to have another conversation, and failed yet again. Lol.

I finished my third play through Mass Effect – it was awesome! I really enjoyed the soldier class a lot more than I expected to. Now I’m thinking about doing another run through both ME 1 and 2 with a new character, but I might play KOTOR again instead. I’m getting anxious for TOR to come out! We’ll see what I decide.

I ran late leaving work tonight because I got stuck on a long call at I received at 11:59 (lol), and I couldn’t leave until about 12:35. This would put me on a train that would arrive at the Arts Center after the last shuttle had run. So I decided to take a cab.

I get in the cab and some other people hailed it as I got in. The driver asked if I minded to see where they were going. I said it was all good. Turns out they wanted to go to the strip club Cheetah: two dudes and two chicks. It’s on the way to Atlantic Station, so I said fine. These people are drunk, but not obnoxiously so. The chicks want lap dances. They are giving each other fake names and planning to tell the strippers that they are a couple – together 4 years. The dudes are laughing at them. Then one of the chicks is all like, “I can’t believe I’m going to the Cheetah – I’m going to get a whole new perspective on tits!” LOL! Loved it – what a great line.

So that was my interesting moment for today. Much better than some asshound calling me a jackass just for trying to help her. Today was definitely a better day.

I got home, watched several DVR shows, and didn’t even get my laptop out of my backpack. I’m writing this on my WordPress iPhone app. It’s 5:20 and time for bed. I want to get more sleep tonight. God will take care of you when you ask, and you really need it, but he expects you to take care of yourself.

So, on that note – nighty night. Until next time, when I will share it all with you – After The Fact!



Today was Tuesday – 9/20/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “What Would Happen”, Meredith Brooks; and “Hysteria”, Def Leppard. I’m feeling tired. Exasperated. No pictures to share either.

Just feeling blah tonight. Got a text from Elisha last night before I went to sleep, but after I wrote here, that cheered me up after the crap I wrote about last night. She reported a rainy day at her place, and I cracked some jokes to make her laugh and cheer her up. But she didn’t get them. I sent a few more but no response. So I went to bed, and when I woke up I had a text from her telling me she never got my responses. Then that’s all I heard from her all day. Texted her a few more times and no responses.

I love texting – so much. I talk on the phone for a living, so really I otherwise just don’t enjoy talking on the phone. As a result I LOVE texting, and IMing. But it aggravates the piss out of me sometimes as it can be difficult to have an actual conversation. Because local life is often happening around us at the same time. So I’m trying to get some attention and just to feel close to someone, but who knows what is going on locally. Who knows what happens to distract me as well.The miles may as well be light years sometimes, and it’s frustrating.

Here’s another example of how my day went. A chick called to say that her keyboard had failed and she needed help with that. So I told her to find its USB plug, unplug it, and plug it into a different USB port. 99% of the time, that fixes issues where a USB device stops responding. Well, she said she didn’t know what cord that would be. Understandable, so I told her to grasp the cable coming out of the keyboard, and trace it back to the computer. Easy enough, right? Well she responded with this: “I’m not going to do that. Thanks for nothing – jackass,” and hung up the phone. People man – I don’t get it. You call for help, and you are given simple, logical directions that I could give to a GD 5 year old and get results. And that makes me a jackass. Really? How do simpering fools like this survive in the worldl?! I don’t understand it. There are also far, far too many people like this chick plugged into the main data hub of the Matrix. It amazes me that the Matrix functions at all. Seriously.

So, yeah, not in high spirits here today. I chatted with Mom on AIM – we talked about the teams leaving the Big East, and what will become of WVU. I think it would be cool if they joined the SEC, so when they came down here to play UGA I could go see them. I don’t think that’s likely to happen, but it would still be cool. I also chatted with Todd briefly. He had good news about his professional life to share, and that was good to hear. After what that chick did to him, he deserved some good news.

I watched some DVR goodness as the TV fall season is starting. Some good stuff starting up again, which is cool. I’m really getting into Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new show “Ringer” – that’s a cool show. Also Zooey Deschanel’s new show “New Girl” is HILARIOUS. Zooey’s character, Jess, is close to being a female me. I like to sing to myself all the time. Anyway – check those shows out.

I then played Mass Effect 2 for about four hours. I’m on the last mission with this character – prolly will finish this run tomorrow. Then I’m going to get started on putting notes together for a video I’m going to make for Elisha showing her how to mod both Mass Effect 1 and 2. That will be awesomesauce.

Well, that’s all I have for you. Gotta hit the hay. Until next time when I will share it all with you – After The Fact!



Ugh! I am ticked off right now! I had a decent enough Monday, 9/19/2011 – it’s that I just found out that my LXFFO team, The Time Lords, actually lost our game this week by just one frakking point! The annoying thing is that my awesome DL, New York Giant Justin Tuck, scored me 15 points last night, which should have secured the win for me. However, the live scoring is technically unofficial, and sometimes there are scoring adjustments when the NFL posts the official stats after 3am on Monday night / Tuesday mornings. Well, somehow my opponent got an extra 5 points, and that raped my colon for the one point loss. Unbelievable! I’m so ticked that I celebrated every point that Tuck got me for no good GD reason! One point man…one lousy ass spelunking point. I lost 224 to 225.

Monday was otherwise fine. I worked from home. It wasn’t too busy. I chatted with Mom and texted with Lee Jay. I’m going to Lee Jay’s this Friday for the weekend, and I secured my transportation for that. After work I had planned on watching my Blu Ray of The Empire Strikes Back, but I ended up playing Mass Effect 2 for five  hours lol. It’s all good – I’ll watch it later.

Anyway – that’s all I have to report. I was in such a great mood until like 15 minutes ago. Seriously – all cheerful and shit. I’m too competitive for my own good sometimes, I suppose. Shit piss frak damn hell raping dickspit!

It doesn’t help that I miss Elisha. 🙁

Hopefully tomorrow will bring better things to talk about.



I’m writing this on my iPhone, so it will be short. I still have Star Wars music in the brain. No pic of the day, but if you haven’t been to tumblr recently and saw the cool pic I took of me in the dark, with just a flashlight lighting me, then you need to go check it out.

All I did today was watch football, look at football stuff on the web, text with Todd and my bro about football, and stress out over my team. After that I watched Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

My team is losing by 11 points, and I only have a defensive lineman going in the Monday Night game. There’s a chance, maybe 50%, that he will score enough to lead us to victory. Still – it shouldn’t have came to this. My players in the Sunday night game let me down. Anyway – there is still hope so cross your fingers for me. At least the Falcons won, and the Panthers new QB is kicking ass – although they have yet to win one.

Anyway – I really enjoyed ROTS and ANH on Blu Ray. Again – vast awesomeness to behold these films much closer to the clarity of picture and sound that I saw them in movie theatres. Watching ANH always takes me back to the 70s and 80s. Man I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen that movie. From then until now – been daydreaming of owning a lightsaber ever since lol. At least I had the chance to shoot some lightsaber fights scenes as well. One day I need to edit and rotoscope that stuff.

Anyway – it was a wonderful day. Mostly relaxing, but like I said I did stress out about my team sucking some ass. I love football, though, so it’s all good.

Well that’s all I have for you. Night night. Until next time, when I’ll share it all with you – After the Fact!


9/16 and 9/17/2011

These days were Friday and Saturday – 9/16 and 9/17/2011. Songs that most closely match my mood = any and all Star Wars music composed by John Williams. Been watching stuff from my new “Star Wars The Complete Saga” Blu Ray box set for most of today. I love Star Wars so much, and this box set represents the best quality I’ve seen and heard it in my home “theatre”. Man this uncompressed DTS Master Audio sounds amazing. Anyway – more on this later. I have to do Friday stuff first. I don’t have long as I need to go to bed so I can get up at around noonish today for football! 🙂

Friday was a decent day. I didn’t go to bed until 8:08a due to Mass Effect 2 sucking in my attention, and didn’t get out of bed until 2:20p. I took a cab to work but was still about 5 minutes late. Boo on me. 🙁 The work day itself wasn’t too busy, and no one made me want to set one of my ink pens on fire and shove it in one of my ears. Which is a good thing – of course.

I chatted with Mom on AIM, and also texted with Todd. Poor Todd informed me that his aforementioned new girlfriend, of all of three weeks or so, has already broken up with him. She didn’t give him a reason – just said she wasn’t “feeling it” anymore. She brought some new dude of hers to Todd’s place to pick up her laptop, which Todd spent time and money to repair. Women – too many of you are empty whores. I have met so precious few of you who are worthy of someone like Todd or myself. It’s depressing. Empty women abuse people like Todd and me, but ultimately want to mate with fellow empty men. Just stick with your empty dudes, and let us rest in peace! How about that?! That would be great, actually. Prince once sang: “The beautiful ones you always seem to lose,” but there’s little beautiful about the vast majority of women – regardless of how they appear to the eyes.

I hope that someone will save me.

Anyway…. I went straight to bed when I got home on Friday night. I didn’t mean to, though, and woke up about three hours later with all the lights on. I decided to do clean a little bit – trash and kitty litter duty mostly. Then went back to bed. I slept late on Saturday, and got up and went directly to Target to buy my copy of “Star Wars – The Complete Saga” on Blu Ray. That’s what my whole day today has consisted of – except for watching tonight’s new episode of Doctor Who, that is. And also did some web surfing and fantasy football stuff. My LXFFO opponent this week is the Quack Attack – I refer to them as the Crack Attack. They have Tom Brady on their team, so hopefully I won’t end up getting smoked this week. We’ll see what happens I suppose.

Like I said, this new Star Wars box set rules the world. The audio and video quality is amazing. I haven’t even started watching the extra features yet. I put each movie in and watched a couple of my favorite scenes. Then I watched Episodes 1 and 2 in their entirety. (Gonna watch all 6 in order, you see.) They replaced the puppet Yoda in episode one with a CGI Yoda – so he would match up better with the Episode 2 and 3 CGI Yoda. Also, in Return of the Jedi, just before Darth Vader decides to save Luke and throw the Emperor into the Death Star’s core, they added Vader saying, “No” twice. As in, “No, I won’t let you kill my son.” A lot of people on the web are bitching about it, but I don’t have a problem with it. It’s Anakin finally waking back up. His “No!” in Revenge of the Sith upon hearing the news of Padme’s death is Anakin dying and Vader being born. This, “No!” is the opposite – Vader is dying and Anakin is coming back to us. In fact, I don’t mind most of George’s changes to 4, 5, and 6. Having Greedo shoot first was beyond stupid, but I like pretty much everything else. I like putting Ian Mcdiarmid in ESB’s hologram as playing the Emperor. I like Hayden Christensen playing Anakin’s Force ghost at the end of ROTJ. I like the cleaned up and added effects. If you had the opportunity to improve, in your opinion, any set of events in your past – wouldn’t you do it? If you could go back? The soul of the stories is still the same. For me, the changes make it all more of a full circle. I’m a fan. I’m also a lover of the prequel trilogy as well. They’re not the greatest flicks. A lot of it was done to sell merch, yes. The Anakin / Padme romance wasn’t the best told love story for sure. Episodes 1 and 2 could have used better writers, but I think Episode 3 kicks a huge amount of ass. It’s all Star Wars to me. All of it. And I love this box set. I can’t wait until I’ve really sank my teeth into it.

Well – that’s all I have for you for now. Until next time, when I will share it all with you – After the Fact!



Today was Thursday – 9/15/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “Doctor Who XI”  which is the theme for Doctor Who starting with the 5th Series and the 11th Doctor, by Murray Gold (original tune composed by Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire); and all the variations on Amy’s Theme from the Doctor Who series 5 soundtrack (available on iTunes!), again by Murray Gold. I just watched this past week’s episode of Doctor Who again – “The Girl Who Waited”. It’s an Amy Pond centric episode, because she is, indeed, the girl who waited. I love Amy and Rory – they are the girl and boy who waited. Amy waited on the Doctor. Rory waited on Amy – 2000 years! I can relate.

I’m waiting right now. I feel like I’ve been waiting on her all my life. Maybe I will always be waiting on her. So I get Amy and Rory. Good on you, mates.

Check out the kick ass pic I took to reflect my mood – commonterry.tumblr.com. I’m feeling a bit lonely and melancholy, but with a dash of hope, spirit, and whimsy thrown in that Doctor Who provides.

I still have the remnants of the flu. Still a little bit of the sniffles, and still coughing here and there. But I no longer feel so exhausted – like I haven’t slept in a week. I’m feeling better everyday – which I type just as I have a massive coughing attack. Being sick bites balls. I hate coughing. I just completely hate it in every way. Anyway – yes, remnants of the flu linger, but I am more or less well again.

Today was a busy day at work. Lots of calls, emails, tickets, accounts to create – all around craziness. Nothing really noteworthy happened to write about, though.

Oh – except check out the name tag I saw today: “Timothy Tims”. Why would you do that to your kid – your surname is “Tims”, and you just have to be the most unimaginative parents in the world to name your kid “Timothy”. Really? Or maybe you thought it was cute. Most dudes don’t want to be thought of as “cute”, ok? Parents – stop being retarded. Honestly. You may think of your baby infant boy as cute, but one day he’s going to be a man and be stuck with the ridiculous name “Timothy Tims”. Tim Tims… it sounds like some kind of candy. mmmmm I want another bag of Tim Tims! Why don’t parents think of names that give a sense of honor, or regality, or something at least partially cool? Anyway – I’m sorry Tim Tims. I’m so, so sorry. You have my permission to kick your Dad in the balls, and your Mom in her box. Go, do it, now.

I chatted with Mom on AIM today, of course. Just random stuff – it’s a great way for me to keep her company, and I’m happy to do so. I didn’t hear from anyone else today, though.

Other things happened – TV watching as new fall shows are starting to premiere. Nothing hugely entertaining yet, but Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new show “Ringer” was somewhat interesting. I played some Mass Effect 2. Things are moving along nicely for this character – my third play through for ME2. And that’s about it, folks.

Fah Lah – that’s all I have for you, folks. Until tomorrow – when I will share it all with you……… After the Fact!