Survivor, Season 33, Episodes 10 and 11: “Million Dollar Gamble”; and Episode 12 follows

This is a really long post because it covers three total episodes.

This is a 2 hour episode, which represents episodes 10 and 11. It’s being aired as one long episode, though, but I’m going to score it as two episodes. Back at camp after Brainiac’s eviction, Adam is apologizing for not telling everyone about the food. He felt like he couldn’t because Brainiac knew about his advantage. Everyone is telling him they understand. Jay is talking in a diary sesh how he was upset with Brainiac running his mouth and taking Jay down with him. The problem is that it wasn’t intentional by Brainiac – he’s just too dumb to realize how all the shite he said about Jay and them eating the food together damaged Jay’s social game. Gotta feel bad for the guy. Then in a diary sesh of his own, Chris is talking about wanting to take out Jess. Noooooooooooo, Chris, dammit to hell! Ah man, I have a bad feeling about this episode.

The next day Ken and Hannah are watching the sunrise together. In her diary sesh, Hannah is tripping over her words expressing her attracting to Ken. Lol it’s so sweet. She’s so neurotically adorable. Next we see Zeke and Will chatting with each other on a walk. In a diary sesh Will says he’s done working with Ken. He wants to play his own game, and says he wants to work with Zeke and Hannah. Will then tells Zeke that Jay has an idol. He begs Zeke not to tell anyone, and he says he won’t. But for some reason he goes and tells David. I don’t understand the strategic purpose for doing this. Knowledge is power in this game; just giving it away like this isn’t smart. Anyway, David of course goes and tells Chris and Hannah as well. Chris tells Bret, and then David tells Ken. In a diary sesh Zeke then gives his rationale for telling people this information – he’s trying to build trust of his own. But, look, dude – you were already strong in your alliance(s). You didn’t need to do this. I think he underestimated the power of knowledge and information. He should have kept this info in his back pocket for a while until it became more relevant or at least maybe could have given him some kind of leverage. Zeke and Chris are then talking about telling Jay he’s next, so he plays the idol, but really they’re voting out Jess. Flushing out an idol is never a bad play, but I still would have preferred Zeke play this situation differently.

It’s time for another team reward challenge! There’s a swimming element, a key gathering / obstacle course element, and a puzzle building element (big multi-colored blocks where you can’t have the same color on a side). There’s an odd number of players, so one person has to sit out. David volunteers to sit out because he can’t swim well, but everyone encourages him to not do that. He starts to tear up, and Jeff asks him what it’s like to feel that support. Jeff says that never, in 33 seasons of the show, has someone offered to sit out to not bring his team down but then everyone tells them not to give up. He’s thankful and will never forget how everyone has helped him grow and have more self-confidence. It was a touching moment, and yet another reason why this show rocks. They’re picking teams by picking rocks. The odd color is the one who has to sit out, and it ends up being Jay.

Orange team is Ken, Jess, Chris, David, and Will. Purple team is Bret, Zeke, Sunday, Hannah, and Adam. This is not looking good for the purples. LOL the look on Hannah’s face as she was pushing herself through this challenge was CLASSIC! It was like she was in full on meltdown mode. I can’t stop laughing. Sorry, Hannah – you know I love you! As I expected, the oranges are leading the purples – but it’s not the blow out I expected it to be. Orange stars working on the puzzle first – it’s David and Chris doing so. Then the purples start working on the puzzle with Zeke and Adam. Then out of the blue – purple wins reward! Wow! I totally underestimated them for sure. This gives Bret (Kelly), Zeke (Haylee), and Hannnah (Me) 3 points each. No one has Sunday or Adam. They win the opportunity to go on a barge floating 50 yards offshore from camp and eat pizza, wings, and beer. Sounds good to me!

Gonna try to keep this recap short because I’m behind due to Thanksgiving weekend, and my birthday, so I’ll just say they went on the reward and had a great time. They were surprised with letters from home, and Adam and Hannah were in tears. Adam was happy to read that his Mom is doing as well as she can with stage 4 cancer. My Dad passed because of cancer, so I feel for Adam. Ugh. Anyway, it was a cool reward.

Back at camp, David is still grateful for all the support. He says in a diary sesh that it was his goal to leave the game a better version of himself than he was going into the game. I totally respect that, but I think we all should be doing that every day in the course of our daily lives. Always strive to be a better person today than you were yesterday – every day. In any way, even the smallest of ways – that should be everyone’s goal every day. But, anyway, I respect the growth that David has had over the course of the game, and still wish I would have picked him in the beginning. David is talking to Ken, and they renew their alliance. David says he wants to fit in the finals with Ken. Jess comes up and the three of them talk about how Chris, Bret, and Sunday are a team and they need to be broken up. He starts telling them they need to vote out Chris. AAAAAAHHHHHH, David you little wuss master! Leave Chris alone, dammit! It’s not looking good for my team. One group wants Jess gone, and the other group wants Chris gone. I guess it had to happen eventually.

It’s individual immunity time. It’s an endurance challenge – holding up a beam that’s balancing a statue, and they have to balance themselves on a narrow beam. Every 5 minutes they are moving back – further away from the statue and on a narrower spot on the beam. Surprise, surprise – Hannah is the first one out. Followed quickly by Ken. Sunday is next, and then Chris, Will, Jay, and Bret. All that’s left are Jess, Adam, Zeke, and David. Next out is Adam, and then Jess. It’s down to Zeke and David. Either Hayway gets these 10 points, or no one does. What is going to happen?! ……………… Zeke falls off the beam, wow, and David wins immunity. This has certainly been an episode of growth for David – very awesome!

Back at camp it still looks like it’s going to be either Jess or Chris. However, Jess finds out that Chris’ side are gunning for her. It’s looking like maybe she’s going to get the votes to stay. Either way my team takes a hit. This season has been so good so far because there’s not one player who is totally dominating the game. I think at this point both Zeke and David are playing great strategic games, and right now I have to give the advantage to David. I think his way of thinking is a bit more strategically sound than Zeke’s. I think Zeke is brilliant, but I also think he has a little bit of the MS “I’m the king of the world” curse. He thinks he’s the chess master, and the rest of the players here are his pawns. I don’t think that’s going to work out for him, but I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, the first tribal of the night goes down. During the conversation it’s clear that Jay still thinks he’s gone. David says there’s voting blocks going on, Zeke says it’s kind of a combo of alliances and voting blocks, and Hannah agrees with Zeke and coins the combo a “Trust Cluster”. This inspires an on-screen hashtag, and earns her and me 2 points. Sweet! The rest of the talk is just about the trust clusters, and how much trust everyone has. Everyone seems to be 100% sure that their group is voting the way they think. Unfortunately for me, that appears to indeed be the case. The vote goes down: Chris, Jess, Chris, Jess, Chris, Jess, Chris, Jess, Chris, Chris, Chris – that’s -11 for me for the combined votes. Chris is eliminated and finishes 11th for +9 points, and +5 points for making it to jury. Jess receives +2 for getting multiple votes and surviving. Will (IzzyB), Bret (Kelly), Hannah (Me), Ken (Jo Lynn), and Jay & Zeke (Haylee) each receive 3 points for receiving no votes at tribal.

Despite the voting madness, I finished first in Episode 10 with 13 points. Hayway finished 2nd with 9 points. Kelly finished 3rd with 6 points. Bella and Jo Lynn both got 3 points each. That brings the totals to: Haylee (123), Brian (122), Jo Lynn (83), Kelly (78), Bella (42). Well, like I wrote at the beginning of this, it’s a back to back episode night, so here we go with Episode 11!

We’re back at camp after the vote, as usual. In a diary sesh Jay admits he didn’t know what was going to go down at tribal, but he got a sense during the convo that no one was going to vote for him. So he decided to not play his idol, and it was a good move. However, he still doesn’t know that everyone else knows that he has an idol. Poor guy. Anyway, he says it was a “million dollar gamble”, and that is the title of this Episode 10/11 mash-up, so that gives him and Haylee 3 points yet again. This is the third episode in a row where the same person’s quotes are the names of the episode. I can’t recall this ever happening in the past. Methinks someone at CBS has a little tingling in the pants for Jay. Come on CBS – you can do better than this!

In a diary sesh, Jess is glad the vote went down the way she wanted and she expects Jay to go next. Zeke and Bret and talking, and Zeke apologizes for not cluing Bret in on what was going down. He says he understands that Chris had to go or he was going to win. He still seem to want to move forward with Zeke. David tells Bret he wants Zeke to go soon, and Bret says in a diary sesh that he’s on board with Zeke. He doesn’t trust David. In the morning, Bret goes and tells Zeke that David is out for him. So this episode looks like it’s going to be Zeke vs David. Looking forward to seeing how this goes down.

It’s day 29 in Survivor! Just 10 days left in the game, and we still have 10 peeps. Zeke is having a convo with Hannah and Adam. He tells them that David is coming for him, and they have to vote him off. Hannah, in her diary sesh, is torn. She likes David because they both are neurotic. She isn’t sure just yet who she’s going to pick.

Now it’s time for another team reward challenge. They will have 3 teams of 3 (that’s leaving someone out?). The 3 on each team will be chained together, and they have to “slither” on their stomach like a snake though the sand, and at the end solve a snake puzzle. Turns out that the person who picks the odd rock this time automatically gets to go on the reward along with the team of 3 that wins. The teams are: Hannah, Jess, Adam; Will, Ken, Jay; and Sunday, Zeke, Bret. David is the one who gets to go on reward without having to compete. Will, Ken, and Jay are kicking everyone’s asses. They finish slithering first and are working on the puzzle. Sunday, Zeke, and Bret finish next and are working the puzzle. Finally Hannah, Jess, and Adam finish and are working the puzzle. But it’s all for naught as Bret, Zeke, and Sunday finish the puzzle first and win reward! They get to take a helicopter ride to tour the island, and then get to have a picnic with fried chicken, mac and cheese, wine, beer, sodas, and pie. Yum! Bret (Kelly) and Zeke (Haylee) get 5 points each!

During the reward, Bret and Zeke continue to talk, and Bret reveals to him that he is also gay. He explains that he didn’t feel comfortable with coming out to the other guys like Chris and Ken. Zeke understands the situation – Bret is a GXer and he’s lived a large part of his life feeling like he *couldn’t* come out. So now obviously Zeke and Bret are closer than ever (LOL the Rainbow Connection according to Zeke – Classic). In his diary sesh, Zeke once again calls these people his loyal soldiers. This guy is going to be so busy admiring himself, he’s not going to even notice it when the knife goes in his back. I’m calling it right now.

The winners get back to camp and Hannah grabs David to have a convo. She is deciding to side with David and go after Zeke. She tells David about Zeke coming after him, and about telling her that David having an idol. She is telling him that she will be his spy, but she needs to make sure that Zeke doesn’t find out before they are able to vote him off. Otherwise she’s fucked for sure.

Immunity challenge time! You are behind a locked gate, and you have to work a slide maze without being able to see the maze. You have to do it by touch and memory. Then once you get through the gate, you have to do a slide puzzle. I thought that all this David and Zeke talk would have one of them winning this, especially because I think they’re both so brilliant, but to my complete shock the winner is JAY! Wow! He finishes the slide puzzle before ANYONE else even makes it past the gate. That was impressive times a billion. The win gives Haylee 10 points!

Back at camp David is telling Jessica and Ken that they need to vote out Zeke tonight, because Zeke’s side is writing his name down. Hannah goes with Zeke to get water, and I’m thinking: “Yes! Go miss spy! Show Zeke who the fool is!” Zeke is asking her if she’s on board with him, and with taking out David. Of course, I have no idea why in the ass raping frak I thought that she would be a smooth operator. OMG it’s so painful to watch. All she needed to do was just tell the guy what he wants to hear, smile and even be slightly goofy about it because that’s normal for her; but she’s looking up at the sky, stammering and stuttering, and just completely coming off like a jackass with a “I’m not working with you after all, Zeke” sign somehow anchored to her head. I mean…wow…just freaking wow…this is insane. HANNAH YOU NUTCASE! YOU HAD THIS! I DON’T UNDERSTAND. DID YOU NOT SEE THIS COMING?! DID YOU NOT KNOW YOU WOULD HAVE TO HAVE THIS DUPLICITOUS CONVERSATION WITH ZEKE?! SERIOUSLY?!

So now what is happening?! Well, I will tell you. Zeke is now going around telling his peeps to vote out Hannah. So I guess this is the dilate Brian’s sphincter episode, and give him the ol’ pink sock! Hannah you psycho! Why are you out here if you can’t lie to anyone?! OMG! Why did she even insert herself into this situation, and give herself this spy master role, if she wasn’t prepared to go through with it? Why?! I mean…seriously…why?! What the actual fuck?! At least she’s not deluded as well and she realizes it’s her. Looks like there’s 5 on Zeke’s side, and 5 on David / Hannah’s side. If it’s a tie, they vote again. If someone doesn’t flip, they draw rocks. The odd rock will go home. Crazy! It’s time to see what’s going to happen….

The tribal conversation is out of control. People pretending they don’t know what’s going on, and others calling them out on it. It was at least entertaining, but I’m nervous. I think I’m about to lose my second player in one night! The vote goes down, and Jeff asks for any idols to be played. David plays his idol, and Adam tells him he heard Zeke’s group talking about voting out Ken, so David says his idol is for Ken. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Here are the votes: Zeke, Hannah (of course), Zeke, Hannah, Zeke, Hannah, Zeke, Hannah, Zeke, Hannah – we’re tied! Wow! They are re-voting. Everyone but Hannah and Zeke revotes. NO ONE FLIPS! It’s tied again! No way! They start debating because no one wants to draw rocks. However, no one is willing to budge. So Hannah is safe (YAY!), Zeke is safe, Jay is safe because of the immunity challenge, and Ken is also safe because of the idol. Will, Sunday, Bret, Adam, David, and Jess are the ones who draw rocks. And what happens?! A one out of 6 shot – approximately 17% chance of this happening – it’s Jessica. She’s out. So after all of this jazz, I got DPd after all. Man. What a suck fest! All because Hannah is here to play a game that she absolutely cannot play.

Ok – I’m done stomping my feet now. Sorry. Hannah (Me) got 5 votes on the first vote, and 4 votes on the second. That’s -9 for her. Same thing applies to Zeke (Haylee). They both also get the 2 point bonus for getting multiple votes and surviving. Jessica finishes 10th for 10 points, plus the 5 point jury bonus, plus 3 points because she didn’t receive a vote against her. Will, Bret, Ken, and Jay also get the 3 point bonus for receiving no votes. Ken doesn’t get any bonus points for the idol being played for him because he didn’t receive any votes against him. Haylee has two players remaining, and the rest of us each have one player. Haylee wins episode 11 with 14 points, I am in second with 11 points, Kelly is in third with 8 points, and Jo Lynn and IzzyB are tied with 3 points each. The season to date totals are: Haylee 137, Brian 133, Kelly and Jo Lynn are tied with 86, and IzzyB has 45. In her exit interview, Jess reveals she is willing her legacy advantage to Ken. If he gets it next episode, I guess we can give a few points for that. That’s kinda like a reward for a good social game, right?

In any event, this episode mash up can go to hell and die! Okay, going to go ahead and write my episode 12 recap here too. Might as well….


Survivor, Season 33, Episodes 12: “About To Have A Rumble”

We’re back at camp after the destruction of Brian’s ass…er I mean the episode mash-up of lameness…er I mean the last episodes. Hannah is horrified that it came down to a rock draw, but also thankful that her peeps went to bat for her. The ridiculously sad thing is that if she had just played the game she came here to play, then none of that madness would have happened. Dear Hannah: Survivor is “outwit, outplay”, and “outlast”; not “out stammer”, “out suck”, and “out hyperventilate”. Seriously. I promise. AAAHHHHH I have to let it go. Okay, I’m letting it go….

Now we have Zeke in a diary sesh say he just went to war with David and he won. It’s amusing how people re-write history in their minds. Uh, no Zekee-poo, you didn’t win jack shite. You tied. TWICE! And then you got lucky as fuck. That is ALL! Then he says that he’s just as happy that he could win this game as he is happy that David IS going to lose. Now keep in mind – this is the same night – directly after tribal – and it’s already a foregone conclusion in this dude’s mind that David is out and has lost. This is the problem when peeps start buying into their own hype and stoking the fires of their arrogance. You start to feel like you’re unsinkable. Been that guy, been there, done that, it’s all good. Not saying I’m better than anyone. But guess what? Life ALWAYS has aggressive ways of reminding you that we are all our own Titanic. There’s an iceberg out there with your name on it, Zeke, and hopefully you and your game will happen upon it real soon.

The next morning we see Ken find the legacy advantage that Jess willed to him in his bag. Gotta give him and Jo Lynn 3 points for that. Sweet.

It’s reward time, and Jeff tells everyone it’s time for love. It’s the family visit time! Woo Hoo! There’s lots of hugs, kisses, and tears – it was as awesome as it always is. During the family meet ups, Adam tells his brother about his advantage in front of everyone, and then says that there’s no way he could use it. He can’t take someone’s family away from them. That’s one of the smartest moves in the game – good job Adam! More tears and more hugs and more love.

There’s a huge comp to see who wins their family visit, it’s the tied to a rope and the rope is twisted around and tangled in an obstacle, and it’s JAY! That’s of course 5 points for him and Hay To The Way because this was an individual reward. Jeff asks Jay to pick one castaway and their loved one to join them. Jay picks Will, which is 3 points for Bella. Then Jeff says that Jay can pick one more castaway and their loves on, so Jay picks Sunday. No one has Sunday. Then, surprisingly, Jeff says that Jay can pick one more. At least I was surprised because usually it’s one survivor and 2 guests – not 3. In any event, seeing how broken up Adam was, and respecting that he didn’t use his advantage, Jay picked Adam. They both broke down in tears, and, I have to admit, so did I. It was awesome because Jay was right – he can Adam have been at odds for the whole game, but it’s good that Jay could put that all aside for the moment. I gained a lot of respect for Jay for doing that. No one has Adam either, so no more bonus points for this. They all get to go back to camp, but the winners and their guests get to have a barbecue right there in front of the other survivors. Man I can’t imagine how much that would suck for the non-winners.

Adam finds out that his Mom’s treatments were making her really sick, and not helping her at all, so they stopped the treatments. She getting stronger for the time being, and is so happy that Adam is out there living his dream. It does Adam good to know that all is well as it can be, considering, back home, and this was exactly what he needed. He thanks Jay again, and to show his appreciation he gives Jay the reward stealing advantage. That’s another 3 points for Jay and Haylee!

The next morning David sees Zeke’s team, minus Will, all huddled together a ways down the beach from camp. He points it out to Will, and it doesn’t make Will happy that they are discussing strategy without him. He feels like most people are treating him as just a kid. He wants to prove he came to play, and so is going to make a big move by leaving Zeke’s “Trust Cluster” and joining David’s. Will is fired up, and I like it! “I didn’t come here to be dragged as a goat; I came here to play!” Sweet! This definitely makes things more interesting.

It’s time for the immunity challenge! It’s another endurance challenge. They have to keep tension on a couple of bars, and the slightest movement means you drop a bar and you’re out. Not long as the start, David’s bar fell and he’s out. Then Hanna is right behind him. Will is next. Bret is then out. Next Sunday is out. Zeke is out after that. It’s Jay, Ken, and Adam. All of this took just 4 minutes! Ken is out next. Jay and Adam are fighting hard, but it’s Adam who pulls it out. No one has him!

Back at camp, David’s “Trust Cluster”, with their new addition of Will, is stoked and ready to be voting Zeke out. Then, out of the freaking blue, with no logical explanation, Ken decides he needs to “test” Will. He walks down the beach with Will, to get his explanation for why he wants to flip, and Will gives it to him as logically as anyone possibly can. Then, on top of that, to show his trust, Will tells Ken that Zeke’s Cluster is voting for Ken tonight. But instead of thanking Will for telling him, and being ok with it because they have the five votes they need to vote out Zeke anyway (so it doesn’t matter if Zeke’s group all write down “Elvis Motherfucking Presley” or whoever), Ken goes up to Jay and tells him everything that Will just told him. Right when Will sees all this madness about to go down, he says that when he saw Ken walk off with Jay that he knew there was about to be a rumble. That is the title of the episode, and that gives him and Bella 3 points!

Anyway Ken blows up the plan completely, totally, in a moment of utter, blind, and selfish stupidity. Two weeks in a row now we have a castaway, all of whom HAD been playing one of the best games of Survivor that I’ve ever seen, just completely screw the pooch on an unimaginable level. Both times – they had the vote in the freaking bag. The plan was set in stone! But NOOOOOOOOOOOOO – first Hannah just completely melts down right in front of Zeke, who she is planning to vote out, and now Ken The Utter Dillhole shows everyone exactly how moronic he truly is. Wow. Just wow!

Adam is incensed in his diary sesh. “That’s not a test – it’s a betrayal,” he says, and he’s exactly right. You can imagine how Will feels. He’s all like, “This guy preaches about honor and integrity… and then he has the audacity to pull this crap on me!” I don’t think I could hold my tongue. I think if I were Will, I would have flipped the fuck out right in Ken’s face. I have a low tolerance for utter stupidity. Just FYI – in case you haven’t figured that out yet. In another diary sesh, it sounds like Will is still considering voting with David’s Cluster. Wow. I hope he does, but he has more self control than I do if he does that. I think I’d take that pen and on the parchment write, “Suck my balls Ken you assmaster”. Alas – I don’t think he’s going to do that….

It’s tribal time. Everyone admits that we have our 2 Clusters of 4 with Will in the middle. Will explains to Jeff what went down today, and that he’s tired of being treated like a kid. He wants to be treated and respected as an adult. Isn’t this just the circle of life? When you’re young, you’re always trying to be older than you are. When you’re old, you’re always trying to be younger than you are. And here we are, folks. Not saying Will is dumb, because he does seem intelligent for sure, but Will – you ARE a kid. Okay? But I understand where he’s coming from, and I respect that he has the character to stand up and go after what he wants. If you want to put a mark on the world, you gotta do it. It’s not gonna just happen, so I respect what Will is doing from that perspective. Sunday and Zeke are still being a little patronizing to him even now, after he’s repeatedly voiced how he feels.

Jay, I can’t believe I’m writing this, seems to be the only smart person on Zeke’s side. He completely gets where Will is coming from and isn’t patronizing him, plus he has the fact that he has always been respectful to Will on his side. It’s so weird. Some episodes I think Jay is awesome, and some he just seems like a slightly more wise version of Brainiac. Honestly, I still don’t know what I think about the guy because he’s just all over the freaking place!

Anyway…. David then makes a great point about the situation while remaining very respectful towards Will. Man I wish I would have picked David. So on Zeke’s side, Will has Jay. On David’s side he has his own move for which he can claim total responsibility. But can he get over his anger with Ken?

The voting goes down, and Jeff asks for anyone who wants to play an idol. And WOW…I can’t believe this, but Adam is playing his idol for HANNAH! LOL I wonder if we’re going to have a repeat of last episode? Watch Ken get the votes instead of Hannah. Here are the votes: Hannah (LOL), Hannah, Hannah, Hannah, Zeke, Zeke, Zeke, Zeke, Zeke. So Will voted for Zeke after all, but LMAO Adam played his idol and ruined his moment. He doesn’t look pleased about it. Poor guy, but LMAO that was classic.

Okay here’s the scoring. Zeke (Haylee) gets -5 for the votes, and is eliminated in 9th place for 11 points, plus the 5 for getting to the jury. Hannah gets +2 for each vote against her due to the idol being played for her, so that’s +8. She also gets the +2 for getting multiple votes and surviving. Will (Bella), Bret (Kelly), Ken (Jo Lynn), and Jay (Haylee) each receives 3 points for getting no votes at tribal. Haylee leads the week with 22 points, I’m in second with 10 points, Bella is in third with 9 points, Jo Lynn is in 4th with 6 points, and Kelly is last this week with 3 points. The season to date totals so far are: Haylee (159), Brian (143), Jo Lynn (92), Kelly (89), Bella (54).

Now each of us are down to 1 player! According to my on screen guide, this coming week 2 more people are sent home, and the episode is only an hour long. So this week is going to be huge. There’s an approximately 63% chance that at least one of our teams will be eliminated from the game this coming week, before the finale. :((( The episode after next is the finale, and it will begin with 6 castaways as expected. Good luck to all and I hope you all enjoy these last two episodes of this awesome season.