Survivor, Season 33, Episodes 13 and 14 (Finale)

I’m writing this way after the final episodes aired. This is going to be more of a summary than usual, and details of our points scored. Family time, holiday time, and news of my job going away once again really took my head out of this, and just writing stuff in general. I really love writing, and being creative, but writing in particular can be difficult for me. Sometimes it’s like I have to pry the words out of me. I wouldn’t call it “work”, per se, but it’s definitely a labor of love and I really need to be able to focus on it for the words to flow. In any event, here we go. Episode 13 is called “Slayed the Survivor Dragon”. Anyway, at this point I know how these episodes end, so it’s also difficult to write this objectively.

Adam made yet another alliance – this time with Bret and Sunday. They say they need to get David, Jay, and Will out ASAP. I agree. Next up is an immunity challenge. It’s a balance challenge initially, and then a skill challenge where you’re trying to roll discs down a platform into a narrow opening. I expected Will to be good at this, but he’s the only one that is struggling. Bret led everyone at one point, which shocked me. Then Jay took over the lead, and I expected him to win this. Bret and David gave him a run for his money, but indeed Jay wins immunity! This give Hay the Way All Night and Day 10 points!

During this episode’s first tribal: it’s Will going home, and also Bella’s last player. The votes were David got 2 votes (no one has him), and Will got 6 votes. That’s -6 for the votes, +12 for finishing 8th, and +5 for making it to jury – that’s a total of 11 points. Bella finishes the game with 65 total points. Bret (Kelly), Hannah (Me), Ken (Jo Lynn), and Jay (Haylee) each received no votes, so they each get +3.

Back at camp Adam apologies to Jay for lying to him again, and Jay says he respects him and his game moves. Jay says that he has a ying yang relationship with Adam, because he loves and respects him but also hates him. The phrase “ying yang” inspires an on screen hashtag, so that’s 2 more points for Jay and Haylee. In a diary sesh, Adam says that Jay has to go home ASAP.

Now it’s time for another immunity challenge. It’s a puzzle building challenge, but there’s a twist. There’s a “timer” in the form of a ball rolling down a table full of nails – so it’s sort of like a pinball machine of sorts. As long as the ball is rolling down the table, you can work on your puzzle. When the ball gets to the bottom of the table, you have to catch and roll it back up again. If the ball falls off the table, it drops down to a ramp on which is rolls extremely slow. You have to wait for the ball to get through all of that so you can roll it again. It’s all about splitting your focus between the ball and the puzzle. Wow – this would be really hard.

Pretty much everyone has their ball drop at some point. However, no one really gets close to really solving the puzzle other than Ken. When Adam realizes this, he starts helping Ken by telling him when he needs to come back to get his ball. Ken ultimately wins this immunity! That’s 10 points for him and Jo Lynn!

Back at camp, Adam says his plan is for Jay to go home unless he plays his idol, in which case David would go home. David is talking with Ken and they want Jay to go home, but they have another plan in case of an idol. Hannah walks up and they tell her about their plan. David, Ken, Hannah, and Adam give 3 votes to Bret and 1 to Jay. Then they expect Sunday, Bret, and Jay to all vote for David. Jay plays his idol and is safe, so it’s a tie between Bret and David. Then they vote out Bret. Hannah thinks for a moment and suggests that instead of Bret, they gives those voes to Sunday. Hannah is concerned that someone will take Sunday to the finals with them instead of her, because she thinks she’s worked harder than Sunday. Maybe that’s true. I’m not sure. Back when I was watching this, I was still mad at Hannah for so horribly botching up her conversation with Zeke that time. However, I figured that if she could get Adam to agree to vote out Sunday instead of Jay or David, then that would redeem her significantly as far as I’m concerned. Anyway, David and Ken say they’d be on board with voting out Sunday instead of Bret. David doesn’t care as long as it isn’t him.

Hannah and Ken talk to Adam about this. Adam still wants either Jay or David to go home, but there’s no way Ken will agree to this. So the Sunday plan seems to be in the mix of possibilities. Wow!

Adam and Jay are talking in the hammock. Adam is telling Jay that he needs to play his idol. Jay wants to go to the end with Adam, and if Adam wins then so be it. Adam doesn’t want to take the chance that Jay will win. Jay says this means so much to him and his family, and then Adam tells him it’s the same for him – and tells him why. He tells him about his Mom and her cancer. Jay breaks down because now he understands Adam much better. He emphasizes with Adam because he’s really close to his Mom as well. You know, the longer that Jay is away from Brainiac, the more respectable he’s becoming. Jay seems to be someone who is kind of like a personality chameleon. The more he’s around someone, the more he seems to absorb their personality and starts to mimic it. Ever known anyone like that? I have, which is why it seems to me that Jay is like that. He just seems to be totally different now that he’s not being influenced by Brainiac. Anyway, Jay has a whole new level of respect for Adam, and I have a whole new level of respect for Jay. He’s kind, empathetic, and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and open with his feelings. I kind of regret most of the crap I’ve written about him now….

It’s tribal time, and it still seems to be either Jay, David, or Sunday. That is indeed how it goes down. Wow – Hannah – I’m proud of you with coming up with the Sunday plan and getting these peeps to actually do it! Good job! Also, they got Jay to play his idol as well. Jay (Haylee) gets 5 points for playing the idol, plus he gets 2 bonus vote points as only 1 vote was cast against him. The rest of the votes were 2 for David, and 4 for Sunday – and no one has either of them. Sunday goes home and finishes in 7th. Bret (Kelly), Hannah (Me), and Ken (Jo Lynn) received no votes and earn 3 points each. Haylee finishes Episode 13 in the lead once again with 22 points, Jo Lynn is next with 16, IzzyB next with 11, and Kelly & I each earned 6 points. Here are the point totals with 1 episode, and 6 Castaways left in the game (although only 4 of them are on anyone’s team): Haylee (181), Brian (149), Jo Lynn (108), Kelly (95), Bella (65).

No one in the episode said the title of the episode, so I’m not sure how they came up with the title. It’s the first time in a long time that this has happened. Weird.

Anyway – time for the final episode.

Just doing short summaries now as I’m getting sleepy. David made a fake idol, but not for himself as others have. He left it out to be found by someone else, to give them a false sense of security, and it was Jay who found it. It was a brilliant plan, but really didn’t make any difference. Jay still campaigned with everyone to stay. I think everything that went down would have went down the same way anyway. In any event, the episode tite was, once again, from Jay. I don’t remember one player ever getting the episode title so many times as Jay has. It’s 3 more points for him and Haylee.

David won the first immunity challenge, which also came with a steak dinner for reward. David was going to be able to pick 2 others to come with him, but Jay used the “steal a reward” that Adam gave him to steal the reward. Smartly, Jay picked David to go, and also picked Adam since he gave him the power to steal the reward in the first place. Classy moves! At the first tribal council of the night, David is immune because of the challenge; Ken plays the legacy reward which also gives him immunity (I’ll give Ken 5 points for that because it’s like playing an idol I suppose); Jay tried to play the fake idol, but it was, again, fake; Ken gets 1 vote and Jay gets the rest. Ken gets 2 points for the vote that doesn’t count. Jay gets -5 for the votes, +14 for finishing 6th, and +5 for making it to jury. Haylee finishes with 198 total points. I haven’t added up all the points for the rest of us yet, but I’m pretty sure that Haylee won the season. More on that in a bit, though. Bret (Kelly) and Hannah (Me) received no votes for +3.

Ken won the next immunity challenge for +10 for Jo Lynn. Adam found another immunity idol, and told Hannah about it. He wants David out. Hannah, for some reason, wants Bret out instead. She tells David and Ken about Adam’s idol and convinces them to vote out Bret. All the while Adam and Bret think they’re voting David out. Not sure why Hannah made this move – Bret couldn’t win shite. I would have voted out David instead for sure. In any event, Adam didn’t get any votes because everyone knew about his idol. David got 2 votes, and Bret got 3. That’s -3 for Kelly, but he gets +15 for finishing 5th, and also +5 for making it to jury. That’s Kelly’s final castaway. She finishes with 115 total points.

Ken also won the final immunity challenge. That’s another +10 for Jo Lynn! Instead of having a tie vote, Adam and Hannah manage to convince Ken that taking David to the finals would mean a likely automatic win for David. So even though it tore him up to do so, Ken joined Adam and Hannah in voting out David. No one has him. That means Ken, Hannah, and Adam are our final 3! Ken and Hannah get +3 for receiving no votes, and also +10 for making it to the final tribal with Adam (who no one has).

Adam ended up winning the season. Reddit gave us bad intel! I had the third pick, and he was still available. He was #1 on my list, and if it hadn’t been for reddit I would have picked him! Ugh! Neither Hannah or Ken received any votes to win, so they both technically tied for 2nd. I gave both of them the +25. In any event, here are our final scores: Haylee = 198, Brian = 190, Jo Lynn = 173, Kelly = 115, Bella = 65.

CONGRATULATIONS TO HAYLEE FOR WINNING! You rock! Good game to you all! I hope to see you all back for season 34! :))) My love to each of you!