Today was Thursday – 8/25/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “M4 – Pt2” – Faunts; “Jaime All Over” – Mayday Parade. I’m feeling jovial and content.

I woke up on time today as well. Not as early as yesterday, I laid in bed for a few more minutes, but I still got up early enough. I went to bed yesterday at 6:47a and got up at 1:41p. I was able to get ready, get my laptop packed up, pack my food for the day, and get out the door by 2:20p. I arrived at work by 2:55p, early once again. It’s been a good work week for me, especially in the time management area of my life. The reason I’m noting this is I’m working to make myself accountable for time management, and being to work on time. I’m usually not anywhere on time, ever. I’m worse that Marty McFly, in all honesty. If ever anyone needed a time machine, it’s me. I want a TARDIS! – but I’d definitely settle for a DeLorean lol.

I had another good day at work, but it was unusually busy. I took about an entire shift’s worth of calls within the first few hours. Nothing was broken or down – it was just busy. I only hit a few Husks the whole day as well, which is awesome. See the Work Highlights text file, lines 1 through 23, for today’s moments of brilliance.

I’ve been in a lively mood all day. It’s just one of those days where the loneliness isn’t pressing down on me. I texted with my Mom, my brother, Todd, and Elisha. I chatted on AIM with Mom as well, like I do every work day.

Conversation highlights of the day:

It’s the weekend of the Nascar race at Bristol. My brother goes to it every year, but this year my sister in law is threatening to throw all my brother’s stuff out in the yard if he goes. If I know my brother, he’s going to go. The two of them have always been dysfunctional, but I sense a storm on the horizon. And my poor little nephew is going to suffer for it. I will pray; that’s all I can do.

Texted with Elisha about pre-ordering Star Wars: The Old Republic – she headed to Gamestop to do so. Sweet!

I was cutting through one of the Phillips Arena parking lots on my way to the train tonight, as always, and I saw a car parked in there with “Charlotte Fire Department” emblazoned on it. Weird. There was a fireman’s jacket in the backseat – with the reflective florescent yellow/green stripes on it. I didn’t look at the plates, but in a Google search I see that Georgia doesn’t have a Charlotte. We have a Lake Charlotte, and Cape Charlotte, though. So I think it was a Charlotte, NC vehicle. I’m curious why some Charlotte fire department official needed to drive what I’m sure is a taxpayer’s vehicle to Atlanta. I’m sure I’ll never know – just one of my random observations.

I got home and watched TV shows recorded on my DVR. I watched “Big Brother” – ugh I can’t believe that Shelley voted against Jeff and Jordan after they had been so close all season. Essentially what she is teaching her child is that it’s okay to stab a friend in the back as long as money is on the line. I hope she’s gone soon. Then I finally watched my DVR of Tuesday’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars”. It was awesome. I love a good mystery. I started watching this show when it premiered last year because I was hoping it would remind me of “Veronica Mars”, which the CW cancelled WAY before its time. It kind of did at first, but now it’s on it’s own thing. They didn’t wrap up the mystery at the end of the season like they always did on “Veronica Mars”. I hope they don’t keep this going years and years, though – I want to know who “A” is! Can’t they figure this out, and start a new mystery? Or something? Anyway – it was a great episode.

Then I finished my third play through of Mass Effect. This time with a female Soldier who was strictly Paragon. After I finish this I’m going to start up Mass Effect 2 and port over her save game, then continue her adventures in that game. It shall be awesome with a cup of awesomesauce on the side!

I’m glad tomorrow is Friday. We still have a few more summer Fridays left – which is when most of the staff, except for people on the News side of things, leave for the day at 3p. It’s usually quiet. Still, I can’t wait to get into the weekend. I don’t have much planned for this weekend, save for the fact that Series 6 of “Doctor Who” is starting up again on Saturday night at 9p on BBC America. We had episodes 1 through 7 of the series from April through June, and then they took a break for most of the summer. Now episodes 8 through 13 will air through October 1st – which will wrap up Series 6. I’m so excited; I can’t wait!

Then next weekend Elisha will be in town! I’m looking forward to that. Life can truly be glorious every now and then.

Well it’s 5:17a now. I’m gonna fire up Mass Effect 2 and play for a bit before hitting the hay. Goodnight!

I need to take my contacts out tonight and give my eyes a rest. Sorry – random thought there that just popped into my head.

Until tomorrow, folks…. 🙂


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