Today was Friday – 8/26/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “Be Somebody” – The Kings of Leon; and still feeling “M4, Pt2” – Faunts –  today as well. I’m just feeling’ funky, my friends lol. 🙂 In a general good mood, really.

I hit the  hay last night at 6:43a and got up at 1:55a. On Fridays I don’t have to rush as much as Fridays are dress down day, so I get up and throw on a T-shit and put on a hat and don’t even touch my hair. Plus I always eat stuff from the CNN Center food court on Fridays, so I don’t have to worry about packing foods to eat. Anyway, I got out of here today to head to work at about 2:25p, and actually made it to the CNN Center by 2:50p – which is something of a miracle. So I was able to get food and make it to my desk by 2:55p. It was an awesomesauce way to start the day.

If only I didn’t have to wear pants to work – life would be mostly perfect. I hate to wear pants. If I could wear shorts 24/7, I would enjoy life so much more than I do. I was writing to Danielle tonight (jumping ahead in my timeline a bit – sorry), and I forgot to tell her that I noticed on her tumblr blog that she reblogged a pic that said “I hate wearing pants”. I meant to tell her that I hate it, too. Can’t stand it, really. Heck, when I sleep I usually stick at least one leg out from under the covers. Just not a big fan of covering up my legs. Not that my legs are a point of vanity for me or anything, even though I do think my legs are awesome. And I had a girlfriend once who embraced one of my legs once and remarked about how awesome they are…. Yes, it came out of left field at that time as well. Anyway… none of that is why I don’t like wearing pants. I just don’t like it! Okay? lol And if I didn’t have to wear them, I wouldn’t mind going into the office so much – that’s how I got on this train of thought. Working from home Mondays and Tuesdays is so awesome because I just sit in my pajama shorts all day. And that is just priceless to me, let me tell ya.

Anyway – back to work matters – today was yet another Summer Friday, which means most folks left at 3p. Which, by a further token of awesomeness, is when I arrive. So most of a normal Summer Friday is really relaxed and quiet for me. Nothing extremely interesting, or annoying, happened today.

I did have one call, though, where a person was using their own personal USB headphones at their desk, and for some reason the computer wouldn’t play any sound through them. I couldn’t figure out why not, because according to the computer they were working fine. I did everything I could think of doing. When I can’t figure out why something isn’t working like it should, it really annoys the piss out of me. It doesn’t happen often, fortunately, but still – it’s aggravating. But the person on the phone made it worse by saying, “I don’t understand why this isn’t working today – it worked fine yesterday.”

Why do people think that functionality in the past has any bearing on today, or in fact should somehow PREVENT any form of breakage today – or make it less likely to break – or something? I don’t understand how one draws the straight light from Point A to B on that – it makes no logical sense at all. So when I told the user, “Well, just because I’m alive today doesn’t mean I’m going to be alive tomorrow,” they laughed and chided me. They were trying to make ME feel like *I* was being silly. Seriously?! Seriously?

I feel like a part of my job is not to just fix problems like the headset issue – but to try and help the people I talk to learn to reason a little better. Well – this person wasn’t having any of it. Of course, now I’m rehashing this point on that’s been on my list of things that aggravate me for about 6 years now. Sorry. But still – EVERYTHING is always working the day BEFORE it stops! Honestly – this is indeed the case! But still, people always say this All. The. Time. When your tire goes flat – “Ah man, I can’t believe my tire is flat. It wasn’t flat yesterday.” Really? And that should have prevented the tire from going flat today because …………………………? What exactly is this statement indicative of to people? Can someone please comment and explain why saying this makes sense to you? I would really like for someone to explain it to me. But, really, my best way of making fun of this is what I wrote in the list of things that aggravate me. I wonder when a person like this dies, do they march up to the throne of God and say, “God – I can’t be dead! I was alive yesterday!” LOL! Perhaps God will be able to connect the dots for them, whereas my imperfections prevent such success.

In any event, like I said it was a mostly quiet day at work. I chatted with Mom on AIM. Todd logged into his Gmail account and chatted with me there, as I am usually logged into at least one of my Gmail accounts all day. Mom and I just shot the breeze and didn’t discuss much other than the growing dysfucntionality between my brother and sister and law. I don’t think this is going to end well. Todd and I just chatted about random stuff – mainly his job, my job, blogging, and fantasy football stuff.

I texted with Elisha a lot today – more than we have in a long time. She talked about the fact that she pre-ordered “The Old Republic” (woo hoo!), our guild on the TOR site, playing Tennis, lovely short Tennis skirts (which are awesome), blogging and vlogging. It was a nice little chat – I enjoyed it.

Then my friend Paul logged into his Gmail account and started chatting with me. We talked about Doctor Who, and other Sci-Fi shows that we love now, or loved when we were kids. He was encouraging me to start watching Firefly, which I really do want to watch, and I was encouraging him to watch the 2004-2009 version of Battlestar Galactica, and also Fringe. It was a cool chat, but unfortunately I had to cut it short to close out the tickets assigned to me over the course of the day, and from all the calls I took.

While I was working tickets and chatting with Paul, Danielle sent me a message on Facebook. Since I was so busy I had to put off replying to her until I got home.

So of course I’m home now, and I really haven’t done much in the way of productivity since I got home other than writing back to Danielle, writing this, eating a little homemade soup and wings, and listening to music. I wanted to continue on further Mass Effect 2 adventures, but it looks like I will go to bed shortly instead as it’s 5:49p. Maybe I will do one quest in ME2. Hopefully I won’t lose track of time and next notice the time when it’s 8am lol.

I like to let myself just sleep on Saturdays until I wake up naturally. No alarms or anything, but tomorrow I need to go pay for my storage building. Their web portal where I used to be able to pay it online doesn’t work, blah, so I have to drive out there to do so as I no longer write checks. To facilitate this, I have a Zipcar (www.zipcar.com) reserved to pick up at 4:30p. The Storage folks close at 6p, so I can’t just sleep indefinitely. Plus I have some more stuff I should have put in storage when I moved in here over a year ago lol. So I will take that stuff out there. Maybe I will go get my hair cut as well. The only other thing going on tomorrow, that I know of, is Series 6 of Doctor Who picks up with episode 8 where Episode 7 left off back in June. There are 6 episodes to go for Series 6, including this one. It’s been a great series so far, and I’m looking forward to how it all will turn out between now and Episode 13 in October. Doctor Who – woo hoo! Anyway – I’m thinking of going to see a movie after Doctor Who. Maybe “Our Idiot Brother” because Paul Rudd rules, and the trailer was hilarious.

Well, that’s all I have for today. Don’t forget to check out my pic of the day, which reflects my current mood, on my tumblr at http://commonterry.tumblr.com. Have a good one, and I’ll be back here tomorrow….


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