Today was Monday – 8/29/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “Are You Happy Now” – Michelle Branch; and “Come to Me (Instrumental)” – Brad Fiedel (from the 1985 version of Fright Night). I’m feeling tired and aggravated. Check out the companion photo here: commonterry.tumblr.com.

Not much to write for now, as not much went on today. It was a very busy day of working from home. Not stop calls and plenty of tickets assigned to me. I think I created about half a dozen network accounts today. Not sure what other businesses out there are doing, but we are hiring non-stop it seems. I think I get network account requests every single frakking day. Anyway – that was basically all I did today.

I did do some cleaning around here, and got some dishes and laundry done. I watched a bit of TV (“Rizzoli and Isles”, and DVR stuff of “In Plain Sight” that I hadn’t watched yet), and of course played some Mass Effect 2. I’m enjoying the Soldier class in ME2 better than I did in ME1. They changed the Adrenaline Rush ability in ME2 so that it slows down time for you. It makes it a billion times easier to aim at your enemies head and kill them. It’s a lot of fun.

In any event – that was the bulk of my day. I was so busy I didn’t even text or email anyone. I chatted with Mom on AIM like every work day, but not much – was too busy. So there you go – a day chock full of blah and so many aggravating issues that I can’t even get started. It’s time for bed.

Until tomorrow, when I share it all with you……….. After the Fact!


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