Today was Wednesday – 8/31/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “Vale Decem” – Murray Gold; and “Doctor Who 2010 Opening Theme” – Murray Gold. I’ve been listening to Doctor Who music all day. “Vale Decem” is a piece of music written by Murray Gold that is played in the last minutes of the life of the 10th incarnation of The Doctor. It is, at the same, a beautiful piece of music and also heartrendingly sad. “Vale Decem” is Latin for “Farewell, Ten”. It’s hard to describe how it makes me feel if you’ve never seen the episode, and don’t have a point of reference, but it’s sort of a combination of a breaking heart and tears, because your favorite Doctor is dying, and happiness  / excitement / anticipation because the next Doctor is being born. It’s brilliant and it’s wretched all at the same time. Sort of like life. Well…just like life, really.

Ok, well today was “one of those days”. You know the ones – where not much goes right. I got up early, because I wanted to go get my hair cut on the way to work. So I leave here at 1:45 – which is 30 minutes earlier than I normally would leave. I get out to the shuttle stop to wait for the Atlantic Station shuttle to take me to the Arts Center Marta Station. I’m standing there for awhile, and I decide to get out my iPhone and call up the “TransLoc” app, which allows me to track the GPS location of the shuttles – so I will have an idea of how long I will have to wait before the next one will be by to pick me up. Well, I see that for some infuriating reason they only have one shuttle running (usually two are running , at least), and it has just pulled up at the Arts Center. So by the time it makes it way back around to me, it will be like I didn’t get up early at all. This means if I want to get my hair cut, and not waste the sleep I didn’t get to have, I’m going to have to take a taxi.

So I take a taxi to the Great Clips, and get my hair cut – finally. It feels great, my scalp can breathe again, and looks good too in my opinion. Now, it’s about a 5 minute walk or so from Great Clips to the North Avenue Marta Station, but it’s about 2:20 at this point. Seeing another taxi waiting nearby, I decide to take it to work just to make sure I’m not late. The fair from home to Great Clips was $10, but I gave him $15, and the fare was the same from Great Clips to work – and I gave him $15 as well. So all in all I had to spend nearly $50 today just to get my hair cut – because the shuttles weren’t working on schedule! Agh! Actually, in all truth, I should have went on Saturday, when I didn’t have to be anywhere on time, and I could have avoided this aggravation. So I blame me. But it’s still annoying when things aren’t working like they otherwise usually do. And it always effs me in the ass when things aren’t working as they should!

So I get to work and I am inundated with calls about problems where apps aren’t working as they should. I get stuck on an hour and ten minute call because Word kept crashing Outlook for a user (Word is usually the program that handles reading and writing emails in Outlook). I had to uninstall and reinstall Word three times, not just once – but three times, to get it to work correctly. Then I got stuck on another almost hour long call because a user’s copy of Adobe Acrobat wouldn’t open PDFs in Internet Explorer. It, in fact, said that it was not the correct version to have that functionality, even though it was one of the versions it said was needed to do this. I know – nonsensical garbage like that happening all day! In the end, uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t even fix that. I had to set an option in Acrobat to force it to open and display PDFs when a browser link was used – instead of the ActiveX plug in trying to handle that like it really should. In the end, the same functionality is gained, and she couldn’t even tell the difference, but still it’s annoying when things don’t work like they should for no logical reason at all. AGH!

Other things -minor things not worth mentioning were aggravating today as well. Like the Marta train on the way home just sitting at the Midtown station, not moving, for 10 minutes with no indication from anyone as to why we had to sit there. I almost missed the last shuttle home to Atlantic Station because of it. But I didn’t, which saved me from just exploding and cursing the date of 8/31 for all time.

Anyway – a few things were pleasant about today. Elisha and I texted each other a lot again today. More talk of Doctor Who and The Old Republic, and I also vented a bit about my annoying day. She even texted goodnight to me when she went to bed – she hasn’t done that in a long time. It was sweet. It was just what I needed to brighten my evening after such a crappy day.

I texted with Todd about Fantasy Football stuff. I texted with Lee Jay about US Open Tennis. We wish that Andy Roddick was, or would become, more of a dominate player. We also discussed the glory of Maria Sharapova, as she played tonight as well. mmmmmmmmm Sharapova, or as Lee Jay and I call her: Sharalickmypola. Yes – we can be rude and crude…what did you expect? Admit it – that’s funny. You laughed!

I also chatted with Mom on AIM. Poor Mom is having trouble with her wireless router and having to reboot it almost daily. I’m concerned that people are trying to hack it or something. It’s only a year or so old – I can’t imagine it is dying already. I’m not sure when I am going to be able to make it back to Princeton to visit her and take a look at it. I might have to go up there for just a weekend. It’s a whopper of a drive, though, for just staying a couple of nights. We’ll see what happens, I suppose.

When I got home, I watched Big Brother, which was awesome because Jordan and Rachel won the POV and took themselves off the block. I’m so hoping they send Shelley home tomorrow night! Please – be smart for once! Then I put this past week’s Doctor Who episode on while I swept my hardwood floor clean, and just generally continued to tidy up in preparation for Elisha being here this weekend. I also played some Mass Effect 2 – still loving the Soldier class better in ME2 than in ME1. I’m going to finish rescuing Jack from the Prison station before I go to bed.

And to that end – that’s all I have for you. Until tomorrow, when I will share tons of stuff with you all… After The Fact!


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