Today was Saturday, 9/10/2011. Still feeling sick. Still no songs as I’m still not in a music listening mood.

Didn’t do much today. Slept a lot. I mean a lot – like 12 hours lol. Ate some. Had a little bit of the D shooting out of my ass, but not as much as yesterday.

I watched the US Open today, but Wozniacki lost. 🙁 Bummer. I texted with Lee Jay about tennis and football stuff. Tomorrow is the first NFL Sunday of the season woo hoo!

I watched tonight’s new episode of Doctor Who – which KICKED ASS! Man this series just keeps getting better and better.

I played a little Mass Effect 2 as well. Mom called to check up on me like she does when she knows I’m not feeling well, so I spoke with her for a bit. And that’s about all I did today.

That’s all I have for you. Until next time when I will share it all with you – After the Fact!

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