Today was Sunday – 9/11/2011. Never forget 9/11/2001. <3

I’m still sick, so this will be short. Watched tons of opening Sunday football. It was awesome. Felt better for awhile today, but now feeling the same as yesterday. Blah. Elisha sent me an email clueing me in on matters, and otherwise catching up. That was awesome. During football viewing I kept wondering what it would be like if we could curl up on the couch and watch football together all day long. Lol maybe she wouldn’t enjoy that too much, but it was a sweet daydream nonetheless.

Texted with Todd – he’s my opponent this week. I’m currently winning, but we each have players going Monday night. Wish me and my Time Lords luck!

Texted with Lee Jay as well about football stuff. Glad these days are here again!

That is all. Going to bed. After the fact and all that jazz….


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