9/12, 9/13, and 9/14/2011

I’m writing this on the WordPress App on my iPhone, so no songs for my mood right now. I’ve been feeling sick, but today I’m feeling better.

Not much to write about for Monday through Wednesday the 12th, 13th, and 14th of September 2011. I worked from home on Mon and Tues as usual, and was still sick. My colon settled down to more or less normal output, but I was still having other flu symptoms (alternating hot and cold, congestion, runny nose, cough, aches, all that jazz) and felt like I had no energy at all. Work was kinda quiet on Mon but busier on Tues. I just chilled between calls and didn’t do much of anything else. Watched Monday Night Football, which is a sweet ass sweet bonus of working from home on Mondays. 🙂 I won my LXFFO game this week – The Time Lords defeated The ShelbyVillains by a score of 212 to 171. I am pleased.

I texted or IMd with Elisha, Lee Jay, Todd, and Mom. I played a bit of Mass Effect 2 each night then went to bed. That was the bulk of Mon and Tues.

On Wednesday I had to go into the office, which blew ass considering I still felt out of it. But I did it anyway and powered through the day. As the night went on I started feeling better – like my body was producing energy again for more than just breathing and other bodily functions. So that’s great news. But to illustrate how out of it I was when I first got up today, check this out. I went to the bathroom at the office and was checking my hair out in the mirror when I noticed something funky looking about the front of my shirt. The buttons looked backwards. Then I realized it: my shirt was on ***inside out***! Yes, dufas me wore my polo shirt to work, all MFn day long, inside out. It wasn’t until like 9:30p when I realized it. The dudes I work with said they didn’t even notice it. Anyway, I got a good laugh at myself over it. I hope you did too.

I IMd with Mom tonight, as usual, and texted a bit with Lee Jay about football stuff.

Heard on the news tonight about a woman who was here in an Atlanta public library with her baby, and the baby started crying loudly. The librarian asked her, of course, to try to keep the noise down. But instead of being polite and respectful of this quiet public place, she started an argument. The librarian had to call the cops. Then the woman started some kind of altercation with the cops that ended up with her being charged with some misdemeanor. But she took the case to court, LOL, and of course the jury found her guilty. She was on the tube tonight all defiant, talking about how she knows she was sticking up for what was “right”.

See – this is a perfect example of one of the major problems in the world today. People, like this woman, who for some reason feel like they are exempt from being respectful. Like they deserve respect while behaving disrespectful, and not even thinking of being respectful in return. You are in a PUBLIC library, or movie theatre, where there are OTHER PEOPLE, and your child is disrupting the atmosphere – get up and get the F out of the room. As if it’s shocking that everyone else expects you to be polite, responsible, and respectful. No one is hating on your child. All children are beautiful. But, come on, are you gonna want some rude person to bring their crying child into your bedroom when you are sleeping?! The general pubic deserves the same respect you would expect out of a moment in your private home. What is wrong with people?! I don’t understand it.

But I don’t feel bad for the woman. Hell, she’s just another typical fool in a collective of millions. It’s her baby that I pity. This is the example from which this child gets to observe and learn. Children deserve better, but far too many get this – or worse. We can only hope the mother somehow matures and finds wisdom, or the child otherwise manages to rise above it and become a better person of their own accord. It happens, so there is indeed hope.

Anyway – that’s all I have for you tonight. Until tomorrow – when I will share it all with you… After the Fact!


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