Today was Thursday – 9/15/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = “Doctor Who XI”  which is the theme for Doctor Who starting with the 5th Series and the 11th Doctor, by Murray Gold (original tune composed by Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire); and all the variations on Amy’s Theme from the Doctor Who series 5 soundtrack (available on iTunes!), again by Murray Gold. I just watched this past week’s episode of Doctor Who again – “The Girl Who Waited”. It’s an Amy Pond centric episode, because she is, indeed, the girl who waited. I love Amy and Rory – they are the girl and boy who waited. Amy waited on the Doctor. Rory waited on Amy – 2000 years! I can relate.

I’m waiting right now. I feel like I’ve been waiting on her all my life. Maybe I will always be waiting on her. So I get Amy and Rory. Good on you, mates.

Check out the kick ass pic I took to reflect my mood – commonterry.tumblr.com. I’m feeling a bit lonely and melancholy, but with a dash of hope, spirit, and whimsy thrown in that Doctor Who provides.

I still have the remnants of the flu. Still a little bit of the sniffles, and still coughing here and there. But I no longer feel so exhausted – like I haven’t slept in a week. I’m feeling better everyday – which I type just as I have a massive coughing attack. Being sick bites balls. I hate coughing. I just completely hate it in every way. Anyway – yes, remnants of the flu linger, but I am more or less well again.

Today was a busy day at work. Lots of calls, emails, tickets, accounts to create – all around craziness. Nothing really noteworthy happened to write about, though.

Oh – except check out the name tag I saw today: “Timothy Tims”. Why would you do that to your kid – your surname is “Tims”, and you just have to be the most unimaginative parents in the world to name your kid “Timothy”. Really? Or maybe you thought it was cute. Most dudes don’t want to be thought of as “cute”, ok? Parents – stop being retarded. Honestly. You may think of your baby infant boy as cute, but one day he’s going to be a man and be stuck with the ridiculous name “Timothy Tims”. Tim Tims… it sounds like some kind of candy. mmmmm I want another bag of Tim Tims! Why don’t parents think of names that give a sense of honor, or regality, or something at least partially cool? Anyway – I’m sorry Tim Tims. I’m so, so sorry. You have my permission to kick your Dad in the balls, and your Mom in her box. Go, do it, now.

I chatted with Mom on AIM today, of course. Just random stuff – it’s a great way for me to keep her company, and I’m happy to do so. I didn’t hear from anyone else today, though.

Other things happened – TV watching as new fall shows are starting to premiere. Nothing hugely entertaining yet, but Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new show “Ringer” was somewhat interesting. I played some Mass Effect 2. Things are moving along nicely for this character – my third play through for ME2. And that’s about it, folks.

Fah Lah – that’s all I have for you, folks. Until tomorrow – when I will share it all with you……… After the Fact!


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