Ugh! I am ticked off right now! I had a decent enough Monday, 9/19/2011 – it’s that I just found out that my LXFFO team, The Time Lords, actually lost our game this week by just one frakking point! The annoying thing is that my awesome DL, New York Giant Justin Tuck, scored me 15 points last night, which should have secured the win for me. However, the live scoring is technically unofficial, and sometimes there are scoring adjustments when the NFL posts the official stats after 3am on Monday night / Tuesday mornings. Well, somehow my opponent got an extra 5 points, and that raped my colon for the one point loss. Unbelievable! I’m so ticked that I celebrated every point that Tuck got me for no good GD reason! One point man…one lousy ass spelunking point. I lost 224 to 225.

Monday was otherwise fine. I worked from home. It wasn’t too busy. I chatted with Mom and texted with Lee Jay. I’m going to Lee Jay’s this Friday for the weekend, and I secured my transportation for that. After work I had planned on watching my Blu Ray of The Empire Strikes Back, but I ended up playing Mass Effect 2 for five  hours lol. It’s all good – I’ll watch it later.

Anyway – that’s all I have to report. I was in such a great mood until like 15 minutes ago. Seriously – all cheerful and shit. I’m too competitive for my own good sometimes, I suppose. Shit piss frak damn hell raping dickspit!

It doesn’t help that I miss Elisha. 🙁

Hopefully tomorrow will bring better things to talk about.


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