9/2 through 9/4/2011

I’m going to write about the whole weekend at once because I was either too tired, or too busy, at any given point this weekend to write about the events that happened the day before. My moods on these days were just full of joy, happiness, excitement, fun, and glory. For the most part anyway – Friday wasn’t glorious, but that’s all good.

In any event – Friday was more or less a normal day. I was texting with Elisha periodically as she and her family were on the way down here. It was mostly quiet , as it was a summer Friday, but it was a little busy as well given that we still have several folks out for Dragon Con. I also had to watch over the web queue again for the same reason as already stated. I just didn’t feel like being here because I hadn’t seen Elisha since March of 2009, and was anxious to have her fill my gaze and warm my soul again. So it was a long night as I knew she was going to finally be here in Atlanta, but I wasn’t going to be able to see her as they were gonna get here later in the evening and just get settled in at their hotel. It wasn’t a fun feeling – if you can imagine what it was like.

Anyway, I had to stay late again on Friday night, and once again got on the last train of the night. Thankfully I didn’t space out again, but there was another kick in the pants to be had as I got to the Arts Center too late. The last Atlantic Station shuttle had already left as it was already 12:55a. So I had to walk home from the Arts Center. It’s only about a mile walk from there, but still – not fun to do with my approximately 20 pound backpack on my back at the time. But I got home safe and sounds, so it was all good.

I finished up a few cleaning chores I had to do to get my condo in presentable appearance so I could show it off to Elisha and her family. I cleaned out the kittys’ litter, took out the trash, re-touched up the bathroom, and re-swept the floors. I just didn’t want it to look 100% like a “I don’t give a frak” bachelor lives there, which of course is indeed the case LOL. I “watched” my DVD of “The Empire Strikes Back” a couple of times while doing all this, and often stopped to focus on the action. Therefore, it took me until about 6a to finish my work – at which point I showered and headed to bed.

I got up at around noon, ran some water through my hair, got dressed, and headed downtown to meet up with Elisha at Dragon Con. My agony at knowing she was here, but not being able to see her, was to be grounded and pounded into me as I had to stand in line for a fiery forever before I was able to purchase my badge and meet up with her. See, I thought I was being smart by not heading down to the Con until Saturday. I figured every Geek worth their salt would have at least got all their shite done by Friday, if not pre-registered, and I would just be able to walk up to the counter and get my badge lickety split! Even so, I allowed for an hour and a half before the first panel I wanted to go to with Elisha – just to be safe. Well it wasn’t enough time.

I got down to the Sheraton on Courtland St, where registration was being held, to find a line that stretched COMPLETELY around the entire block on which the building stands. The line ended up zigzagging through a parking lot as well because, LOL, the entire periphery of the building just wasn’t large enough. It was insane. It took TWO HOURS for me to get from my initial point in line to finally getting my badge. Standing out in the heat most of that time was nasty, but even when the line finally started to plod through the Sheraton it didn’t get any better. It didn’t feel like the air conditioning was even on in the building – it was stuffy, smelly, and basically miserable. I was just drenched in sweat by the time this was over, so this wonderful hug from Elisha I’ve been dreaming about for what feels like an eternity is going to be mired with this nasty sweaty mess now. I wasn’t pleased with this turn of events – at all. Plus, it took so long that I completely missed the Battlestar Galactica panel that I planned to attend with Elisha, but at least she got to go. (She loved it, which is awesome!)

Finally after my registration nightmare was finished, I was able to text Elisha to find her location, and meet up with her. Seeing her again after all that time… it was brilliant. There are few words I have at my disposal that can accurately describe how amazing she is. Beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, brilliant, glorious – maybe if I could roll all of those words into one then it *might* come at least slightly close to touching upon her brilliance. If I didn’t care about taking her away from her family, and of course breaking the law, I would just kidnap her and keep her all to myself. The way I feel when I’m around her, versus the way I feel when I’m not – it must be what it’s like to be addicted to crack. So sometimes I really, really, really wish I didn’t care about her family too. But, alas, such is life I suppose.

In any event, Elisha and her family were kind enough to accompany me to a Doctor Who panel, where Sylvester McCoy, the actor who played the 7th Doctor in the late 80s, was a guest. We had to wait for like 45 minutes or so in a line there as well.

While we were waiting, Danielle texted me and we “talked” for a bit. She finally got her phone back. Poor girl – 17 and just recently came off of being grounded. I don’t envy her for sure. It’s almost funny, though, if I think about it too long. Jason – the most maladjusted kid I have ever met in my life – disciplining someone. Surely that is some kind of cosmic joke or something lol. Hey, but he has really turned out to be a stand-up guy. He’s a very successful, intelligent, and respectable dude now. It seems he’s doing right by Danielle, Theresa, and Thomas – and I’m proud of him for that. Ah… I have gotten off topic here. Danielle texted me – we “talked” while I was waiting in the Sylvester McCoy line with Elisha and family. Danielle = awesomesauce and a fellow lefty to boot – I wish they didn’t live all the way up in Massachusetts. We must have further putt putt adventures!

In any event, we had a blast at that panel as Mr. McCoy was very animated and engaging, cracking jokes and generally having fun. It was a blast. It’s so surreal to have met a Doctor. He walked right in front of me a couple of times during the panel. I guess if I hadn’t waited 20 mother frakking years to go to my second Dragon Con, or this might be my third one as I think Deana and I might have gone twice, then maybe I would have met many other Doctors. I think I spent far too many years not totally embracing who I am – the geek in me. Blah – sometimes I suck. It sucks to think that I’ve missed out on this for 20 years, and I had such a great time. Not only being around Elisha, and meeting people whose shows I’ve enjoyed – it was also being around a throng of others who are just like me. Seriously – I suck hardcore sometimes.

After the McCoy panel was over, we walked around for a bit, but that was basically all we did at the Con on Saturday – because it took me fourteen years to get my badge. Seriously – fourteen years, man. From now on – it’s pre-registration for me.

Anyway, then we all hopped on Marta and rode it to the Arts Center, and then took the shuttle to Atlantic Station so I could show them around my condo. They were blown away by my view and just the awesomeness that is Atlantic Station. Then we ate at the steak house “Strip” that’s in Atlantic Station – they have the best food there, man. It was great. We had a great time. We went back to the condo to see the sights again, as it was now night. The city was lit up, and they loved it. We talked for awhile, but we were all beat so it was time for them to head back to their hotel for the evening. And so ended Friday night.

I finished up my texting convo with Danielle before I went to bed. Talking about her going off to college. She’s a cheerleader, and I asked her if she loves it enough to want to do it in college. She says that she does, but she says she’s not good enough at it to do it in college. It reminded me of back when I asked Kris if he loved football enough to play it when he went off to Marshall (he hadn’t started college yet at that point). He said the same thing – that he did, but he wasn’t good enough to play in college. And maybe that’s just them being pragmatic and realizing their limitations. But at the same time, it makes me really sad. I don’t think there’s anything we can’t do if we apply ourselves to it. I mean – if it’s something you *love*. I’m not talking about *like* here, or even *enjoy*. I’m talking about if it’s something you *love*. I guess I was wondering if Kris was just playing football because of his Dad. Maybe he was – maybe he didn’t love it per se because he didn’t go off to Marshall and play. Which is fine, of course, but still…. Danielle seems like she really does love cheerleading, and if she does it would be sad if she gave it up in college just out of some lack of self-confidence or something. I believe that you are only not good enough when you don’t really want to be. Maybe that’s just me, though.

I told Danielle goodnight, because I was exhausted, but I ended up staying up for a bit as I was still jazzed about seeing Elisha. I played a bit of Mass Effect 2 as well, but mostly I was just looking over video and pics I shot while at the Con, and thinking of the glory of Elisha.

I got up on Sunday and got down to the Con at around the same time I did on Saturday. It took me awhile to find Elisha and her family, so for awhile I was roaming around the Marriott Marquis looking at folks in their costumes, and also doing a bit of shopping. I bought a scale model of the Tardis that makes the take off and landing sounds the Tardis makes, a sonic screwdriver set, and a poster of the 11th Doctor’s Tardis. Very cool stuff – you gotta keep that young part of you alive in your heart. Like Elisha says – we have to make time to play as well. I share that philosophy.

So finally I met up with them and they we were all hungry for some lunch, so we ate at Subway. There was no room in the Peachtree Center Mall area, so we ended up eating while sitting on the floor lol. It was a pretty classic time.

The only panel I wanted to go to on Sunday was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer panel, and Elisha really wanted to check that out as well. So we headed to the hotel where that was going to go down at, and we got there about 45 minutes early. However, there were already what looked like a thousand people already in line for the panel. One woman told me they had been there for two hours. Elisha later told me that is supposed to be against the rules – according to the book she got it says that you’re only allowed to line up an hour ahead of time. That’s why we figured we would be find with our 45 minute early entrance. Well, it was not to be. We waited the 45 minutes and as we were being herded toward the conference room they stopped us and said it was full. Too bad so sad for us. We weren’t happy about that, but hopefully at some future Con will we be able to go to a Buffy panel.

Then we headed back to the Marriott to check out the exhibitors, and also to prepare for a corset making panel that Elisha wanted to attend there. We looked around for a bit and then headed to the corset panel. Her huband, son, and I hung out in the back row, playing around on our handheld devices, while she soaked in the corset making info. I had to leave about 30 minutes in because I had to seriously vent some gas, but after the panel we all met up again and did some more shopping at the exhibitors. We also went to the Dragon Con “walk of fame”, where you can walk up to the stars there and get autographs. However, everyone we wanted autographs from were charging just silly amounts of money for their signature. I wanted Sylvester McCoy’s signature, but he was charging $30. She wanted Edward James Olmos, who was charging $60! It would be cool to have autographs, but filling up your tank with some gas, or getting some great food to eat, is way cooler. Sorry, dudes, but get over yourselves.

After that, we were beat again for the night and decided to go to dinner. I took them to my favorite Chinese restaurant in the area, which is Grand China in Buckhead. We had some great food, and great conversation – it was the best way to cap off another awesome day. And in an miracle occurrence, they allowed me to pick up the bill on this one. I can’t tell you the number of times that they have either cooked for me, or taken me out to eat. They even let me hang out with them at Myrtle Beach once, so finally it was my turn to pay for something. I was happy and honored to do so.

But like all great things, it had to come to an end. Elisha and her family decided they needed to leave to return to Princeton early on Monday, so they weren’t going to the 4th day of the Con festivities. So it was time to say our goodbyes. I didn’t want to do it, but we can’t avoid them, can we? At least I enjoyed our goodbye hug in that bittersweet way. And in other ways as we were pressed tightly chest to chest. Cheek to cheek is sweet, but chest to chest is heat. LOL! Nothing much left to say – I had a wonderful time, but now she’s gone and I wish she wasn’t.

I’m all focused on Elisha, but I do have to say that hanging out with her husband and her son was brilliant as well. I think the world of both of them too, and  often feel really bad that the dark side of my brain often makes brilliant plans for the kidnapping of Elisha. Honestly, this husband of hers is the only even remotely respectable person that she has ever been with, in my opinion, and it’s like night and day in comparison to her other suitors. It’s like Batman and Harvey Dent – the Dark Knights she has dated before and her husband who is this White Knight of honor and respectability. I like him a lot, and I feel bad that I often contemplate kidnapping his wife. Is that wrong? I think it is. But it’s been 26 years – I can’t change the way I look at her now even if I wanted to. Anyway, her youngest son was here with them and he’s brilliant and funny and cool as well. Just like his parents. A chip off the ol’ block, as my Mom likes to say in comparison of me to her and my Dad. That certainly applies to Elisha’s son in comparison to him and his awesome parents.

So – a great time was had by all. I miss Elisha terribly. If we’re lucky, though, there will be more days just like this one. Maybe even better and more awesome days – who knows. They loved the Con so much, they’re planning to come back again next year – and even try to get into a hotel on site. That would be sweet! Looking forward to that possibility.

Well, that’s all I have for you this time. Vale Elisha – until we meet again.

Until next time, when I will share it all with you…………after the fact!


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