9/24 through 9/29/2011

These days were Saturday through Thursday – 9/24 through 9/29/2011. Songs that most closely matches my mood = β€œAngel”, Massive Attack; and everything on the new Chickenfoot album “Chickenfoot III”. Just feeling like rocking, and being rocked. Not much time to write, and I have a lot of days to cover. I want to get to bed soon as it’s already 4:54a.

Saturday was awesome with the exception of the WVU game, which saw us get massacred by LSU. Earlier in the day I went to see James’ baseball game. His team lost, first time they’ve lost a game this year, but it was awesome fun. We got wings at Sports Page, and pizza at Nevole’s. Talk about amazing grub – I love the food at both of those places. Then we watched the aforementioned WVU game – that bit balls. During the game, James and his friend John were playing loudly in the kitchen and Mom got annoyed. She asked them to stop, but James talked back to her. Mom got all offended and decided to leave as soon as she got up Sunday morning. Kids will be kids, but Mom was “very disappointed” that James was being disrespectful. I feel her, but James is 10 years old and was just trying to play with his friend. Anyway – that was another sucky attribute to the night. But after Mom and Vickie went to bed, me and Lee Jay played James and John in some Call of Duty. They kickied our assies, of course, but it was still fun. And that was the bulk of Saturday.

Sunday we spent the whole day watching NFL football, of course. Lee Jay’s LXFFO team, The Intimidators, beat my team by the score of 187 to 165. In this league, if your team doesn’t score at least 185 then you had a rancid day. So……. my team had a rancid day. It bit all the nut sacks in the universe. Of course, it wasn’t final until after the Monday night game, but I would have had to get extremely lucky on Monday night to pull off the win. I did not. It was fun watching the games with my bro, but I was in a bad mood because my team sucked moose cock. After the Sunday night game, I left my bro’s and returned home.

Monday I worked from home, like usual, and watched Monday Night Football. It was a good game, but it sealed my team’s fate for the week. If they had receivers that knew what the F they were doing, though, Romo would have had multiple TDs and I likely would have won my game. So – F you to the Cowboys receivers!

Tuesday I worked from home – not much else to say about Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday I worked at the office. Getting tons of mind numbing procedural work that take little to no brain power to accomplish. It’s boring stuff that drives me crazy, but I guess I shouldn’t bitch too much about it. I am actually more blessed than blessed doing this job that I love. It’s still frakking annoying as hell, though.

Been playing KOTOR a lot lately. Been IMing with Mom, Danielle, and Todd. Texting with Elisha, Todd, and Lee Jay. Even managed to have several actual conversations with my Blondie babe Elisha. I miss her face, though. I miss her eyes, and her smile. We need to figure out that web cam chatting thing some day. She needs to finish up series 1 of Doctor Who already! πŸ™‚ I’m suddenly remembering the first time I saw her. Now I’m remembering laying on my bed in the back room at Granny’s with her – watching 9 1/2 weeks. I hoped it would turn her on, and we would start fooling around. LOL! A guy can have his fantasies, right?

It’s funny I’m still writing about her over 20 years later. I used to write songs about her. I still do – sometimes. I started a novel and made her one of my main characters. I was a vampire, and I came back into town to get her. I came back to settle some scores, yes, but mainly to get her. This was in 1987, mind you. Then college happened, and we had to learn to keep that connection between us alive from a distance. We got the hang of it though. This was before the internet, texting, and free long distance calls on your cell phone. We had to hand write letters, birthday and Christmas cards, and make long distance phone calls that could cost a lot. It’s easy to take it for granted that we can text hello to each other every day now, if we want to. I don’t know what the point to all of this is – I’m sort of rambling I suppose. Stumbling down memory lane a bit. There is a piece of her in every atom of me. The Force binds us indeed. πŸ™‚

Well I need to go to bed. Nighty night, folks, and until next time when I will share it all with you – After the Fact!


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