Today was Monday – 9/05/2011 (Labor Day). Songs that most closely matches my mood = “Come Back”  – Pearl Jam; and “Vale Decem” – Murray Gold (From “Doctor Who – The End of Time Part 2”). Check out my tumblr page for a youtube link to “Come Back” – it’s such an awesome song. commonterry.tumblr.com.  I’m feeling bummed that Elisha is gone. I didn’t see her today, and I won’t see her tomorrow. And who knows when I will?

Anyway I woke up to Elisha telling me that they went ahead and left. I was hoping they’d swing by and I could give Elisha my Doctor Who DVDs to take home and watch, instead of her having to stream them on Netflix. The quality of the video and sound would be better that way. Plus I think it might give her a kick in the pants to hurry and watch them, and therefore get caught up, so she could give them back to me. Hopefully I can arrange the exchange at some point in the future.

They know a dude who owns a skybox at Bank of America stadium (Carolina Panthers), and the dude lets them join him in his box periodically to go to games. So they are talking about us meeting up in Charlotte, since my brother lives there, and going to a Panthers game at some point. That would kick all the ass in the universe, so I’m looking forward to that possibility.

Anyway, I went ahead and got up, got ready, got my stuff together for work, and prepared to head down to the Con for an hour and a half or so. I have to go into the office on holidays, which means I lose my work from home on every single frakking Monday holiday…of which there are tons! Which sucks a mountain sized ass, by the way. So I went and did a little more shopping. I bought a Doctor Who hoodie, with the DW letters on it in the shape of the Tardis. I love hoodies! And I also bought a grey Tardis Tshirt to replace my white “Did I mention it also travels in time” shirt as that is falling apart already. I just got that dang thing last fall to be my “Time Lords” away “jersey”. Anyway, I got this new Tshirt to replace it as my away jersey for this upcoming fantasy football season. The NFL kicks off the 2011 season this Thursday! Can’t wait!

Well Elisha and I texted periodically over the course of the day as they were on their way back to Princeton. We texted for a bit after they got back home safe. Lots of bad weather around everywhere today – my Mom said her power went out – so I made sure Elisha got home okay. Other than that, not much went on today.

It was super quiet at work, which is normal for a holiday. I think I took maybe 10 calls all day – if that. It was a relaxing day in that aspect, but usually the Tuesday after a holiday is insane, so I’m not looking forward to that. At least I do get my work from home day tomorrow, so that’s one good thing.

Well I need to hit the hay, folks. Goodnight one and all, and until next time when I will share it all with you………….after the fact!


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