9/8 and 9/9/2011

These days were Thursday and Friday – 9/08 and /9/09/2011. No songs of the day today – not in a music mood. Check out my tumblr page for a pic that reflects my mood – commonterry.tumblr.com.

This is going to be short – I started feeling sick on Thursday night, and that continued into Friday and indeed right now. Work was normal – nothing really to say. I texted and IMd with those I usually do. I still miss Elisha. I wish she were here nursing me. Well…she’s a nurse, you see. Yes, I do indeed often think of her rack in that manner, but I’m actually thinking of her nursing me back to health. Get your mind out of the gutter! Although, I have to say, I imagine that would make me feel a lot better….. Ah – stop it! Anyway – yes, normal day outside of the fact that I don’t feel well at all.

Feels like the flu. Coughing. Scratchy throat. Sniffling. Runny Nose. Minor chest congestion. Sneezing. Aches. Pains. I went to bed early for me last night – around 3am. I woke up today and was getting ready for work when I suddenly realized the more I was walking around, or sitting up, the more I wanted to vomit. So I ate some crackers and laid down. Then I realized I needed to poo really bad, which ended up being nothing but streams of brown liquid shooting out of my ass. It wasn’t even chunky liquid, for the most part, just straight up brown, smelly liquid. Unpleasant stuff, you know? So then I realized – “I’m not going to make it to work today.”

I let work know I’m ill, and went back to sleep. I woke up periodically to shift around in bed, but for the most part I slept for another 6 hours until frakking 8pm! I got up, went to Publix for food and meds, and got back to make some chicken soup. So here I am. I’ve eaten, after which about 15 minutes later I had to release yet more brown liquid from my ass. So I’m scarfing down water to keep hydrated. Feeling not well at all. And that’s been my last day and a half. I hope yours have been better.

Elisha emailed me today. We’re thinking of setting up video chats while we watch episodes of our favorite shows together. We’re trying to work out the logistics of doing this. Hopefully we’ll figure it out at some point.

Well – that’s all I have for you for now. Until next time when I will share it all with you – After the Fact! I’ll try to leave out the liquid coming out of my ass parts, but, hey, if it happened then I really should write about it, ok?


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