Hello, my name is J. Brian Terry and welcome to my blog.

First of all I am obligated to point out that I am not here representing any other company I may be an employee of at this time, or any that I have been an employee of in the past. The words you will read here on my blog are my opinions, and my opinions only, and should not ever be considered the opinions, feelings, or viewpoints of any company;  any subsidiary of any company; any other employee of any company; or indeed any other individual or entity of any kind, corporeal or not, alive or dead, that exists now, ever existed, or will exist.  I am, actually, an entirely separate individual with my own thoughts and feelings, that are mine in and of myself and which I will share here. While all of this should be obvious, we live in a day and age where I am, like I said, obligated to point out the obvious in order to discourage ridiculous nonsense. I hope it works. Using ridiculous nonsense to curb ridiculous nonsense is a time honored, human tradition, so I’m sure it will.

This is a chronicle of the further adventures of me. Mostly it is life, love, and the world through my eyes. My opinions and my perceptions — not watered down or politically corrected. If you are a liberal, you may sometimes find yourself offended. I am a  Libertarian with conservative tendencies, so you liberals frighten me. Seriously. With all your “we gotta consider everyone’s feelings so no one gets offended” attitudes – it is equally fascinating and frightening stuff. However, when I tell you that your desire to Politically “Correct” is offensive to me, it is pointed out that me being offended by this doesn’t matter. Of course it doesn’t! You’re all *so* brilliant! /sarcasm

Unfortunately, what you perceptually driven folks don’t understand is that freedom isn’t Politically Correct. Indeed, I believe that nothing good and necessary is Politically Correct as the entire concept is anti-freedom and anti-individual. The lot of you should rename this ideal “Politically Hypocritical” – at least then the way you all use it would be more *correct*. Indeed.

That’s not to say that if you have a different opinion on something that you shouldn’t share it. Having those who come here leave comments is desired and encouraged. Just don’t expect me to care about Political Correctness, offending you over silly things like curse words, or because you’re a liberal tree-hugging freak. Just so we understand each other, we’ll be all good.

“CommonTerry” was the title of my Dad’s (James “Jim” Terry) newspaper column once upon a time. He wrote for the Bluefield Daily Telegraph in Bluefield, West Virginia. I used to tell him all the time that I would register commonterry.org for him so he could post his writings to the web, but we unfortunately never got around to doing that. He passed away in 2004, so this is just my little way of honoring his memory and the legacy of prose that he gave to me.

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