J. Brian Terry Born on Thanksgiving Day, November 28th, 1968, in Princeton, WV. No, that does not make me a turkey. I'm left handed, 6' 2'', I don't want to know how much I weigh, with black hair (going grey now) and blue eyes. I love football (Panthers), hockey (Hurricanes), computers, movies, writing, the entire Mass Effect series (although the ending to 3 sucks all the ass in the universe twice), Tomb Raider 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, Pillars of Eternity, World of Warcraft, Star Wars The Old Republic, Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim, Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 (and related expansion packs), Starcraft, Half Life 1 and 2, EA Sports Madden and NHL games, D&D, people who make an effort to think for themselves , things that don't aggravate me, the Libertarian philosophy, and boobs. (Not necessarily in that order.)

J. Brian Terry Born on Thanksgiving Day, November 28th, 1968, in Princeton, WV. No, that does not make me a turkey. I'm left handed, 6' 2'', I don't want to know how much I weigh, with black hair (going grey now) and blue eyes. I love football (Panthers), hockey (Hurricanes), computers, movies, writing, the entire Mass Effect series (although the ending to 3 sucks all the ass in the universe twice), Tomb Raider 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, Pillars of Eternity, World of Warcraft, Star Wars The Old Republic, Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim, Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 (and related expansion packs), Starcraft, Half Life 1 and 2, EA Sports Madden and NHL games, D&D, people who make an effort to think for themselves , things that don't aggravate me, the Libertarian philosophy, and boobs. (Not necessarily in that order.)

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Isn’t your birthday at some point this month? Happy early or belated birthday – whichever is the case. πŸ™‚


Advice to the grad from me. (Well, advice for anyone, really…..)

I have a cousin who is graduating high school this weekend. Her Mom sent out invitations for it in a large package that included several bits of paper on which the words, “Advice for the grad from…,” are written. The idea is that everyone gives her daughter a bit of life advice that will hopefully help her on the path of her own life. Words of wisdom, if you will. I’ve decided that I am going to share my words of “wisdom” here as well, mainly because there aren’t enough scraps of paper for me to write on, so here they are.

Here are my ten steps for a fulfilling life.

1. Find a church, if you don’t already have one, and attend it at least once a week. There isn’t anything else in this world that I’ve found that will keep you as grounded as humbling yourself to God and being sermoned to periodically. You will learn a lot about yourself, life in general, and other people. If you don’t have a church nearby, or generally don’t like being in crowds of people like I don’t, then find a church that broadcasts its services online. www.northpoint.live is one, as is buckheadchurch.org/live. They are both a part of the NorthPoint family of churches in the Atlanta, GA area. I highly recommend them.

2. Do not allow money to master you. If you live paycheck to paycheck, spending nearly everything you make, then you are a slave to money. If you start while you’re young, you have the best shot at being the master of your money rather than being mastered by it. If you’re not so young, then it’s never too late to start breaking your chains. How do you accomplish this? I suggest you do the following with each and every paycheck:

A. Stop assuming that every penny you earn is yours to spend. Pick a percentage of each paycheck you earn and give that amount of money away. Even if it’s one percent. It can be to the aforementioned church of your choice. (I learned these money mastering steps from a sermon at my church.) It can be to a charity (I like to periodically give to cancer research [Cancer Research Institute of New York, N.Y.]). It can be to someone you know who needs it. It can be to a stranger on the street. But pick a percentage, whatever that percentage is, and give it away.

B. Take at least the same percentage of the money you gave away and save it. Put it in an interest-bearing savings account. Put it in a CD. Put it in an IRA (it’s NEVER too early to start saving for your retirement). Save in a different account with each paycheck even – you will never regret having an emergency fund saved away, that is 110% for sure. Save whatever way to save that you want, but put it somewhere that you’ll actually save it and not spend it unless there is an emergency.

C. After you’ve done A and B, whatever amount of money you have left is what you have to live on, to pay your bills, and enjoy yourself. If you can’t do A and B and still live your life, then you are living above your means. You either need to take steps to find a better paying job (whether that means seeking higher education first or whatever you need to do), or you need to adjust your lifestyle.

I promise you this, though, that following these three A, B, and C steps will free you from being a slave to money. YOU will be in charge, and your life, as well as the lives of others, will be better for it.

3. Go to college. Stay in college. Graduate from college. I only did one of these things and I regret it all the time. Do not be like me in this respect. It takes a lot of luck and hard work to get through life sometimes, so don’t stand in your own way on the path to your future. Okay?

4. Try to avoid as many permanent life choices as you can until you’re at least 25 years old. The decision-making part of your brain isn’t fully developed until about then, so you’re going to be better off if you try to avoid major decisions until around then. Sometimes you won’t be able to avoid a huge choice. Sometimes life forces life-altering choices on you as well. In those times, if you can, seek counsel from someone older than 25 that you trust. Seek counsel from many others if that is something you can do. Heck, that’s not bad advice even after you’re 25. In any event, if you can do this, you will likely make fewer choices that you will regret the rest of your life.

5. Have as much fun as you can. Life is too short. It is way, way too short.

6. I moved 400+ miles away from my entire family and closest friends when I was 22. While I can’t honestly say I regret that because my time in Atlanta is still precious to me, I can say that I regret not spending more time with my Dad while he was still alive. Don’t be like me in this respect. Spend as much time with your family, and closest friends, as you possibly can, because they WILL be gone from this Earth one day.

7. Alcohol and drugs can master you in much more horrible ways than money can. Be very, very careful with what you allow in your body. Alcohol can turn the sweetest of people into monsters, and drugs have destroyed so many beautiful lives (River Phoenix, Kurt Cobain, Chris Farley, Layne Staley, Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tom Petty, and Chris Cornell to name a few). So, please, be careful. Drug highs are short and fleeting. Death is forever, not only for you but also the family you leave behind.

8. This space intentionally left blank.

[Which is to say: One day I hope you will have your own “words of wisdom”. I don’t know everything, so I hope you will share them with me when you do. Never stop learning. Never stop seeking information. Never let yourself believe that any given person doesn’t have something of value to teach you.]

9. Have integrity so that you can be someone that others can rely on and trust. Be patient. Be kind. Be forgiving, even to those who don’t deserve it. Demand these qualities from those who say they love you and make sure they receive them from you. But always remember that it’s okay to forgive people for what they do to you and others, while also forgetting them and moving on with your life. Don’t give yourself away – once someone proves to you that they don’t deserve your time, don’t keep giving it to them. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Keep respecting and loving yourself even if that means you need to be alone for any given amount of time. You shouldn’t let money master you. You shouldn’t let drugs or alcohol master you. Do not let someone who claims to love you master you, either. Someone who loves you will make you feel free and special, not like a prisoner or a prize or a possession. Always remember: your life belongs to you!

10. There is no such thing as “fair”, especially where life is concerned. Your life will only get better if you make it better. That bears repeating because I’ve found it flies over the head of people far too often: YOUR LIFE WILL ONLY GET BETTER IF *YOU* MAKE IT BETTER! Again, your life belongs to you. Don’t seek “fair”. Don’t ask for “fair”. Anything that affects more than one person will most of the time be labeled as “unfair” by someone involved. Seek “better” instead. Seek to be a better version of yourself every day than you were the day before, in any way, even small ways, that you can. Help others around you to do the same. Demand it of those who say they love you and make sure they receive it from you. Yes, you can do this and remain humble and kind and generous. That’s why this one is last. Do 1 through 9, and do them well, and then this should be easy.

Well, that’s all I have. I hope this list is helpful to some, or at the very least entertaining. I wish I had spent my late teens, 20s, and 30s doing all of these things. I think “I wish” is the best endorsement of these things that I can give you. In any event, thank you for your time and take care.

And Happy Graduation, Savannah Banana!

P.S.: The New England Patriots ownership has obviously sold their souls to the devil. You should stop being their fan right away…………………………
Ok, I’m kidding.
…………………………………………..or am I?



Just want to take a moment to say hello. Especially to the long-lost Phantom Angie. It’s an inside joke, so bear with me. The stats system here says that someone in Sparta, New Jersey occasionally comes to the blog, and I’m just assuming that it’s you. Still checking in on me after all these years? Well, I miss you too, just FYI.

I’ve been thinking about getting back into writing lately. A post regarding my disappointment in the direction of the Star Wars franchise is brewing in my head, and I intend to post it here soon. It all started because I run Fantasy Survivor and Fantasy Big Brother leagues where I write recaps of episodes after they are broadcast every week. One of the women in the league with us keeps telling me that I should write for a living. Maybe I should?

Anyway, she has challenged me to write an at least 50,000-word novel during the month of November via the https://nanowrimo.org/ website. November is apparently the National Novel Writing Month. I did not know that. I’m going to give it a go and see how it works out. Between now and then, I’m going to try to get back into writing stuff on here as well.

Here is a quick update. I live in Charlotte now, which is much closer to where my brother and his family lives (they live close to Lake Norman in Denver, NC), as well as most of my family. I thought I would miss Atlanta, but I haven’t missed it for a moment. The older I got, the harder it was to be away from family all the time since I have no family in Georgia at all. When Turner Broadcasting outsourced my department to a company in Romania in early 2015, my severance package paid me through the end of July of 2015. Therefore, I took that time to move to Charlotte to be closer to everyone and I haven’t looked back.

I’m working at Microsoft now as they have a campus here in Charlotte. I enjoy my job as it involves a lot of writing, but it would be awesome to be able to write entertainment for a living. Be my own boss and all that jazz. We’ll see how it works out.

Anyway, it’s getting late and it’s about time for bed. A new work week is looming! I’m going to try to post more stuff here starting now. Keep your eyes peeled, everyone, especially you, Phantom Angie!

Ang: Leave me a comment here so we can catch up. We can send each other an email or something. Take care!

Until next time, have a great week!

Survivor, Season 33, Episodes 13 and 14 (Finale)

I’m writing this way after the final episodes aired. This is going to be more of a summary than usual, and details of our points scored. Family time, holiday time, and news of my job going away once again really took my head out of this, and just writing stuff in general. I really love writing, and being creative, but writing in particular can be difficult for me. Sometimes it’s like I have to pry the words out of me. I wouldn’t call it “work”, per se, but it’s definitely a labor of love and I really need to be able to focus on it for the words to flow. In any event, here we go. Episode 13 is called “Slayed the Survivor Dragon”. Anyway, at this point I know how these episodes end, so it’s also difficult to write this objectively.

Adam made yet another alliance – this time with Bret and Sunday. They say they need to get David, Jay, and Will out ASAP. I agree. Next up is an immunity challenge. It’s a balance challenge initially, and then a skill challenge where you’re trying to roll discs down a platform into a narrow opening. I expected Will to be good at this, but he’s the only one that is struggling. Bret led everyone at one point, which shocked me. Then Jay took over the lead, and I expected him to win this. Bret and David gave him a run for his money, but indeed Jay wins immunity! This give Hay the Way All Night and Day 10 points!

During this episode’s first tribal: it’s Will going home, and also Bella’s last player. The votes were David got 2 votes (no one has him), and Will got 6 votes. That’s -6 for the votes, +12 for finishing 8th, and +5 for making it to jury – that’s a total of 11 points. Bella finishes the game with 65 total points. Bret (Kelly), Hannah (Me), Ken (Jo Lynn), and Jay (Haylee) each received no votes, so they each get +3.

Back at camp Adam apologies to Jay for lying to him again, and Jay says he respects him and his game moves. Jay says that he has a ying yang relationship with Adam, because he loves and respects him but also hates him. The phrase “ying yang” inspires an on screen hashtag, so that’s 2 more points for Jay and Haylee. In a diary sesh, Adam says that Jay has to go home ASAP.

Now it’s time for another immunity challenge. It’s a puzzle building challenge, but there’s a twist. There’s a “timer” in the form of a ball rolling down a table full of nails – so it’s sort of like a pinball machine of sorts. As long as the ball is rolling down the table, you can work on your puzzle. When the ball gets to the bottom of the table, you have to catch and roll it back up again. If the ball falls off the table, it drops down to a ramp on which is rolls extremely slow. You have to wait for the ball to get through all of that so you can roll it again. It’s all about splitting your focus between the ball and the puzzle. Wow – this would be really hard.

Pretty much everyone has their ball drop at some point. However, no one really gets close to really solving the puzzle other than Ken. When Adam realizes this, he starts helping Ken by telling him when he needs to come back to get his ball. Ken ultimately wins this immunity! That’s 10 points for him and Jo Lynn!

Back at camp, Adam says his plan is for Jay to go home unless he plays his idol, in which case David would go home. David is talking with Ken and they want Jay to go home, but they have another plan in case of an idol. Hannah walks up and they tell her about their plan. David, Ken, Hannah, and Adam give 3 votes to Bret and 1 to Jay. Then they expect Sunday, Bret, and Jay to all vote for David. Jay plays his idol and is safe, so it’s a tie between Bret and David. Then they vote out Bret. Hannah thinks for a moment and suggests that instead of Bret, they gives those voes to Sunday. Hannah is concerned that someone will take Sunday to the finals with them instead of her, because she thinks she’s worked harder than Sunday. Maybe that’s true. I’m not sure. Back when I was watching this, I was still mad at Hannah for so horribly botching up her conversation with Zeke that time. However, I figured that if she could get Adam to agree to vote out Sunday instead of Jay or David, then that would redeem her significantly as far as I’m concerned. Anyway, David and Ken say they’d be on board with voting out Sunday instead of Bret. David doesn’t care as long as it isn’t him.

Hannah and Ken talk to Adam about this. Adam still wants either Jay or David to go home, but there’s no way Ken will agree to this. So the Sunday plan seems to be in the mix of possibilities. Wow!

Adam and Jay are talking in the hammock. Adam is telling Jay that he needs to play his idol. Jay wants to go to the end with Adam, and if Adam wins then so be it. Adam doesn’t want to take the chance that Jay will win. Jay says this means so much to him and his family, and then Adam tells him it’s the same for him – and tells him why. He tells him about his Mom and her cancer. Jay breaks down because now he understands Adam much better. He emphasizes with Adam because he’s really close to his Mom as well. You know, the longer that Jay is away from Brainiac, the more respectable he’s becoming. Jay seems to be someone who is kind of like a personality chameleon. The more he’s around someone, the more he seems to absorb their personality and starts to mimic it. Ever known anyone like that? I have, which is why it seems to me that Jay is like that. He just seems to be totally different now that he’s not being influenced by Brainiac. Anyway, Jay has a whole new level of respect for Adam, and I have a whole new level of respect for Jay. He’s kind, empathetic, and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and open with his feelings. I kind of regret most of the crap I’ve written about him now….

It’s tribal time, and it still seems to be either Jay, David, or Sunday. That is indeed how it goes down. Wow – Hannah – I’m proud of you with coming up with the Sunday plan and getting these peeps to actually do it! Good job! Also, they got Jay to play his idol as well. Jay (Haylee) gets 5 points for playing the idol, plus he gets 2 bonus vote points as only 1 vote was cast against him. The rest of the votes were 2 for David, and 4 for Sunday – and no one has either of them. Sunday goes home and finishes in 7th. Bret (Kelly), Hannah (Me), and Ken (Jo Lynn) received no votes and earn 3 points each. Haylee finishes Episode 13 in the lead once again with 22 points, Jo Lynn is next with 16, IzzyB next with 11, and Kelly & I each earned 6 points. Here are the point totals with 1 episode, and 6 Castaways left in the game (although only 4 of them are on anyone’s team): Haylee (181), Brian (149), Jo Lynn (108), Kelly (95), Bella (65).

No one in the episode said the title of the episode, so I’m not sure how they came up with the title. It’s the first time in a long time that this has happened. Weird.

Anyway – time for the final episode.

Just doing short summaries now as I’m getting sleepy. David made a fake idol, but not for himself as others have. He left it out to be found by someone else, to give them a false sense of security, and it was Jay who found it. It was a brilliant plan, but really didn’t make any difference. Jay still campaigned with everyone to stay. I think everything that went down would have went down the same way anyway. In any event, the episode tite was, once again, from Jay. I don’t remember one player ever getting the episode title so many times as Jay has. It’s 3 more points for him and Haylee.

David won the first immunity challenge, which also came with a steak dinner for reward. David was going to be able to pick 2 others to come with him, but Jay used the “steal a reward” that Adam gave him to steal the reward. Smartly, Jay picked David to go, and also picked Adam since he gave him the power to steal the reward in the first place. Classy moves! At the first tribal council of the night, David is immune because of the challenge; Ken plays the legacy reward which also gives him immunity (I’ll give Ken 5 points for that because it’s like playing an idol I suppose); Jay tried to play the fake idol, but it was, again, fake; Ken gets 1 vote and Jay gets the rest. Ken gets 2 points for the vote that doesn’t count. Jay gets -5 for the votes, +14 for finishing 6th, and +5 for making it to jury. Haylee finishes with 198 total points. I haven’t added up all the points for the rest of us yet, but I’m pretty sure that Haylee won the season. More on that in a bit, though. Bret (Kelly) and Hannah (Me) received no votes for +3.

Ken won the next immunity challenge for +10 for Jo Lynn. Adam found another immunity idol, and told Hannah about it. He wants David out. Hannah, for some reason, wants Bret out instead. She tells David and Ken about Adam’s idol and convinces them to vote out Bret. All the while Adam and Bret think they’re voting David out. Not sure why Hannah made this move – Bret couldn’t win shite. I would have voted out David instead for sure. In any event, Adam didn’t get any votes because everyone knew about his idol. David got 2 votes, and Bret got 3. That’s -3 for Kelly, but he gets +15 for finishing 5th, and also +5 for making it to jury. That’s Kelly’s final castaway. She finishes with 115 total points.

Ken also won the final immunity challenge. That’s another +10 for Jo Lynn! Instead of having a tie vote, Adam and Hannah manage to convince Ken that taking David to the finals would mean a likely automatic win for David. So even though it tore him up to do so, Ken joined Adam and Hannah in voting out David. No one has him. That means Ken, Hannah, and Adam are our final 3! Ken and Hannah get +3 for receiving no votes, and also +10 for making it to the final tribal with Adam (who no one has).

Adam ended up winning the season. Reddit gave us bad intel! I had the third pick, and he was still available. He was #1 on my list, and if it hadn’t been for reddit I would have picked him! Ugh! Neither Hannah or Ken received any votes to win, so they both technically tied for 2nd. I gave both of them the +25. In any event, here are our final scores: Haylee = 198, Brian = 190, Jo Lynn = 173, Kelly = 115, Bella = 65.

CONGRATULATIONS TO HAYLEE FOR WINNING! You rock! Good game to you all! I hope to see you all back for season 34! :))) My love to each of you!

Survivor, Season 33, Episodes 10 and 11: “Million Dollar Gamble”; and Episode 12 follows

This is a really long post because it covers three total episodes.

This is a 2 hour episode, which represents episodes 10 and 11. It’s being aired as one long episode, though, but I’m going to score it as two episodes. Back at camp after Brainiac’s eviction, Adam is apologizing for not telling everyone about the food. He felt like he couldn’t because Brainiac knew about his advantage. Everyone is telling him they understand. Jay is talking in a diary sesh how he was upset with Brainiac running his mouth and taking Jay down with him. The problem is that it wasn’t intentional by Brainiac – he’s just too dumb to realize how all the shite he said about Jay and them eating the food together damaged Jay’s social game. Gotta feel bad for the guy. Then in a diary sesh of his own, Chris is talking about wanting to take out Jess. Noooooooooooo, Chris, dammit to hell! Ah man, I have a bad feeling about this episode.

The next day Ken and Hannah are watching the sunrise together. In her diary sesh, Hannah is tripping over her words expressing her attracting to Ken. Lol it’s so sweet. She’s so neurotically adorable. Next we see Zeke and Will chatting with each other on a walk. In a diary sesh Will says he’s done working with Ken. He wants to play his own game, and says he wants to work with Zeke and Hannah. Will then tells Zeke that Jay has an idol. He begs Zeke not to tell anyone, and he says he won’t. But for some reason he goes and tells David. I don’t understand the strategic purpose for doing this. Knowledge is power in this game; just giving it away like this isn’t smart. Anyway, David of course goes and tells Chris and Hannah as well. Chris tells Bret, and then David tells Ken. In a diary sesh Zeke then gives his rationale for telling people this information – he’s trying to build trust of his own. But, look, dude – you were already strong in your alliance(s). You didn’t need to do this. I think he underestimated the power of knowledge and information. He should have kept this info in his back pocket for a while until it became more relevant or at least maybe could have given him some kind of leverage. Zeke and Chris are then talking about telling Jay he’s next, so he plays the idol, but really they’re voting out Jess. Flushing out an idol is never a bad play, but I still would have preferred Zeke play this situation differently.

It’s time for another team reward challenge! There’s a swimming element, a key gathering / obstacle course element, and a puzzle building element (big multi-colored blocks where you can’t have the same color on a side). There’s an odd number of players, so one person has to sit out. David volunteers to sit out because he can’t swim well, but everyone encourages him to not do that. He starts to tear up, and Jeff asks him what it’s like to feel that support. Jeff says that never, in 33 seasons of the show, has someone offered to sit out to not bring his team down but then everyone tells them not to give up. He’s thankful and will never forget how everyone has helped him grow and have more self-confidence. It was a touching moment, and yet another reason why this show rocks. They’re picking teams by picking rocks. The odd color is the one who has to sit out, and it ends up being Jay.

Orange team is Ken, Jess, Chris, David, and Will. Purple team is Bret, Zeke, Sunday, Hannah, and Adam. This is not looking good for the purples. LOL the look on Hannah’s face as she was pushing herself through this challenge was CLASSIC! It was like she was in full on meltdown mode. I can’t stop laughing. Sorry, Hannah – you know I love you! As I expected, the oranges are leading the purples – but it’s not the blow out I expected it to be. Orange stars working on the puzzle first – it’s David and Chris doing so. Then the purples start working on the puzzle with Zeke and Adam. Then out of the blue – purple wins reward! Wow! I totally underestimated them for sure. This gives Bret (Kelly), Zeke (Haylee), and Hannnah (Me) 3 points each. No one has Sunday or Adam. They win the opportunity to go on a barge floating 50 yards offshore from camp and eat pizza, wings, and beer. Sounds good to me!

Gonna try to keep this recap short because I’m behind due to Thanksgiving weekend, and my birthday, so I’ll just say they went on the reward and had a great time. They were surprised with letters from home, and Adam and Hannah were in tears. Adam was happy to read that his Mom is doing as well as she can with stage 4 cancer. My Dad passed because of cancer, so I feel for Adam. Ugh. Anyway, it was a cool reward.

Back at camp, David is still grateful for all the support. He says in a diary sesh that it was his goal to leave the game a better version of himself than he was going into the game. I totally respect that, but I think we all should be doing that every day in the course of our daily lives. Always strive to be a better person today than you were yesterday – every day. In any way, even the smallest of ways – that should be everyone’s goal every day. But, anyway, I respect the growth that David has had over the course of the game, and still wish I would have picked him in the beginning. David is talking to Ken, and they renew their alliance. David says he wants to fit in the finals with Ken. Jess comes up and the three of them talk about how Chris, Bret, and Sunday are a team and they need to be broken up. He starts telling them they need to vote out Chris. AAAAAAHHHHHH, David you little wuss master! Leave Chris alone, dammit! It’s not looking good for my team. One group wants Jess gone, and the other group wants Chris gone. I guess it had to happen eventually.

It’s individual immunity time. It’s an endurance challenge – holding up a beam that’s balancing a statue, and they have to balance themselves on a narrow beam. Every 5 minutes they are moving back – further away from the statue and on a narrower spot on the beam. Surprise, surprise – Hannah is the first one out. Followed quickly by Ken. Sunday is next, and then Chris, Will, Jay, and Bret. All that’s left are Jess, Adam, Zeke, and David. Next out is Adam, and then Jess. It’s down to Zeke and David. Either Hayway gets these 10 points, or no one does. What is going to happen?! ……………… Zeke falls off the beam, wow, and David wins immunity. This has certainly been an episode of growth for David – very awesome!

Back at camp it still looks like it’s going to be either Jess or Chris. However, Jess finds out that Chris’ side are gunning for her. It’s looking like maybe she’s going to get the votes to stay. Either way my team takes a hit. This season has been so good so far because there’s not one player who is totally dominating the game. I think at this point both Zeke and David are playing great strategic games, and right now I have to give the advantage to David. I think his way of thinking is a bit more strategically sound than Zeke’s. I think Zeke is brilliant, but I also think he has a little bit of the MS “I’m the king of the world” curse. He thinks he’s the chess master, and the rest of the players here are his pawns. I don’t think that’s going to work out for him, but I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, the first tribal of the night goes down. During the conversation it’s clear that Jay still thinks he’s gone. David says there’s voting blocks going on, Zeke says it’s kind of a combo of alliances and voting blocks, and Hannah agrees with Zeke and coins the combo a “Trust Cluster”. This inspires an on-screen hashtag, and earns her and me 2 points. Sweet! The rest of the talk is just about the trust clusters, and how much trust everyone has. Everyone seems to be 100% sure that their group is voting the way they think. Unfortunately for me, that appears to indeed be the case. The vote goes down: Chris, Jess, Chris, Jess, Chris, Jess, Chris, Jess, Chris, Chris, Chris – that’s -11 for me for the combined votes. Chris is eliminated and finishes 11th for +9 points, and +5 points for making it to jury. Jess receives +2 for getting multiple votes and surviving. Will (IzzyB), Bret (Kelly), Hannah (Me), Ken (Jo Lynn), and Jay & Zeke (Haylee) each receive 3 points for receiving no votes at tribal.

Despite the voting madness, I finished first in Episode 10 with 13 points. Hayway finished 2nd with 9 points. Kelly finished 3rd with 6 points. Bella and Jo Lynn both got 3 points each. That brings the totals to: Haylee (123), Brian (122), Jo Lynn (83), Kelly (78), Bella (42). Well, like I wrote at the beginning of this, it’s a back to back episode night, so here we go with Episode 11!

We’re back at camp after the vote, as usual. In a diary sesh Jay admits he didn’t know what was going to go down at tribal, but he got a sense during the convo that no one was going to vote for him. So he decided to not play his idol, and it was a good move. However, he still doesn’t know that everyone else knows that he has an idol. Poor guy. Anyway, he says it was a “million dollar gamble”, and that is the title of this Episode 10/11 mash-up, so that gives him and Haylee 3 points yet again. This is the third episode in a row where the same person’s quotes are the names of the episode. I can’t recall this ever happening in the past. Methinks someone at CBS has a little tingling in the pants for Jay. Come on CBS – you can do better than this!

In a diary sesh, Jess is glad the vote went down the way she wanted and she expects Jay to go next. Zeke and Bret and talking, and Zeke apologizes for not cluing Bret in on what was going down. He says he understands that Chris had to go or he was going to win. He still seem to want to move forward with Zeke. David tells Bret he wants Zeke to go soon, and Bret says in a diary sesh that he’s on board with Zeke. He doesn’t trust David. In the morning, Bret goes and tells Zeke that David is out for him. So this episode looks like it’s going to be Zeke vs David. Looking forward to seeing how this goes down.

It’s day 29 in Survivor! Just 10 days left in the game, and we still have 10 peeps. Zeke is having a convo with Hannah and Adam. He tells them that David is coming for him, and they have to vote him off. Hannah, in her diary sesh, is torn. She likes David because they both are neurotic. She isn’t sure just yet who she’s going to pick.

Now it’s time for another team reward challenge. They will have 3 teams of 3 (that’s leaving someone out?). The 3 on each team will be chained together, and they have to “slither” on their stomach like a snake though the sand, and at the end solve a snake puzzle. Turns out that the person who picks the odd rock this time automatically gets to go on the reward along with the team of 3 that wins. The teams are: Hannah, Jess, Adam; Will, Ken, Jay; and Sunday, Zeke, Bret. David is the one who gets to go on reward without having to compete. Will, Ken, and Jay are kicking everyone’s asses. They finish slithering first and are working on the puzzle. Sunday, Zeke, and Bret finish next and are working the puzzle. Finally Hannah, Jess, and Adam finish and are working the puzzle. But it’s all for naught as Bret, Zeke, and Sunday finish the puzzle first and win reward! They get to take a helicopter ride to tour the island, and then get to have a picnic with fried chicken, mac and cheese, wine, beer, sodas, and pie. Yum! Bret (Kelly) and Zeke (Haylee) get 5 points each!

During the reward, Bret and Zeke continue to talk, and Bret reveals to him that he is also gay. He explains that he didn’t feel comfortable with coming out to the other guys like Chris and Ken. Zeke understands the situation – Bret is a GXer and he’s lived a large part of his life feeling like he *couldn’t* come out. So now obviously Zeke and Bret are closer than ever (LOL the Rainbow Connection according to Zeke – Classic). In his diary sesh, Zeke once again calls these people his loyal soldiers. This guy is going to be so busy admiring himself, he’s not going to even notice it when the knife goes in his back. I’m calling it right now.

The winners get back to camp and Hannah grabs David to have a convo. She is deciding to side with David and go after Zeke. She tells David about Zeke coming after him, and about telling her that David having an idol. She is telling him that she will be his spy, but she needs to make sure that Zeke doesn’t find out before they are able to vote him off. Otherwise she’s fucked for sure.

Immunity challenge time! You are behind a locked gate, and you have to work a slide maze without being able to see the maze. You have to do it by touch and memory. Then once you get through the gate, you have to do a slide puzzle. I thought that all this David and Zeke talk would have one of them winning this, especially because I think they’re both so brilliant, but to my complete shock the winner is JAY! Wow! He finishes the slide puzzle before ANYONE else even makes it past the gate. That was impressive times a billion. The win gives Haylee 10 points!

Back at camp David is telling Jessica and Ken that they need to vote out Zeke tonight, because Zeke’s side is writing his name down. Hannah goes with Zeke to get water, and I’m thinking: “Yes! Go miss spy! Show Zeke who the fool is!” Zeke is asking her if she’s on board with him, and with taking out David. Of course, I have no idea why in the ass raping frak I thought that she would be a smooth operator. OMG it’s so painful to watch. All she needed to do was just tell the guy what he wants to hear, smile and even be slightly goofy about it because that’s normal for her; but she’s looking up at the sky, stammering and stuttering, and just completely coming off like a jackass with a “I’m not working with you after all, Zeke” sign somehow anchored to her head. I mean…wow…just freaking wow…this is insane. HANNAH YOU NUTCASE! YOU HAD THIS! I DON’T UNDERSTAND. DID YOU NOT SEE THIS COMING?! DID YOU NOT KNOW YOU WOULD HAVE TO HAVE THIS DUPLICITOUS CONVERSATION WITH ZEKE?! SERIOUSLY?!

So now what is happening?! Well, I will tell you. Zeke is now going around telling his peeps to vote out Hannah. So I guess this is the dilate Brian’s sphincter episode, and give him the ol’ pink sock! Hannah you psycho! Why are you out here if you can’t lie to anyone?! OMG! Why did she even insert herself into this situation, and give herself this spy master role, if she wasn’t prepared to go through with it? Why?! I mean…seriously…why?! What the actual fuck?! At least she’s not deluded as well and she realizes it’s her. Looks like there’s 5 on Zeke’s side, and 5 on David / Hannah’s side. If it’s a tie, they vote again. If someone doesn’t flip, they draw rocks. The odd rock will go home. Crazy! It’s time to see what’s going to happen….

The tribal conversation is out of control. People pretending they don’t know what’s going on, and others calling them out on it. It was at least entertaining, but I’m nervous. I think I’m about to lose my second player in one night! The vote goes down, and Jeff asks for any idols to be played. David plays his idol, and Adam tells him he heard Zeke’s group talking about voting out Ken, so David says his idol is for Ken. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Here are the votes: Zeke, Hannah (of course), Zeke, Hannah, Zeke, Hannah, Zeke, Hannah, Zeke, Hannah – we’re tied! Wow! They are re-voting. Everyone but Hannah and Zeke revotes. NO ONE FLIPS! It’s tied again! No way! They start debating because no one wants to draw rocks. However, no one is willing to budge. So Hannah is safe (YAY!), Zeke is safe, Jay is safe because of the immunity challenge, and Ken is also safe because of the idol. Will, Sunday, Bret, Adam, David, and Jess are the ones who draw rocks. And what happens?! A one out of 6 shot – approximately 17% chance of this happening – it’s Jessica. She’s out. So after all of this jazz, I got DPd after all. Man. What a suck fest! All because Hannah is here to play a game that she absolutely cannot play.

Ok – I’m done stomping my feet now. Sorry. Hannah (Me) got 5 votes on the first vote, and 4 votes on the second. That’s -9 for her. Same thing applies to Zeke (Haylee). They both also get the 2 point bonus for getting multiple votes and surviving. Jessica finishes 10th for 10 points, plus the 5 point jury bonus, plus 3 points because she didn’t receive a vote against her. Will, Bret, Ken, and Jay also get the 3 point bonus for receiving no votes. Ken doesn’t get any bonus points for the idol being played for him because he didn’t receive any votes against him. Haylee has two players remaining, and the rest of us each have one player. Haylee wins episode 11 with 14 points, I am in second with 11 points, Kelly is in third with 8 points, and Jo Lynn and IzzyB are tied with 3 points each. The season to date totals are: Haylee 137, Brian 133, Kelly and Jo Lynn are tied with 86, and IzzyB has 45. In her exit interview, Jess reveals she is willing her legacy advantage to Ken. If he gets it next episode, I guess we can give a few points for that. That’s kinda like a reward for a good social game, right?

In any event, this episode mash up can go to hell and die! Okay, going to go ahead and write my episode 12 recap here too. Might as well….


Survivor, Season 33, Episodes 12: “About To Have A Rumble”

We’re back at camp after the destruction of Brian’s ass…er I mean the episode mash-up of lameness…er I mean the last episodes. Hannah is horrified that it came down to a rock draw, but also thankful that her peeps went to bat for her. The ridiculously sad thing is that if she had just played the game she came here to play, then none of that madness would have happened. Dear Hannah: Survivor is “outwit, outplay”, and “outlast”; not “out stammer”, “out suck”, and “out hyperventilate”. Seriously. I promise. AAAHHHHH I have to let it go. Okay, I’m letting it go….

Now we have Zeke in a diary sesh say he just went to war with David and he won. It’s amusing how people re-write history in their minds. Uh, no Zekee-poo, you didn’t win jack shite. You tied. TWICE! And then you got lucky as fuck. That is ALL! Then he says that he’s just as happy that he could win this game as he is happy that David IS going to lose. Now keep in mind – this is the same night – directly after tribal – and it’s already a foregone conclusion in this dude’s mind that David is out and has lost. This is the problem when peeps start buying into their own hype and stoking the fires of their arrogance. You start to feel like you’re unsinkable. Been that guy, been there, done that, it’s all good. Not saying I’m better than anyone. But guess what? Life ALWAYS has aggressive ways of reminding you that we are all our own Titanic. There’s an iceberg out there with your name on it, Zeke, and hopefully you and your game will happen upon it real soon.

The next morning we see Ken find the legacy advantage that Jess willed to him in his bag. Gotta give him and Jo Lynn 3 points for that. Sweet.

It’s reward time, and Jeff tells everyone it’s time for love. It’s the family visit time! Woo Hoo! There’s lots of hugs, kisses, and tears – it was as awesome as it always is. During the family meet ups, Adam tells his brother about his advantage in front of everyone, and then says that there’s no way he could use it. He can’t take someone’s family away from them. That’s one of the smartest moves in the game – good job Adam! More tears and more hugs and more love.

There’s a huge comp to see who wins their family visit, it’s the tied to a rope and the rope is twisted around and tangled in an obstacle, and it’s JAY! That’s of course 5 points for him and Hay To The Way because this was an individual reward. Jeff asks Jay to pick one castaway and their loved one to join them. Jay picks Will, which is 3 points for Bella. Then Jeff says that Jay can pick one more castaway and their loves on, so Jay picks Sunday. No one has Sunday. Then, surprisingly, Jeff says that Jay can pick one more. At least I was surprised because usually it’s one survivor and 2 guests – not 3. In any event, seeing how broken up Adam was, and respecting that he didn’t use his advantage, Jay picked Adam. They both broke down in tears, and, I have to admit, so did I. It was awesome because Jay was right – he can Adam have been at odds for the whole game, but it’s good that Jay could put that all aside for the moment. I gained a lot of respect for Jay for doing that. No one has Adam either, so no more bonus points for this. They all get to go back to camp, but the winners and their guests get to have a barbecue right there in front of the other survivors. Man I can’t imagine how much that would suck for the non-winners.

Adam finds out that his Mom’s treatments were making her really sick, and not helping her at all, so they stopped the treatments. She getting stronger for the time being, and is so happy that Adam is out there living his dream. It does Adam good to know that all is well as it can be, considering, back home, and this was exactly what he needed. He thanks Jay again, and to show his appreciation he gives Jay the reward stealing advantage. That’s another 3 points for Jay and Haylee!

The next morning David sees Zeke’s team, minus Will, all huddled together a ways down the beach from camp. He points it out to Will, and it doesn’t make Will happy that they are discussing strategy without him. He feels like most people are treating him as just a kid. He wants to prove he came to play, and so is going to make a big move by leaving Zeke’s “Trust Cluster” and joining David’s. Will is fired up, and I like it! “I didn’t come here to be dragged as a goat; I came here to play!” Sweet! This definitely makes things more interesting.

It’s time for the immunity challenge! It’s another endurance challenge. They have to keep tension on a couple of bars, and the slightest movement means you drop a bar and you’re out. Not long as the start, David’s bar fell and he’s out. Then Hanna is right behind him. Will is next. Bret is then out. Next Sunday is out. Zeke is out after that. It’s Jay, Ken, and Adam. All of this took just 4 minutes! Ken is out next. Jay and Adam are fighting hard, but it’s Adam who pulls it out. No one has him!

Back at camp, David’s “Trust Cluster”, with their new addition of Will, is stoked and ready to be voting Zeke out. Then, out of the freaking blue, with no logical explanation, Ken decides he needs to “test” Will. He walks down the beach with Will, to get his explanation for why he wants to flip, and Will gives it to him as logically as anyone possibly can. Then, on top of that, to show his trust, Will tells Ken that Zeke’s Cluster is voting for Ken tonight. But instead of thanking Will for telling him, and being ok with it because they have the five votes they need to vote out Zeke anyway (so it doesn’t matter if Zeke’s group all write down “Elvis Motherfucking Presley” or whoever), Ken goes up to Jay and tells him everything that Will just told him. Right when Will sees all this madness about to go down, he says that when he saw Ken walk off with Jay that he knew there was about to be a rumble. That is the title of the episode, and that gives him and Bella 3 points!

Anyway Ken blows up the plan completely, totally, in a moment of utter, blind, and selfish stupidity. Two weeks in a row now we have a castaway, all of whom HAD been playing one of the best games of Survivor that I’ve ever seen, just completely screw the pooch on an unimaginable level. Both times – they had the vote in the freaking bag. The plan was set in stone! But NOOOOOOOOOOOOO – first Hannah just completely melts down right in front of Zeke, who she is planning to vote out, and now Ken The Utter Dillhole shows everyone exactly how moronic he truly is. Wow. Just wow!

Adam is incensed in his diary sesh. “That’s not a test – it’s a betrayal,” he says, and he’s exactly right. You can imagine how Will feels. He’s all like, “This guy preaches about honor and integrity… and then he has the audacity to pull this crap on me!” I don’t think I could hold my tongue. I think if I were Will, I would have flipped the fuck out right in Ken’s face. I have a low tolerance for utter stupidity. Just FYI – in case you haven’t figured that out yet. In another diary sesh, it sounds like Will is still considering voting with David’s Cluster. Wow. I hope he does, but he has more self control than I do if he does that. I think I’d take that pen and on the parchment write, “Suck my balls Ken you assmaster”. Alas – I don’t think he’s going to do that….

It’s tribal time. Everyone admits that we have our 2 Clusters of 4 with Will in the middle. Will explains to Jeff what went down today, and that he’s tired of being treated like a kid. He wants to be treated and respected as an adult. Isn’t this just the circle of life? When you’re young, you’re always trying to be older than you are. When you’re old, you’re always trying to be younger than you are. And here we are, folks. Not saying Will is dumb, because he does seem intelligent for sure, but Will – you ARE a kid. Okay? But I understand where he’s coming from, and I respect that he has the character to stand up and go after what he wants. If you want to put a mark on the world, you gotta do it. It’s not gonna just happen, so I respect what Will is doing from that perspective. Sunday and Zeke are still being a little patronizing to him even now, after he’s repeatedly voiced how he feels.

Jay, I can’t believe I’m writing this, seems to be the only smart person on Zeke’s side. He completely gets where Will is coming from and isn’t patronizing him, plus he has the fact that he has always been respectful to Will on his side. It’s so weird. Some episodes I think Jay is awesome, and some he just seems like a slightly more wise version of Brainiac. Honestly, I still don’t know what I think about the guy because he’s just all over the freaking place!

Anyway…. David then makes a great point about the situation while remaining very respectful towards Will. Man I wish I would have picked David. So on Zeke’s side, Will has Jay. On David’s side he has his own move for which he can claim total responsibility. But can he get over his anger with Ken?

The voting goes down, and Jeff asks for anyone who wants to play an idol. And WOW…I can’t believe this, but Adam is playing his idol for HANNAH! LOL I wonder if we’re going to have a repeat of last episode? Watch Ken get the votes instead of Hannah. Here are the votes: Hannah (LOL), Hannah, Hannah, Hannah, Zeke, Zeke, Zeke, Zeke, Zeke. So Will voted for Zeke after all, but LMAO Adam played his idol and ruined his moment. He doesn’t look pleased about it. Poor guy, but LMAO that was classic.

Okay here’s the scoring. Zeke (Haylee) gets -5 for the votes, and is eliminated in 9th place for 11 points, plus the 5 for getting to the jury. Hannah gets +2 for each vote against her due to the idol being played for her, so that’s +8. She also gets the +2 for getting multiple votes and surviving. Will (Bella), Bret (Kelly), Ken (Jo Lynn), and Jay (Haylee) each receives 3 points for getting no votes at tribal. Haylee leads the week with 22 points, I’m in second with 10 points, Bella is in third with 9 points, Jo Lynn is in 4th with 6 points, and Kelly is last this week with 3 points. The season to date totals so far are: Haylee (159), Brian (143), Jo Lynn (92), Kelly (89), Bella (54).

Now each of us are down to 1 player! According to my on screen guide, this coming week 2 more people are sent home, and the episode is only an hour long. So this week is going to be huge. There’s an approximately 63% chance that at least one of our teams will be eliminated from the game this coming week, before the finale. :((( The episode after next is the finale, and it will begin with 6 castaways as expected. Good luck to all and I hope you all enjoy these last two episodes of this awesome season.

Survivor, Season 33, Episode 9: “Still Throwin’ Punches”

Hello my Survivor beauties! I hope that everyone lets life get back to normal soon, and starts keeping up with Survivor again with me. I miss you all. Anyway….

We’re back at camp after the vote, and Jay is having a diary sesh and isn’t happy. Of course the GXers like Chris and Dave are happy. Chris feels like he’s gaining some traction with how things are playing out. Jay and Brainiac know they need to try to find a way to crack the other alliance. Brainiac seems flabbergasted that the GXers trusted Adam. Why? He’s not the one going around stealing food from them!

Brainiac is touching base with Adam now to make sure their secrets will remain secrets. They seem to be in agreement with keeping the secrets. Then in another diary sesh, Brainiac is talking so proudly about his theft of the food. He calls it his “best idea ever”, and claims that no one even noticed it. EVERYONE NOTICED IT YOU COMPLETE MORON! EVERYONE CALLED YOU OUT AT TRIBAL ABOUT IT! The fact that they think you’ve already eaten the food, and yet you’re just stashing it for periodic munchings, is irrelevant. You took the food, and every freaking body KNOWS THAT YOU DID IT. OMG please vote this clown off soon!

Jay and Hannah are talking. He says he’s proud of her move, and she’s explaining herself well to him. She felt with the MS group that she was just their goat, but with the GXers that she is playing WITH them. Jay gets it. He just wants for her to include him going forward. I think she’s doing a good job of trying to maintain a social game and be respectable to Jay, but I don’t think she’s going to actually work with him again. In short, good job, Hannah!

I love the Survivor theme song. I hate the fact that they’ve started using only this truncated version of it nowadays. I don’t like it when shows do this. Elementary, for instance, has a spectacular main theme. Some episodes they play the whole thing, but on too many it’s just like 5 seconds. Blah. Please stop doing this TV peeps! It sucks ass!

Yay it’s time for a reward challenge! Yes! We’re going to have 2 teams of six. A huge part of it is having to drag this huge crate on loose dirt under a freaking net. Obviously strength is going to play a huge part in this. They are going to do a schoolyard pick. Captains will get chosen, and then the captains will take turns picking the teams. Turns out the Captains are my peeps Chris and Hannah. Boo – so I’m not going to be in a position of scoring triple reward. Anyway, my man Chris picked the best team: Bret, Ken, Brainiac, Sunday, and David. Obviously he has all of the strength on his team. Hannah elected to pick: Will, Jay, Zeke, Jessica, and Adam. So Hannah decided to keep her peeps close. Chris did as well, but at least he picked up some strength and athleticism in Brainiac. I understand why Hannah picked the team she did, but come on, man. Oh well.

I didn’t even need to watch this go down. I knew that Hannah’s team would be lucky to push/drag that crate under the net at all, let alone have a shot a winning this. That is exactly what happened. Chris’ team just absolutely smoked them. They get to go to a resort, hang out by a pool, eat burgers & fries, and wash it down with cocktails and soda. Sweet! The win gives Bret (Kelly), Chris (Me), Ken (Jo Lynn), and Brainiac (Haylee) 3 points each. Hannah explains her picks in a diary sesh, and I get it. You have to balance strategy with practicality in Survivor, though. That’s why this show is so awesome, and why it’s “survived” this long on the air (and there’s no end in sight as far as I can tell). I think Hannah understands this and will do better in the future. It’s a hard lesson, but the lesson is learned. I hope.

The peeps at the reward are enjoying themselves. I certainly don’t blame them. Bret apparently has too much alcohol and is being a goofball. It’s all good – been there and done that. Sunday says in a diary sesh that the GXers don’t trust David, Ken, or Jessica – and that she is going to gun for Jessica! AAAHHHHH no you old bat! Leave my girl alone!

Back at camp, Jay decides to try to mend fences with Adam. They are talking while floating in the ocean, and Jay is asking him about why the last vote went down the way it did. Adam explains himself well, and for some reason Jay gets butthurt by it. Adam says it’s Brainiac’s fault that Jay’s group are on the bottom, and for some reason this surprises Jay. “So I am on the bottom,” he says, as if this is some kind of news flash. Adam is all like, “Of course you are,” as in: Yes, Forrest, shouldn’t this be obvious to you?!

See, I feel for Adam because I fall into this situation with people all the time myself. I can be too straight up logical and blunt when I talk to people, think sort of like Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory”. Things that seem obvious to me quite often seem not-so-obvious to other people, and I get into trouble with them when they get butthurt about me telling them so. That’s not to say that I think I’m right all the time. I am wrong AF sometimes – I’m certainly not perfect, ok? When I’m not wrong it can be really frustrating getting people to see it instead of getting pissed at me. The truth is still the truth, and reality is still reality, regardless of feelings or ego. A ridiculously stupid cliche people like to say is, “Perception is reality”. NO! NO, NO, NO, NO! Perception is NOT reality; reality is reality. Perceptions and hurt feelings don’t change it when broken ideas and plans, or just general obliviousness that is entirely too common, (and in the case of Survivor, broken / flawed strategies) need to be fixed. Ah, but I digress….

So I feel for Adam here. He wasn’t trying to rub anything into Jay’s face. Jay was asking questions, and getting the straight up truth in return, and now he’s going to whine about it like people often do. Especially when the problem is with them (see his “I am the Kingpin” speech from last week), but they want to deflect their shortcomings, and short-sightedness, onto others instead of embracing the truth. Ugh. You can tell that Adam is getting frustrated with Jay’s questions (the face palming is his unconscious body language sign of that), because Jay seems to not understand what the vote of the last tribal council means. And during Jay’s diary sesh going on during the scene, it’s made obvious that he didn’t understand shite – until Adam made him see it. However, instead of being frustrated with himself, and his game, he’s all mad at Adam. This is weakness of character, and it really aggravates me.

So then Jay goes back to camp and, yes, whines about Adam. And of course these dingy MS all believe him. Adam has his social game problems, and so his image with the others didn’t help him here. But this wasn’t his fault. Some people – really, the vast majority of people in my experience – can’t handle the straight up truth. At all.

It’s day 25, and Sunday is reaching out to Jay to try to get him, Will, and Brainiac to vote out Jessica. Jay is, of course, all for it. Sunday, you ho biscuit! You must go! You and Brainiac need to catch the fast train to the jury!

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. It’s an endurance and balance challenge. Sweet! There’s a wrinkle, though. There’s a food temptation. Those who think they have no shot of winning this one, or who feel safe from the vote, can opt to skip the challenge and eat instead. Will and Zeke opt to skip the challenge and eat. They figure they might as well eat and go back to camp with a full belly, than lose and go back to camp with nothing. Will says as much in a diary sesh, and I agree with him. This unfortunately nets them, and Bella & Haylee respectively, -2 points each.

The challenge is on, and I have to say that I love Brainiac’s shoes. He has a pair of those kind of shoes that look like a rubber foot over top of your actual foot. They look like they’d be mega comfortable, and easier to run in and keep your balance with. I’ve always wanted a pair of those. Anyway, like I said the challenge is on and Hannah, who perhaps should have felt like she had no shot at winning this one, and should have eaten as well, is the first one out almost immediately. I am proud of her of trying, though. Bret is next out, a little over 5 minutes later. About 15 minutes later, after they’ve moved down to the hardest part of the balance beam, several people drop out all at once back to back: Jessica (poo), Sunday, David, and Chris (dangit!). Now all my peeps are out. All those left are: Jay, Adam, Brainiac, and Ken. Haylee has two left, and Jo Lynn has Ken. Who will win?! Adam drops next, and then Jay. We’re left with Brainiac and Ken. Brainiac is whistling as if he still doesn’t give a frack. They both are getting wobbly, but eventually Brainiac falls and Ken wins immunity! This gives him and Jo Lynn 10 points.

Back at camp the majority alliance gets together and decides to split the votes between Jay and Brainiac. Sunday still wants Jessica out, but can’t seem to muster the movement on that front. Bret seems to be in her corner, and says he will talk to Chris. I don’t see it happening (hopefully). Later, Sunday is in the hammock with Jay and tells him it’s him or Brainiac. Jay understands it. In his diary sesh, he says he’s not going to give up and that he’s still throwin’ punches. His line “Still Throwin’ Punches” is the title of the episode, and that gives him and Haylee 3 points.

Brainiac shows Jay his food stash, and they decide to have a “last supper” together. In a diary sesh Jay is debating on whether to use his idol or not. He says he’s thinking about saving it for a rainy day. How is this not a rainy day?! Unless………if he votes for Brainiac as well, then he can guarantee that Brainiac goes home. Wow – I bet he’s going to do that. Brainiac tells Jay about Adam’s advantage, and it looks like they’re going to try to get the alliance to vote out Adam during tribal. What will happen?! We’ll see….

At tribal Brainiac does indeed spill the Adam secret, and his hidden food stash situation. It wasn’t a hugely crazy tribal like I’ve seen in the past. Adam wasn’t pleased, of course, but defended himself well I thought. It’s not going to help him in the future, though. It seems to me like it’s still going to be Jay or Brainiac. The votes goes down and indeed that is the case. Brainiac’s day has indeed came – sorry Hayway!

Here’s how the votes went down: Jay = 4; Brainiac = 7; Adam = 1. Jay did exactly what I thought he was going to do, and voted for Brainiac as well. Adam got a vote from, of course, Brainiac. This gives Haylee -11 for the 7 votes against Brainiac and the 4 against Jay; Brainiac finishes 12th for +8 and gets +5 for making it to jury; Jay gets +2 for getting multiple votes but surviving. Will (Bella); Bret (Kelly); Chris, Jessica, and Hannah (Me); Ken (Jo Lynn); and Zeke (Haylee) each get 3 points for receiving no votes at tribal. I didn’t see any player inspired hashtags in this episode. If you did, please let me know.

Here are the scores for this week: Jo Lynn earns her first weekly high score with 16 points; I am 2nd this week with 12 points, Haylee is directly next with 11 points, Kelly has 6 points, and IzzyB has 1 point. The season total so far are: Haylee with 114, Me with 109, Jo Lynn with 80, Kelly with 72, and Bella with 39. I hope everyone enjoyed the episode this week. Until next time you ridiculously lovely ones! πŸ™‚


Survivor, Season 33, Episode 8: “I’m The Kingpin”

What up you brilliant beauties?! I hope all is as well as it can be with you.

We open on the Greens fresh from tribal from last week. Jay is proud of himself, and I think he deserves it. I didn’t want Michaela to leave, but it was their best move for sure. Hanna is pissed they kept her out of the loop and vows her revenge against Jay and Will.

The following morning everyone notices a boat coming to shore. They are told it’s merge time, and they have 5 minutes to gather their stuff and get on the boat. Bret says he might try to stick with Jay and Will, but he also wants to hook back with Chris. At the Purple camp they are gathering their stuff too. Adam is stoked he made the merge, and says it’s the merge that separates good players from mediocre ones (paraphrasing). He hopes he’s one of the good ones. The Purples and Greens, on their respective boats, meet up with the Oranges at their camp.

All our players receive 3 points each for being involved in the individual game tribal merge.

Zeke is stoked, but is also nervous about whatever relationships the MEs have made with GXers. Michelle is happy to have Jay and Taylor back, and thinks she can team with them to get to the end. Jay is also stoked. He’s happy to be back with Michelle and Taylor, and is sure he has Will, Bret, and Sunday. He also has his idol. He says, “I’m the kingpin, but no one knows and I wanna keep it that way.” His phrase, “I’m the Kingpin,” is the title of the episode. That’s 5 points for him and Haylee. Bret says he’s not sure who to trust, but he trusts Sunday and Chris the most. He thought he could trust Jay, but thinks the MEs are too tight. Chris likes what he has with David and Zeke, and he thinks it will be all the better with Bret and Sunday in the group as well. All the castaways all get to share in a crate of food for making the merge.

Zeke says he’s glad to be back with his nerds (Hanna and Adam), and Hanna tells him about Jay’s blindside to Michaela. Zeke is worried about Jay now, and is seeing through him to his Kingpin alter ego. It sounds like Zeke is thinking about voting out Jay ASAP.

During the merge feast, Adam goes off by himself to search for another idol (the merge idol). However, instead of finding it, he finds a new power that no one has ever had in Survivor history. He can steal someone else’s reward from them after they have won it. I’m not so sure I would even use such a power. That’s a good way to royally piss someone off. Especially someone with conservative tendencies – I DO NOT like the concept of other people being able to take from me what I have rightfully earned. If I share with you, then that’s my choice. I believe very strongly in the philosophy that all of the money that you earn isn’t meant for you to spend. We all know someone, at any given time, that needs some help. I think we all should give a percentage of every check away, save a percentage of every check, and then live on the rest. But taking from me, or worse feeling entitled to what I have earned with my own hard work, just boils my blood. If someone used such a power on me, I’d vote them out as soon as I possibly could.

Later that night, Taylor a.k.a. “Brainiac” (my new nickname for him), decides it’s a good idea to go clanging around the mason jars of food that Survivor gave to the new merged tribe. For some reason, he thinks it’s okay to take a jar and throw a bunch of the dried foodstuffs together in it for just himself to eat. He “hides” this jar under his top and makes his way toward the beach. He made so much noise clanging around that it woke up Bret. He says in a diary sesh that he didn’t want to be the one calling him out, so he want back to bed. However, Adam woke up as well and decided this is his chance to manipulate Brainiac. He tells Brainiac he won’t tell anyone. He hopes this builds a bond between them. Dear Brainiac: Why do you think stealing from your tribe is okay?! What a douche! In any event, Adam tries to convince Brainiac to vote out Will. He tells Brainiac about his new reward stealing advantage as well. Brainiac is saying what Adam wants to hear, but in his diary sesh he reaffirms his plan to get revenge against Adam.

Later that morning, several of the GXers notice the missing food. Bret tells them it was Brainiac. Their wariness of the MS increases. Sounds like they are going to target Brainiac. This is getting interesting….

Later that day, Brainiac pulls Jay aside and tells him about Adam’s plan. But, because they’re both so oblivious, they don’t notice Zeke behind them listening in on everything. Zeke wants a geek alliance with himself, Adam, and Hanna. So he’s going to have to figure something out to keep that a possibility.

It’s the first individual immunity challenge of the season. Yes! It’s an endurance challenge where you have to hold your hands up on a bar. If you drop an arm, or heck even twitch it seems, it will lower a bucket of water on your head – and you’re out. It’s about digging deep and ignoring pain. Sunday is first out. Then Chris and Bret. Jay is next, and then Zeke not long after. A little while later, Ken isΒ  out, closely followed by Hanna. Michelle’s bucket drops next. Brainiac’s bucket falls, and then David and Adam almost directly after. Only two are left: my girl Jessica, and Bella’s dude Will. After an hour and thirty minutes, Jessica drops and Will wins first individual immunity! Congrats to him and Bella! That’s 10 points! I’m proud Jessica, though – I didn’t know she had this fire in her. So awesome!

Back at camp, the MS are saying they need to vote off Adam. Michelle isn’t happy about this because it seems more emotional and less strategic. I agree on the surface, but I know the things she doesn’t know: like his idol. If they could pull it off, it would be a great move. However, Zeke approaches Adam away from camp and tells him he heard Brainiac and Jay plotting to vote him (Adam) out. They are talking about getting the votes together to take out Brainiac. They approach the GX with this, and they say ok. But then they say maybe Michelle. Then they are back and forth who to vote out. So Adam goes to Brainiac to try to convince him to vote someone else out. Brainiac says in a diary sesh that he’s in full on revenge mode against Adam. He and Will are sure that Adam doesn’t have an idol because of how much he’s scrambling. Ah you poor guys – how little do you know….

Hanna, David, and Zeke are getting frustrated with Adam because he keeps pulling others aside to talk with them. Hanna tells Adam to settle down – they are gunning for Brainiac. He needs to just relax before he screws up the vote. But she tells Zeke and David that Adam is too untrustworthy and needs to go. Zeke is starting to agree with her. Adam says in a diary sesh that his position is tenuous at best, and he would be correct. Looks like maybe it will be idol playing time at tribal….

The producers did a good job at misdirection on this episode, because going to tribal I wasn’t quite sure what was going to go down. Is it Adam? Michelle? Brainiac? The players talk to each other about how the MS eat too much food, but especially Brainiac. As usual, though, Brainiac just thinks it’s all hilarious. The GXers are calling him selfish, and they’re right. Brainiac doesn’t give a fuck, and that’s why he’s not going to win the game. Hell, someone might take him to finals with them because I think everyone, even Jay, realizes that he’s clueless.

I’ve had this exact, well at least very similar, conversation with a lot of MS peeps in my life. I met a lot of them while working for AMC Theatres in 1996-2000, and in fact am still friends with many of them. I’ve always been very technology and geek oriented, and a lot more MS are like that than GXers are. Therefore I have a lot more MS friends than I do GXers. But the problem with many MS I’ve met in my life is that they are so ridiculously self absorbed. Explaining to them why doing something like Brainiac did is selfish and rude is nearly impossible. In my experience, that is, which is certainly not a condemnation of all MS – just so I’m clear. However, a great deal of them in my experience don’t understand the fact that they don’t have a right to everything they want. You don’t deserve something just because you want it. You have to earn it first. You don’t have a right to happiness; you have a right to PERSUE happiness. There’s a major distinction there that MS peeps often don’t seem to understand. Brainiac certainly doesn’t understand this. When Jeff remarks that he wasn’t hiding the fact that he was stealing food, Brainiac says he didn’t consider what he did as stealing. OMG man – again, like I said, it’s maddening trying to make so many of them understand this point. He’s gotta be gone soon. The GXers aren’t going to put up with his shite for long, that’s for sure, unless, like I said, someone decides to take him to the end with them.

The rest of tribal is just the usual loyalty, the tribal switches, trust, and the like. It really sounds like this is no longer GX vs MS at all, so I don’t think it’s going to matter that there’s 7 MS vs 6 GX tonight. Going forward this is going to be more about alliances than generations. I’m sure the initial GX and MS tribes will play into those alliances some, but for the most part it’s all about alliances and who do they trust.

The voting goes down, and Brainiac votes for Adam saying, “This one’s for Figgs”. Everyone votes, and Jeff asks for any idols. Adam doesn’t play his idol! Does he know something we don’t? The votes are read and, wow, it’s Michelle! Brainiac doesn’t even get one vote. Michelle gets 9 votes to Adam’s 4. Jay and Will can’t believe it. So much for the “Kingpin” LOL. Michelle becomes the first member of the Jury. Sorry Jo Lynn! πŸ™

Scoring: For Michelle (Jo Lynn), 9 votes is -9; she finishes 13th for +7, and gets +5 for making it to jury. No one has Adam, so there’s no points there. Will (Bella); Bret (Kelly); Chris, Jessica, and Hanna (Me); Ken (Jo Lynn); and Jay, Brainiac, and Zeke (Haylee) each get 3 points for receiving no votes at tribal. Haylee and I are the only players with all three of our castaways still playing in the game, while everyone else has just one player left. That is weird! This is Haylee’s third episode in a row with the lead. She scored 23, I scored 18, Bella scored 16, Jo Lynn scored 12, and Kelly scored 6. The season totals so far are: Haylee with 103, Me with 97, Kelly with 66, Jo Lynn with 64, and IzzyB with 38. There are 6 episodes left this season, and 3 castaways left in the game that no one picked. This means that it’s possible that by finale night, which will likely start with 6 castaways, and eliminate 3 of them to get down to a final 3, could see those final 6 be both Haylee’s and my complete teams. Hey, it’s possible hehe. πŸ™‚ Hayway: I’m coming for you! Prepare yourself!

Until next week my lovely peeps! Remember always the wisdom of the following word: “This too shall pass.”

Survivor, Season 33, Episode 7: “I Will Destroy You”

Here we go once again, my survivor lovelies. I hope all is well with each of you. It is now time for the first episode: post Figgy. I am still mega sad LOL….

…and so is Taylor of course. At the Purple camp, directly after tribal, Adam is talking with Taylor one on one trying to apologize. He keeps admitting how hard he screwed him. Yeah, it was mega hard, Adam. But it’s almost funny how he keeps admitting over and over how much he screwed him. Come on, Adam, you know there’s no way he’s going to work with you. Taylor admits as much in a diary sesh. He’s playing a total revenge game now. He says he will play it cool now, but says soon, “I will destroy you,” which is the title of the episode. This gives him and Haylee 3 points!

At the orange camp, David is trying to strike up a deal with Zeke. He says he feels like him and Zeke are cut from the same cloth, and he then tells him about his immunity idol even. Zeke is elated during his diary sesh. We’re not seeing this right now, but I have a feeling he may use this knowledge in his alliance with Chris. At least I hope so lol.

It’s now time for another reward challenge. Everyone is shocked that Figgy was eliminated, except for Michaela who is, of course, very happy. I’ll say this yet again: her mouth is going to get her into trouble. The challenge looks cool. Gathering 3 very large balls, shooting them into a basket, pushing them through a rope tunnel, and then lay them up on a perch and try to make them balance there. The reward for first place is to have a chef come to camp and cook for them. Second place gets kabobs that they have to cook themselves. The Green team, as usual as they are clearly the most athletic as a group, quickly takes the lead and starts shooting first. It’s Jay shooting for them. Purple starts shooting, with Ken shooting. Ken makes it! You can’t shoot again until you get the ball through the rope tunnel. Orange has caught up, and Chris is shooting for them. He makes it on his first shot! Jay finally sinks one for Green. Orange was WAY behind, but is now the first team with a ball through the rope tunnel. Chris sinks the second ball before Purple finally manages to get their first ball through the tunnel. Orange has their 2nd ball through just as Green gets their 1st. Purple gets their 2nd through right after that. Jay sinks the 2nd ball for Green. Chris makes the 3rd for Orange, and they look like they may be well on their way winning this one. Ken makes the 3rd ball for Purple. Orange has their 3rd ball through, and now Chris is trying to get them to balance on the perch. The beam with the perch looks like it may be about 5 feet above Chris’ head. Purple has their third ball through while Green is still moving their 2nd through the rope tunnel. Chris has the Oranges’ first ball on the perch. Ken is laying up for the Purples. Jay sinks the 3rd ball for the Greens finally, and they are working it through the tunnel. Chris has the 2nd ball balanced for the Oranges. Ken has the Purples’ first ball balanced. Chris balances the third ball, and the Orange come in first for reward! Chris was a BEAST in this one – yes! Ken is still working on balancing the 2nd call for the Purples, and finally the Greens have their third ball through the tunnel. Michaela is laying up for the Greens, and finally getting involved in this one! And just like that Michaela balances the first one for the Greens, and now they’re tied with the Purples. Ah man the Purples have been getting their asses handed to them – are they going to lose this one too?! Sweet – Ken balances the 2nd one for the Purples! Michaela ties it up again! Ah man this is awesome – coming down to the wire. I’m still pulling for the Purples to win something, though. Next ball balanced wins the kabobs – who will it be?! Michaela does it again! She is such a badass! Green wins 2nd place, and will get to take the kabobs back to camp. Poor Purples get nothing.

Here’s how the scoring shakes down. Chris (Me), Michelle (Jo Lynn), and Zeke (Haylee) get 3 points for first place. Will (Bella), Bret & Michaela (Kelly), Hanna (Me), and Jay (Haylee) get 1 point each for 2nd place. Michaela says in a diary sesh that she’s happy that they were able to come back, but is nervous that always kicking so much ass makes her a target. I think her mouth makes her more of a target than anything. We will see….

Back at the Orange camp, they are enjoying the Chef and their reward. None of them have eaten so much so fast. Poor Michelle is the only girl, and she is overwhelmed with the guys all belching and farting because they ate so fast. Personally, I found it quite hilarious lol.

At the Purple camp, they don’t seem to be sad over losing yet again. Ken and Jessica are taking with Taylor, and Taylor is making an alliance with them. Taylor says he will never write their names down, and they all shake hands. Jessica says that Taylor wouldn’t understand strategy even if it spanked him on the ass and called him Figtails (Okay – those were my words, but she said something similar lol), but she feels better being in an alliance with him because he’s such an open book. She knows Adam is way smarter and more strategic. She and Ken can use Taylor, but they likely wouldn’t be able to use Adam.

Hanna is now talking to Bret at the Green camp. She is suspicious of him because he claims to be a funeral director while he actually a cop. Hanna grew up in Boston, and says she thinks he’s a cop. Look at the big brain on my Hanna! Yes! Bret doesn’t seem to realize that Hanna doesn’t believe him, which kinda gives me some hope for her. Cops usually can read people better than Bret seems to be reading Hanna. Bret says in a diary sesh that cops get targeted in Survivor, so he’s going to keep lying. Jay now says he agrees with Hanna. Bret may be the first one the Greens vote out. Seems like that’s what they’re setting us to believe. We’ll see….

Time for the immunity challenge! Fill a basket with coconuts. Their weight will lower the basket to drop a flag, with a combination on it. The combination will unlock a key. The key unlocks a slingshot. Then they use the slingshot to shoot sandbags at targets to knock them down. Sweet! Each person on each tribes has to take turns shooting, so it’s not just one person like in other challenges. Surprisingly to me, the Purples have the combination first! Greens are second. Purples have their key and are unlocking the slingshot. Greens are next. Oranges are falling massively behind because Michelle can’t figure out the combination! Purples have their first target down! Now their 2nd. Oranges finally have their key and are unlocking the slingshot. Purples get their 3rd target! Oranges have their 1st target down before the Greens do! Greens just then get their first down. Purples get their 4th – just one more to go! And they’ve done it! Finally the Purples win a challenge, and what a one to win. They come in first for immunity! Oranges get their 2nd target. Greens get their 2nd. Oranges get their 3rd. Man I can’t believe they’ve come back after being so far behind. Oranges get their 4th target, and will come in second with just one more! And they do it! Orange comes in 2nd! The Greens are going to tribal for the first time since they split into 3 tribes. Wow! What a cool challenge. πŸ™‚

Here’s the scoring for the Purples coming in first, the Oranges 2nd, and the Greens going to tribal. Jessica (Me), Ken (Jo Lynn), and Taylor (Haylee) get 5 points each. Chris (Me), Michelle (Jo Lynn), and Zeke (Haylee) get 2 points each. Will (Bella), Bret and Michaela (Kelly), Hanna (Me), and Jay (Haylee) get -2 points each. Looks like Bret is going to be the one to go.

Back at Green camp, Michaela gathers everyone and shows them her plan for the rest of the game. She wants to go to final 4 with these 4 MS here on the Green tribe. She says it’s because she trusts them, but to me it’s because she knows she’s more of a comp badass than all of them. Then Jay, in a diary sesh, is all like, “Michaela is too smart” (paraphrase). Now he is convinced they need to get Michaela out tonight. I always thought her mouth would get her into trouble, but I didn’t expect it to be like this. Jay talks to Will about it, and they seem to be agreeing. Another strike against Michaela is that she knows about Jay’s idol. They decide to vote her out, and not tell Hanna because they’re afraid she will freak out. But they don’t show Jay and Will telling Bret and Sunday about this plan. Is it happening?!

At tribal, Michaela and Hanna clearly believe it’s one of the GXers going. I can’t tell for sure what everyone else thinks is happening. They are all preaching unity, and being a tribe where no one feels like they are on the bottom. Well we will see what happens. Ah wow they are actually doing it – they are voting out Michaela. She can’t believe it’s happening. She screams out “What?!” when the third vote comes because then she known it’s not just the GXers voting for her. It inspires an on screen hashtag for 2 points for her and Kelly. Hanna’s mouth drops open. Michaela asks Jay if he did this, and he just matter-of-factly says, “Yeah.” Hanna says she did not. Michaela is out of here. Sorry, Kels! This was one of the coolest tribal after voting reactions I’ve ever seen – from everyone not just Michaela. So awesome.

Scoring: Michaela (Kelly) gets 4 votes for -4, and finishes in 14th for +6 points; Bret (also Kelly) received 2 votes for -2, but gets the 2 point bonus for surviving multiple votes. Will (Bella), Hanna (Me), and Jay (Haylee) each receive 3 points for getting no votes. Haylee leads the week once again with 15 points, I’m in 2nd with 12 points, Jo Lynn is in 3rd with 10 points, and Bella and Kelly both had just 2 total points this week. Haylee takes over the overall lead with 80 points, I’m in 2nd with 79, Kelly is in 3rd with 60, Jo Lynn is in 4th with 52, and Bella is last with 22.

Next week the merge is happening! MS have 7 left in the game, and the GXers have 6. It’s going to be interesting to see how Zeke’s bond with both Chris and David might change things, how Taylor goes about extracting his revenge against Adam, and now Hanna wants revenge against Jay. My guess is that the MS are not going to be united at all. It’s till anyone’s game from either tribe!

In her exit interview, Michaela still believes that her 4 Greens could have ran the table and made it to the end with one of them winning the million. Maybe she’s right – who knows. She’s certainly badassed enough, and with a voting block behind her then she may have been right. But at the same time, if they didn’t get her out then I think she just might have won the game. It was probably the best move they could have made. In any event, Michaela finishes up by saying, “Oh well – I’m going to get rich some way.” LOL – that’s awesome! You go, Michaela. Winners always win even when they lose, so that’s the attitude to have.

Well……….until next week my peeps! Hugs for you all!

Survivor, Season 33, Episode 6: “The Truth Works Well”

What up my Survivor babes?! Much love to you all! I’ve been massively busy with scary / thriller movie watching like I do every year for October / Halloween. That has taken up most of my free time, so now that is over I shall get cracking on writing this post for last week’s Survivor episode. Tomorrow is episode 7, so this one may be short. We’ll see….

At the Orange tribe, everyone is pleased to come back now that they’ve voted off Cece. David says in a diary sesh that it was the right thing to do. He says it’s no longer GX versus MS – it’s the people he trusts vs the people you trust. We’ll see about that, because Zeke, in his diary sesh, seems bemused that this all went down. He says the “silly GXers sent home one of their own on the ONE tribe where they had the numbers.” Indeed they did. We’ll see how this all works out now….

At the Green tribe, where these peeps had to go and start over last week, everyone is hungry. Jay in a diary sesh is breaking down because he wants to win this for his family. He is off looking for an idol, and he finds the symbol clue. Like a dummy, he points this out to Will. He breaks it open and find the idol, but right in front of Will. I don’t think Jay is as dumb as I used to think he is, but he could have handled this better. If he had been David (someone smarter), he would have turned that bamboo over so the symbol didn’t show and come back later by himself. He didn’t though, and it just so happens that Michaela walks by as he and Will are talking about it LMAO. So now she knows about it as well. But as it is, he did find the idol, and that gives Jay and Sailor Moon… er I mean Haylee… 5 points!

Now it’s time for a reward challenge, and Figgy is elated to see that Michelle is still in the game. Probst notices her and asks her about it. She says that she and Michelle are close, so she’s happy that it was Cece and not her that was voted out. Probst asks Michelle if she’s concerned about such an open display, and Michelle says, “No…actually I think the truth works well in this game.” This shocks Probst, and me as well, because the truth often will not serve you well in Survivor. Probst says he thinks she’s the only one who has ever said that, and I agree. Not sure if she believes that, or is just saying it, though. Anyway, that is the title of the episode, so that gives Michelle and Jo Lynn 3 points! The reward challenge is the blindfolded challenge they shows in the “next time on Survivor” clip last week. Sweet! Reward is apple pie, cookies, brownies, sweet tea, and milk (for the first tribe to finish); and just cookies for the second place team.

The blindfolded challenge is always awesome fun and hilarious. These people stumbling around, running in objects and each other. David in this one was especially hilarious. He apparently does not take direction well. Because of him the Orange tribe was massively behind the whole time, but because Michelle has a brilliant mind she was able to work with Zeke to get the puzzle solved first. Orange comes in first to win reward, and David lucks out yet again, giving Chris (Me), Michelle (Jo Lynn), and Zeke (Haylee) 3 points each. During the challenge, Hanna is one of the ones sitting out due to being an extra tribe member. However, she starts complaining that she feels faint. She goes to sit in the shade, but as the comp goes on she’s feeling worse. Green comes in second for reward, giving Will (Bella), Bret and Michaela (Kelly), Hanna (Me), and Jay (Haylee) 1 point each. All of this after the Purples had a MASSIVE lead due to gathering the puzzle pieces so quickly. However, Figgy just wasn’t able to help Ken put the puzzle together quickly enough. Turns out that Hanna just had a minor panic attack. She just got too hyped up watching the challenge, and her rapid breathing caused her to start cramping up. The pain made her panic. The docs sort it out, though, and she’s all good. Poor Hanna. I don’t think she has a chance to win, but I love her. I’ve always had a soft spot for Jewish chicks, though.

At the Purples camp, Figtails just can’t deal with keeping their secret. They are sure that Adam is on their side, and therefore they have the numbers. Little do they know that Adam detests both of them. So Figgy breaks down and tells Jess and Ken about Figtails. Unsurprisingly, they already are aware of it. So Figtails is out in the open – good for them!

I’m usually writing this recap as I’m watching the episode for the first time, or at least writing in shorthand while I watch, but this time it’s not the case as I’m writing while I watch the episode again. It’s hard for me to separate what I know is going to happen with what I’m seeing. Poor Figtails. I’m so sad!

Anyway – time for the immunity challenge. It’s another “gather stuff from the water and bring it ashore” challenge. They have to bring little white balls to a table maze, and navigate three balls through it. The Purples are first to gather all the balls and start the maze. Figs and Jess are not working well together. Michelle and Zeke aren’t working well together either. Hanna and Michaela aren’t either. Michaela’s mouth is going to get her into trouble in the future, but her badassery gives the Green’s first place! The Purples are on their last ball, but it keeps going in and out. The Oranges are on their last ball, and the same is happening. But the Purples lose it, and the Orange make it. Once again, the Purples blow a huge lead to lose a challenge.

Here’s the scoring: first place to the Greens gives Will (Bella), Bret and Michaela (Kelly), Hanna (Me), and Jay (Haylee) 5 points each. Second place to the Oranges gives Chris (Me), Michelle (Jo Lynn), and Zeke (Haylee) 3 points each. The Purples going to tribal gives Jessica (Me), Figgy and Ken (Jo Lynn), and Taylor (Haylee) -2 points each.

Adam says in a diary sesh that he can side with either pair he wants to at this point. So either Ken / Jess or Figtails are going to be sad after tribal. He doesn’t seem to be sure yet what he’s going to do. He tells Figtails that they need to vote out Ken. They’re on board with that, of course, but privately tell each other that they’re not sure they trust Adam. Jess approaches Adam, and Adam admits that he’s not sure what he’s going to do, but Figtails are voting for Ken. Jess tells Ken he needs to work Adam, and he does so. He makes some good arguments that are going to seal the fate of Figtails in this game.

At tribal, they are talking about the Figtails relationship. Probst says that since he’s an ordained minister, if they want to get married right now then he’ll perform the ceremony. Figgy is all like, “Let’s do it.” Taylor, in true dude style, is all like, “Are you serious?!” I would have been all like, “Hell yes!” LOL. Anyone who wouldn’t want to wake up next to Figgy every day doesn’t like beautiful women. I mean – good lord – she’s gorgeous. Anyway – long story short Adam sides with Ken and Jess and votes out Figgy. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ah man I’m going to miss her, and her perfect bikini bod. Oh well….

Figgy gets 3 votes, which is -3 for Jo Lynn, but she finishes 15th for +5. Ken receives 2 votes, so that’s -2, but he gets the +2 bonus for surviving multiple votes, for Jo Lynn as well. Jessica (Me), and Taylor (Haylee) receive no votes and get +3 each. I saw no player inspired hashtags tonight, but if you did then let me know.

This weeks final scores are: Haylee with 18, Me with 13, Kelly with 12, Jo Lynn with 7, and Bella with 6. Current standings are: Me with 67, Haylee with 65, Kelly with 58, Jo Lynn with 42, and Bella with 20.

Next week it looks like Taylor is vowing revenge, and Zeke & David are forming a bond. Well, I say next week but that’s actually later tonight as it’s 3am Wednesday morning as I finish this up. I also just realized that I forgot to update the spreadsheet last week, but it is updated now. Well, until next time my peeps!

Survivor, Season 33, Episode 5: “Idol Search Party”

Hello once again to you Survivor lovelies. Why am I no longer getting feedback about these posts fromΒ  you all? :((( The comment section here does want you to enter a email address, but you can put anything in there that you want. Give me some feedback my peeps!

As usual, the episode opens at the camp of the tribe who was at tribal council at the end of the last episode. That means we’re at the GX camp. Dave is wondering if playing his idol was for the best. I think it was, and not just because it saved Jessica. Ken was right – they’d be back on the bottom if that happened. At least now they probably have the numbers: Dave, Ken, Cece, and Jessica vs Sunday, Chris, and Bret. Jessica apologizes to Ken for not believing him, and even tells him about her “legacy advantage”. Ken says he trusts her again in a diary sesh.

The next day, everyone is searching for the GX idol now that it’s back up for grabs. Cece’s quote, “We…had an idol search party” is the name of the episode. That earns her and Bella 3 points! Even though everyone is out searching for it, once again David stumbles on it even though both Sunday and Cece pretty much looked right at the symbol marking the spot several times and didn’t see it. So David once again has the idol, and, yes, he’s once again confirmed for me that he’s this season’s Tai. I’m mad AF that I so completely discounted him.

Next, as rumored, we see that Jeff is telling everyone to drop their buffs because it’s going to be a tribal shake up. Again, as rumored, it’s going to be the splitting of the tribes into THREE tribe. The reason one tribe is going to have an extra person is because they have to go to an empty beach and start all over with a new shelter and fire. Here is how it all went down.

New Orange: Chris, Michelle, Zeke, Cece, and David (2 ME and 3 GX)

New Purple: Figgy, Adam, Jessica, Ken, and Taylor (3 ME and 2 GX)

New Green: Michaela, Sunday, Bret, Hannah, Jay, and Will (4 ME and 2 GX)

Further evidence that luck is on Figgy and Taylor’s side in this game is that they end up on the same tribe again, and they are for sure stoked about it. They can’t keep the smiles off of their faces, and I can’t really blame them I don’t suppose. And Taylor’s name for them — “Figtails” — is just perfect. Good for them! Michaela is PISSED about having to go to an empty beach and start all over again. And I don’t blame her either. As this is a tribal swap situation for sure, all the above get 1 point each! πŸ™‚

At the Green tribe, they introduce themselves to each other, and then get right down to gathering water and building materials. Jay is talking smack about the GX in a diary sesh, and, to my surprise, I agree with him. Plus I didn’t get the impression that he’s completely vacuous this time. Okay, so maybe I was somewhat wrong about this dude after all.

The new Purples are also having introductions. They seem like they’re all getting along. Figgs has decided that her and Taylor need to settle down with the PDA. This is a new situation, and I suppose I kind of agree, but at some point it’s going to be obvious to the former GX that they are a pair. I guess we’ll see how well they can keep it quiet, and how much it even is going to matter. My guess is not a lot. Adam is having a diary sesh, and he’s not happy about only having Figtails with him from the former ME. He calls the situation his worst nightmare. He says that Figgy is very controlling, and lies all the time. I wonder if the edit Figgy is getting is not portraying her true character, or these ME peeps have some kind of grudge against her because she’s beautiful. I’ve had chick friends be treated like this for no reason. “She’s beautiful and doesn’t pay enough attention to me, so fuck her,” and, “She’s beautiful and everyone pays her so much attention that I’m ignored – so fuck her.” Those are the primary issues people have with beautiful people who are genuinely decent people. It could be that she’s exactly what Adam and Michaela say she is, but I wonder why the show is portraying her completely different if that’s the case. Then we see Adam and Ken making a connection, and Adam’s diary sesh continues with him then realizing that maybe this isn’t his worst nightmare. Figtails are a tight pair, and Ken & Jessica are as well, so that leaves him in the middle. He’s the lynch pin these two pairs will turn to, and he will decide which pair moves forward. We will see….

At the new Orange tribe, MIchelle is having a diary sesh where she’s not feeling good about her situation. It’s just her and Zeke and she feels like they’re on the bottom. Will she be able to work her big brain magic here? Zeke and Chris make a connection because Chris played for the Oklahoma Sooners, and Zeke grew up in Oklahoma and is a Sooners fan. They make an alliance. I’m curious to see how this works out.

Back with the greens, Michaela is having a diary sesh and I’m just getting more and more impressed with her. She’s talking about how she’s going to college, but also working to pay for it all. I really respect people who are independent, strong willed, and are willing to work hard to make their dreams come true. While the diary sesh is going on, it’s intercut with a scene showing Michaela successful building a fire for the greens. I think Michaela is awesome, and wish she were on my team.

It’s immunity challenge time. As usual with 3 tribes in this game, the first two to finish are both immune. It’s another challenge in the water with swimming / diving under water elements. Purple is in the lead at first thanks to Adam. Jay is strong in the water and ties it up for the Greens. Jessica then puts the Purples back in the lead. Cece is taking forever trying to swim for the Oranges, and is failing miserably, so they are in third so far. Figgy and Michaela are keeping the pace for their respective teams, so Purple is still in the lead with Green in a close second. Ken is helping the Purples keep their lead while David is also struggling in the water for the Oranges. This is not looking good for the Orange tribe at all. All the Purples are done with the swimming part, and now have to throw some buoys into a basket – basketball style. Jay is going twice for the Greens because Sunday can’t hang, but he’s so athletic that it’s working out. The Greens are second to finish the water part and also need to start shooting the buoys into the basket. With the Oranges, Michelle also can’t swim well and has to give up without even getting a buoy! What’s up with people who never learned how to swim well? Suddenly, out of the blue, because Michaela is so good at making the basket with the buoy, the Greens are now in the lead. Ken is shooting for the purples and isn’t doing so well. Michaela sinks all five buoys for the Greens, with the Purple just having one in the basket, to give the Greens the win! Ken finally gets it together and gives second place to the Purples. The Oranges just couldn’t make up for the horrible swimming performances of their team.

The Greens win gives Will (Bella), Bret and Michaela (Kelly), Hanna (Me), and Jay (Haylee) 5 points each. With the Purples in 2nd, that gives Jessica (Me), Figgy and Ken (Jo Lynn), and Taylor (Haylee) 2 points each. As the Oranges are going to tribal, that’s -2 each for Cece (Bella), Chris (Me), Michelle (Jo Lynn), and Zeke (Haylee).

At the Orange tribe, it’s going to be Chris, Cece, and David’s third time in a row at tribal, but this time they have the numbers. Cece and David want Michelle or Zeke gone. Chris has other ideas. With Chris teaming up with Michelle and Zeke, they have the numbers to vote of who they want. But for some insane reason, Chris tells David that he wants to vote off Cece. ?!?!?!?!?!?! Chris, man, WTF dude?! You seemed so smart to me, but now… I just don’t get it. Chris is all like, in his diary sesh, “I’m trusting a guy that’s burned me twice.” Yes, you are, but WHY?! You didn’t need to do this at all. OMG WTF?! So Michele still thinks she’s on the bottom with Zeke, even though they’ve told her the Cece plan, and tries to talk Cece into voting David out – trying to work that big brain magic again. However, Cece’s capacity for strategic thought is somewhere in the less than zero range, so that doesn’t work out. Cece of course tells David, and now David is saying in a diary sesh that he might have to give his 2nd idol to Cece. LOL Wow – it is last week all over again? We shall see….

At tribal, the theme continues. Chris admits that David has gotten him twice, but he wants for them to rebuild trust. David says he owes that to Chris. Michelle is dumbfounded at why someone would want to work with someone who has blindsided them twice, which I think any other intelligent person should be, and says they should vote out David. I don’t get it either, Michelle. Seriously – I don’t, but I also don’t think you should be saying this at tribal. You know your David plan isn’t happening, so you need to trust Zeke and Chris at this point. Chris was dumber than dirt to bring David into this to begin with, but what can you do about that now?! At this point I’m sure that David is going to play his idol. The vote comes and goes, and, shockingly enough, David does not play it! Here’s how the vote goes down: Michelle, Cece, Cece, Cece, Cece. Poor Cece is shocked and her jaw hits the floor. Gotta feel bad for her, but this clearly isn’t the game for her. I feel bad for Bella as well – this is crippling to her team. :(((

Here’s the scoring: -4 to Cece (Bella) for the votes, but +4 for finishing 16th. -1 to Michelle (Jo Lynn) for the vote, but as it’s just one vote she doesn’t get the survival bonus. +3 points to Chris (Me) and Zeke (Haylee) for receiving no votes at tribal. Kelly leads the week for 12 points. Haylee and I are close behind with 11 points each. Bella is next with 8 points. And Jo Lynn’s weekly total is last with just 5 points. To date here is how the points race is going: Me (54), Haylee (47), Kelly (46), Jo Lynn (35), and Bella (14).

Cece says in her exit interview that now the GX are going to lose because they voted her out. LMAO! Yeah you are indeed an irreplaceable asset in the game of Survivor, Cece. Classic! Next week it looks like Figgy succumbs to her desire for Taylor, so her down-low plan lasts all of a few days. Also they’re having one of the awesome blindfolded challenges. Sweet – looking forward to it for sure. Until next week you lovely ladies. πŸ™‚