J. Brian Terry Born on Thanksgiving Day, November 28th, 1968, in Princeton, WV. No, that does not make me a turkey. I'm left handed, 6' 2'', I don't want to know how much I weigh, with black hair (going grey now) and blue eyes. I love football (Panthers), hockey (Hurricanes), computers, movies, writing, the entire Mass Effect series (although the ending to 3 sucks all the ass in the universe twice), Tomb Raider 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, Pillars of Eternity, World of Warcraft, Star Wars The Old Republic, Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim, Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 (and related expansion packs), Starcraft, Half Life 1 and 2, EA Sports Madden and NHL games, D&D, people who make an effort to think for themselves , things that don't aggravate me, the Libertarian philosophy, and boobs. (Not necessarily in that order.)

J. Brian Terry Born on Thanksgiving Day, November 28th, 1968, in Princeton, WV. No, that does not make me a turkey. I'm left handed, 6' 2'', I don't want to know how much I weigh, with black hair (going grey now) and blue eyes. I love football (Panthers), hockey (Hurricanes), computers, movies, writing, the entire Mass Effect series (although the ending to 3 sucks all the ass in the universe twice), Tomb Raider 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, Pillars of Eternity, World of Warcraft, Star Wars The Old Republic, Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim, Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 (and related expansion packs), Starcraft, Half Life 1 and 2, EA Sports Madden and NHL games, D&D, people who make an effort to think for themselves , things that don't aggravate me, the Libertarian philosophy, and boobs. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Methane cumma from me!

It’s been awhile since I wrote because I got caught up in watching scary movies during all my free time. That involved staying up ultra late and crashing right after the last movie of the night. Here I am again, though, and I will try to catch you up on the recent events of life.

But first – an observation. My body is really super efficient at producing gas. I mean – really ultra super efficient. Every frakking thing I eat gives me gas, which often leaves me feeling bloated. Ugh. I’ve tried gas-ex and the like, and they help in some small way. But my body refuses to cease gas production. If I could package and sell my methane, I’m sure I could live off the proceeds for the rest of my life. Hell, I could probably power a small town – like the pigs did in the “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” town of Bartertown. Like the dude said in that movie: “Methane cumma from pig shit.” Uh, no, methane cumma from me! Endless and non-stop quantities cumma from me. I haven’t tried Beano yet – I suppose that’s next on the list, but that shite is expensive. I will be ultra pissed if it doesn’t help either. Anyway – this is not new news. Everyone on the Terry side of the family is a master methane manufacturer. It’s just annoying sometimes, and is my random thought for the day. I hope you enjoyed it.

10/21 through 10/26/2011

I started doing this so I could remember the little things that happened in any given day a year, a decade, a whatever from now. I suppose it’s not realistic for me to believe that I will definitely make time to do this every day, but still. It’s annoying that the days keep going by and I get more annoyed that I am getting behind. Then I get to the point where the little things start getting fuzzy. Like I said – annoying.

I’ve been all wrapped in DA2 lately – I suppose that’s pretty much all that’s been going on during the past several days. Been texting / chatting with the usual suspects. I haven’t been watching scary movies much like I usually do around this time every year. I’ve seen The Thing (2011), The Thing (1982), Alien, and Aliens. That’s it. Blah on me.

I haven’t been feeling well the past week or so either, but I’ve felt better today than I have in that time frame. I’m looking forward to my physical with my new Doctor on 11/9. I need to know where my blood pressure it at. I need to know where my cholesterol is at. Hell, I don’t even know what my blood type is. I’m going to be 43 soon – one month and one day, man. 43! I need to get on the ball with being more healthy. I have this great insurance. In the 5 years I’ve worked at Turner, I’ve only used my medical insurance once – when I had a kidney stone back in 2010. I should have been having physicals all this time. Anyway – at least I’m going to get it done soon.

My sister in law’s fantasy football team crushed my team this week to the tune of 158 to 211. Ugh. I stayed up until like 9 in the morning on Sunday playing DA2, and didn’t end up watching a lot of football that day anyway. At least DA2 is extremely awesome.

Well that’s all I can think of right now. See what I mean? Not much going on here, really. LOL – maybe it’s my subconscious saying that I don’t wanna remember most of these days LOL. I miss James, Mom, and Lee Jay. I miss Elisha. I can’t wait for Todd to come visit next month. I can’t wait for Christmas time when I go to visit the fam. I can’t wait for TOR to come out in less than two months!

That’s it folks – hopefully there will be more interesting things to remember tomorrow lol. 🙂 Until then, when it’s all After the Fact!



Today was Thursday – 10/20/2011. I have the musical score from the film “Interview with the Vampire” in my head. I love that flick, and the score, by Elliot Goldenthal, is perhaps one of the most perfect movie scores I have ever heard. It evokes the gothic feel of the movie, not to mention Louis’ ongoing sense of horror and loneliness, so perfectly that the movie wouldn’t be the same without it. “Libera Me” is my favorite cue – it’s just absolutely brilliant. It’s also perfect autumn / Halloween music! My favorite time of the year!

Check out commonterry.tumblr.com to listen to “Libera Me”.

Thursday was a cool day, although I didn’t feel well most of the day. I think I have acid reflux disease because I just have constant heartburn sometimes. I’ve always had stomach / intestinal issues all my life though. It’s just annoying. Anyway – had a decent day today otherwise.

Work was decent. I IMd with Mom a lot and picked out the camcorder I want for Christmas. I can’t wait! 🙂 I also chatted with Todd a lot on gmail. He’s planning to come up here in the middle of January for a concert, and I’m gonna go with him. Gonna see Dia Frampton – that will be fun. I texted with Elisha about “how is your day going” kind of stuff. It would have been an overall better day if I hadn’t felt nauseated and heart burned all freaking day long.

Got home tonight and didn’t set up my laptop, and didn’t play any DA2 either. Just layed on the couch and watched DVR stuff. Catching up on TV viewing. South Park was brilliant this week. I needed that laughter.

Well I’m thumbing this on my iPhone and my hands are going to sleep lol. Love this WordPress App though. Laying in bed in the dark and posting this. 🙂

Anyway – until next time when tomorrow will be After the Fact!


10/15 – 10/19/2011

These days were Saturday through Wednesday – 10/15 through 10/19/2011. I have “Awake and Alive”, by Skillet; and “Love Walks In”, by Van Halen in my head tonight. Especially “Awake and Alive” – that song kicks ass.

“I’m at war with the world and they
try to pull me into the dark
I struggle to find my faith
As I’m slipping from your arms

It’s getting harder to stay awake
And my strength is fading fast
You breathe into me at last….”

Well I’ve been distracted for the past several days, so I will try to relate what went on during all this time. On Saturday I got up and did my bi-weekly shopping for groceries and such. This week I wanted to hit Best Buy and find some scary movies on Blu Ray I didn’t already have for my annual scary movie watching fest that happens from now through Halloween night. I also decided to go to GameStop and  turn in some PS3 games I knew I wasn’t going to play anymore and see if I could pick up a game or two with the store credit.

So I went to Best Buy and picked up Alien, Aliens, Friday the 13th remake (I really liked it!), Halloween 2 (the original 1981 version – not Rob Zombie’s just absolutely rancid remake. That was, hands down, the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life – although his Halloween 1 remake was kind of ok.), and Interview with the Vampire. I was hoping to be well on my way to starting my movie watching fest, but what I picked up at GameStop is what has had me distracted since Saturday evening.

I went to GameStop and traded in Madden 2011, MLB 2011 The Show, the first Assassin’s Creed, and the first Force Unleashed and got $35.90 store credit. I got so much because I’m a Powerup Card member, plus I agreed to put $5 down on Batman – Arkham City. So in return I bought used copies of Dragon Age 2 and Grand Theft Auto 4. I used to have GTA4, but I took my copy to my brother’s once and my nephew liked it so much that I let him keep it. So I bought those two games, plus the $5 down on Arkham city, and it all cost me just $10 after using up my store credit. LOL! That kicks so much ass! Anyway, it’s Dragon Age 2 that has been taking up all my free time since Saturday. I’ve been staying up way late every night playing it since then that I’ve found myself too tired to write in the blog here. Needless to say I am enjoying DA2 immensely! I highly recommend it to any RPG fan for sure.

So that was pretty much my entire Saturday – I went to Best Buy, Game Stop, Target, and Publix. Then I made dinner and played DA2 the rest of the day / night. On Sunday I watched football all day, and then played DA2 all night – after Sunday Night Football of course. On Monday I worked from home and watched Monday Night Football, and then played DA2 the rest of the night. My fantasy football team, The Time Lords, beat The Frighteners this week to the tune of  219 to 188. So I had a great FFL week, yay for me! 🙂 Tuesday I worked from home and played DA2 after my shift. Wednesday saw me get a severe headache, I believe it was due to lack of sleep (shame on me), so I didn’t go to work. I slept in and played DA2 some, but went to bed fairly early. Now it’s Thursday, and I’m at work writing this right now. But more on Thursday when I write the entry for 10/20.

Anyway – that is what has been going on with me. I haven’t been watching my DVR shows, so I know that is horribly backed up right now. I’m debating on whether I want to go home and try to catch that up, or play more DA2. I will probably try to catch that up. I hate the feeling of being so far behind on my shows, and my DVR free space is shrinking I know. Shame on me. I need to manage my time better, which also primarily includes me forcing myself to get more sleep. I can’t keep doing this to myself – I’m not in my twenties any more. I know I am kicking my health in the balls right now. I need to cut this shite out.

Anyway – been communicating well with Elisha over these days. Also communicating with Todd via texting and gmail, and my bro here and there as well. Been IMing with Mom, and a bit with Danielle. The Hurricanes played the Bruins again this past Tuesday, and the Hurricanes won again! Danielle was not pleased lol, but I thought it was brilliant, of course. Oh – almost forgot – on Monday night me and Elisha tested my Murmur server using our respective Mumble clients and it worked like a charm! I’m just wondering how it will work when a bunch of people connect to it. I need to get the others the info on it and see how many people I can get talking on it at once. We will see….

That’s all I can think of right now, so I’m going to wrap this up. Until next time when it all will be After the Fact!


10/13 and 10/14/2011

These days were Thursday and Friday – 10/13 and 10/14/2011. I have “Humanity Part II”, The Thing (1982) Original Score by Ennio Morricone,  in my head because I just saw the 2011 version of The Thing, which had a music cue from the 1982 version of The Thing in it as well. I love this music – it evokes the creepiness and solitude of The Thing so well. More on this later.

The only major thing that happened on Thursday is that I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 5. I really like this new OS a lot! The new notification system rocks. Wireless sync kick ass. There are new options to customize all your sounds, although jailbreaking is still required to do complete customization – which I will do since I want to create my own sounds and not have to frakking buy them you greedy shits! Still – it’s nice to see Apple reducing their douchebaggery a little at a time with each new OS release. It’s cool that you can bring up the camera from the lock screen without having to unlock the phone. It’s cool that all your notifications show up on your lock screen as well. I love the new newsstand (central location for periodicals that you buy / download) and reminders app. Now I don’t have a create a calendar event just to set a reminder for myself – I love that! I’m sure there are other cool new things that I don’t know about right now, but it’s all good. The iPhone just got better for me, and that’s always a good thing!

I chatted with Mom and texted a bit with Elisha on Thursday. Nothing major. I went to bed ultra early to catch up on some sleep. I had this wacky dream that I was in a car with Barbara. She was driving, where to I don’t know, and I was sitting shotgun with my laptop on my lap doing some kind of work or something. Mostly I was admiring the shape of her leg and bare foot, though, as she was wearing these ridiculously short shorts and was driving barefoot. Dreams are so strange sometimes – I wish I could understand why the brain plays these movies and why. I haven’t seen Barbara in years and a barely think of her anymore. Same goes for Savannah, but I had a dream about her last week where we were contestants on The Amazing Race, and we were kicking ass too! You can look but you can’t touch…maybe that’s the lesson of the dreams lol. In all honesty, though, I don’t want to be dreaming about these chicks who I will never be able to wake up with. It’s depressing! Why does the brain do this to you? Agh! Anywy…I went to bed early and got a lot of sleep.

Friday was a really slow day at work. I think it’s likely because a lot of Atlanta based employees took most of the day off to prepare for Six Flags day. I really wanted to go myself, but I didn’t want to spend the PTO. I tend to spend the bulk of my PTO doing stuff early in the year, and by the time it gets to Autumn I don’t have much left and need to save it for Christmas. This is the case right now. So I missed out on Six Flags day today, but I benefited from it anyway insomuch that work was slow.

I chatted with Mom about what I want for Christmas – which is a camcorder. For the past several years I’ve been shooting 720p video using my HD Kodak camera. It shoots decent vids, but I want a full fledged 1080p camcorder. I’m always shooting video for stuff – mostly family events – so it would be nice to have a really good camcorder to do that with. I’m going to do some research and try to get the best one I can in our price range. Woo Hoo!

I had a good texting convo with Elisha. She was on her way to their condo on Lake Norman. We texted mostly about Doctor Who – which is a great topic of conversation if you ask me. 🙂 Why in the name of the Lord can’t a find a chick to marry like Elisha? A chick who loves sci-fi / fantasy shows and movies like Star Wars and Doctor Who. A chick who will at least go to football games, but I would prefer one who actually followed the game with me and enjoyed it as well. One who is just as absolutely beautiful as Elisha. I don’t think that’s asking too much. Ah blah on the world! Blah on it all! Anyway – Elisha and I had an awesome conversation and I’m glad that is happening more often now.

After work I went to see the 2011 version of The Thing, which just came out today. I thought it KICKED ASS! A lot of people are bashing it in their reviews online. Mostly for the predictable reasons because it can’t possibly live up to John Carpenter’s 1982 version. However, I’m a HUGE fan of the 1982 version (which bombed at the time it was released, but gained a cult following on video. I wonder how many people douching on the 2011 version of the flick because of 1982 comparisons actually saw the 1982 version in the theatre like I did and loved it at the time it was getting bashed – like I did.) One very cool thing about this 2011 version is that it serves as a prequel to the 1982 version. I really loved how the things that happen in this movie set up the things that happen in the 1982 version. It’s pretty awesome. The familiar synth music cue even makes a few appearances in this movie too. It’s not as awesome as Carpenter’s movie; Carpenter is a directing master after all. The CGI isn’t great, but it worked for me. Nothing is ever going to top Rob Bottin’s make up effects from the 1982 version of The Thing. No CGI ever looks real or tangible enough in my opinion – I don’t care if they spend 100 million on the CGI alone. There are a lot of people online complaining about these things in their reviews. I suggest, then, that if you can leave any nickpicking nature you might have in you at the door, on your way in to watch this flick, then you should do that. You will allow yourself to enjoy the movie more than you otherwise would. And that’s the whole point, right? To enjoy yourself and escape for awhile into another place and another time. The movie has scares, thrills, and chills and I enjoyed it. I can’t wait to add it to my blu ray collection when it is released. I’m looking forward to placing it beside my copy of the 1982 version, and watching them back-to-back. I give The Thing (2011) a 3.5 out of 5, whereas the 1982 version is more like a 4.5 out of 5.

Well that’s about it for this entry. Time for bed. I will catch you all up the next time, when those things are, of course, After the Fact. Until then….


10/11 and 10/12/2011

These days were Tuesday and Wednesday – 10/11 and 10/12/2011. No songs – just still listening to Chickenfoot III and Mayday Parade on a randomized shuffle. It’s greatness.

Gonna be really, really brief as I’m tired and don’t feel like going into huge detail.

Been working, chatting with Mom, texting with Lee Jay, texting with Elisha about TOR and KOTOR, got Elisha’s email about her beta test (awesomeness), emailed Elisha info on how to get TOR running on Win7, messaging Danielle on FB about the Hurricanes vs the Bruins – Hurricanes won WOO HOO! (Danielle is a Bruins fan lol.) Been watching a TON of DVR stuff. Halloween is around the corner and I need to start my annual scary movie viewing. Gonna start this weekend when the prequel to “The Thing” comes out. Can’t wait to see that! Gonna go from there and watch scary movies every day until Halloween gets here. 🙂 I love this time of year!

Well it’s time for bed now. Until next time – when my future becomes After the Fact, and I write about it here….



Today was Monday – 10/10/2011. No music to mention for you all today, except that the new Chickenfoot III and Mayday Parade albums kick ass!

This was a deary rainy Monday here in Atlanta. I kept my terrace door open most of the day, though, and aired out the place. It was nice to get some fresh air in here. I sat around in pajama pants and my Doctor Who hoodie as it stayed in the upper to mid 60s in here all day. But it was oddly comfortable. I normally don’t go for a chill in the air, but I enjoyed it today.

Work was steady – not too busy but not too slow. Still getting assigned too many boring tickets to do, though. I think I got like a dozen tickets, at least, assigned to me today. Blah.

Highlight for today:

“I need a new video card installed.” Well is your machine a PC or a Mac? “Oh….um….I don’t know. But it’s definitely one or the other!” LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL! What does the machine display on the screen when you first turn it on? It tells you what kind of machine it is. But regardless – how in the frakking hell can you not know this? It’s 2011 for Pete’s Sake! This is like asking someone if they’re driving a truck or a car, and they say, “I don’t know – but it’s one or the other!” Are you a chick or a dude? “I don’t know, but I’m definitely one or the other!” Are you sure?! Are you smart, or ridiculously nebulous? “I’m definitely one or the other!” Yes, that’s right – you have interstellar gas and dust where your brain should be. Congratulations!

Anyway – today also saw the inevitable defeat of my LXFFO Team. My Time Lords lost the Legion of Doom to the tune of 158 to 227. I had a horrible FFL week. Blah.

Chatted with Mom on AIM tonight about random stuff – like we do every night. She wanted to know if I had heard from cousin Geoff. I let her know the result of all of that. She’s glad I won’t be having to deal with that situation. She didn’t know why Geoff and his family left the hospital in 2004 when my Dad was passing away. She remembers they left, but no one told her the why, too much was going on for her as it was, but I told her tonight. Geoff was around 37 at the time – eating his boogers in the hospital in front of everyone. And he wonders why we ostracize him. So, yeah, we were talking about that, and just general chit chat. I texted with Lee Jay a bit about the football game. I also texted with Elisha for a bit about TOR. She is going to write me an email all about her beta testing adventures. I can’t wait to read it!

And that was my day. It’s time for me to hit the hay, folks. By this time tomorrow, today will be after the fact as well. I will write about it. So – prepare yourself! 🙂


10/08 and 10/09/2011

These days were Saturday and Sunday – 10/08 and 10/09/2011. Songs that most closely match my mood = “When You See My Friends”, Mayday Parade; and “Up Next”, Chickenfoot. I still have the whole albums of both Mayday Parade (self titled) and Chickenfoot III running through my head, but those two songs are at the top of my mind right now for some reason. However, I think my favorite song on either album is “You’re Dead Wrong” on the Mayday Parade album. I’ve linked a YouTube clip to commonterry.tumblr.com so you can listen to it if you’d like, so check it out! Be sure to buy both Mayday Parade and Chickenfoot III at your nearest retailer ASAP! I bought Mayday on iTunes, but I bought the Chickenfoot III CD because there is a bonus track on it that is not available on iTunes. I recommend you get the Chickenfoot III CD for the same reason I did. 🙂

Fah Lah! Well I spent most of Saturday chatting with Lee Jay and Todd, and texting with Lee Jay, Todd, and Mom; watching TV; and cleaning the condo. I didn’t hear a peep from Elisha, which I half expected as I’m sure she was buried in TOR during her free time as much as possible, and I know she doesn’t have a ton of free time. Although I was hoping for periodic updates through the weekend, I’m not sure if I would have been able to do that if the roles had been reversed. Heck, I barely make time to write in this blog, although I’m doing about 150% better at this than I have been since I started this way back when. I’ve never gone through such stretches of time where I wrote in the blog every day – it’s unheard of for me. Anyway – no peeps from Elisha on Saturday.

Lee Jay texted me and informed my that my nephew James had a goal and an assist in his Soccer game on Saturday, then later he also had a Baseball game during which he got player of the game! He walked three times, stole three bases, and scored twice. He played left field some, and also second base, and made some great fielding plays with no errors! So – WOW – what an awesome day for him! I sent him a text congratulating him. Then I sent him and his friend John invites into my TOR guild. I had to walk them through the procedure of signing up for accounts on the TOR site, and then going through the email to join the guild. But at least they’re in and hopefully we’ll get to play together some when the game goes live.

I decided what to do about cousin Geoff on Saturday as well. During Friday, I went through my Facebook profile and put him on my restricted list so he couldn’t see the bulk of my profile and wouldn’t write on my wall anymore. I had to do that because he kept posting on there asking me what was going on. The problem is that I can’t really give him a proper explanation without being rude, and I feel like if you believe you can’t avoid being rude then you shouldn’t say anything at all. But I decided he deserves some kind of explanation, so I crafted an email that basically said just that. That I can’t tell him exactly what’s up without being rude, so I felt I shouldn’t. I decided that I didn’t want to associate with him when he moves up here, and I asked him to respect that and not barrage me with messages asking why. I told him if he did, then I would block him totally on FB.

I sent the draft of the message to Lee Jay and Mom first so they could chime in. They both replied that they felt this was for the best, so I sent it to Geoff. He replied back that he didn’t really understand why I was doing this (sigh – I can’t understand how that is possible, but whatever) but he respected my decision and he wouldn’t bother me. So I’m glad that’s done and I don’t have to worry about being put in uncomfortable situations when he moves up here in three weeks or whatever.

Beyond all that, I played KOTOR some and did the LXFFO fantasy football stuff I have to do on Saturdays. That was basically all I did. Nothing exciting as you can see. No going out – no getting into any trouble or meeting any hot chicks. Oh well, Oh well.

Sunday saw me watching football all day long, of course. Today my Time Lords were matched up against the Legion of Doom, and I am having another simply rancid weekend of football. Both the Falcons and Panthers lost, plus my Time Lords are getting massacred 138 to 201.  I have 3 players going Monday night, but they are all defensive players so there is really no way I can come back and win. I don’t even think I will score the at least 185 a team should score to not be having a horrible week. So – no football glory was to be sound on Sunday for me.

I went to church service Sunday evening though – for the first time since football started back up. I’m going to try to go at least a couple times a month, if not more. Like I’ve written before – I can still watch the messages / sermons online for the nights that I don’t go. But it was nice to be back in the building as they play really great music there, complete with a kick ass light show. It’s like being at a rock concert! I love it! It was the best thing about Sunday other than getting to chat with Lee Jay and Todd all day, commenting to each other while we watched football. It was almost like watching the games together. 🙂

I heard a bit out of Elisha today, but she was knee deep in still playing. She is going to send me an email with full details when she isn’t so busy. I can only imagine, though, what it must be like. Really, really, really, really wanting to play as much as possible, but she still has Mommy and Wifey things to attend to. I didn’t want to be a dick and say, “Listen, missy, you get your bitch ass in the email and tell me all the frakking details right now! Oh, and make me some pie, too!” She prolly would have just laughed at me anyway. 🙂 It’s all good – I just can’t wait to find out what she thinks.

I also spent some time tonight dragging out my old Dell laptop and setting it up to run a Murmur server, which is an open source VOIP server used by the Mumble client application. Think Skype, or if you’re a gamer Ventrillo, except Mumble supposedly kicks the asses of both of those other apps. I need to talk to Elisha, and Todd, and maybe others to have them log in so we can test its viability to host our conversations while we play TOR once it’s finally released. The server seems to be up and running fine. I’m just wondering if it will actually work or not LOL. I’m sure I will write more about it here in the future….

Well that’s all I did on Sunday. I can’t believe the weekend is over already. Man it went by in a freaking flash. Ugh. I’m SO glad I get to work from home Mondays and Tuesdays, but I’m just not feeling like working at all today to be honest. I didn’t get enough play time in as I spent a lot of time this weekend either cleaning, or IMing and texting with family / friends. I also watched a ton of DVR stuff. So I had a relaxing weekend, but I didn’t play as much as I like to. Anyway…that’s that.

All the stuff that’s After the Fact will appear here next time. So I will tell you that story then. I know you can’t wait lol…..



Today was Friday – 10/07/2011. No songs for today as I still have both the Chickenfoot III album and the new Mayday Parade albums going through my brain. It’s probably because I created a playlist with most of the songs from both of those albums in iTunes and synced it to my iPhone. I just put it on shuffle and let it play. Both of those albums just kick freaking ass!

This was a relatively quiet day at work. I didn’t have to deal with any craziness – it was actually quite pleasant. Tonight the Hurricanes played the Lightning in their opening game of the NHL 2011-2012 season, but my Hurricanes lost. I got to watch most of it – streaming it from the internet on one of the computers at my desk. We have this streaming system at Turner where they stream dozens of TV channels across the network. Not just Turner / Time Warner owned stuff either – all the local channels, ESPN, Versus, and all sorts of other channels. It’s extremely cool. Wouldn’t you like to have a job where watching TV at your desk wasn’t frowned upon? Sometimes my life rules!

Tonight I started testing a new Facebook feature that’s going to go live next Saturday called “Timeline”. It’s a complete and total revamp of your wall / profile. I actually kind of like it – a lot! It arranges your whole FB life in a fairly logical / chronological order. You can “star” things to have them displayed prominently as well – it’s awesome sauce as far as I’m concerned. I’ve pretty much loathed every other change the powers that be at FB have done to the system since I first joined in 2008. Back then – there was so much less clutter going on and it the site was, in my opinion, so much more functional. Now it’s like being around someone who yells everything and has absolutely no “inside” voice. It’s all over the place and in your face and out of control. I mean…honestly. But I’ve gotten used to the shite more or less, and kind of like this new Timeline profile. I had to jump through some ridiculous hoops to get it to let me test it, though. Not gonna go into all that jazz – I want to go to bed soon lol. Anyway – Facebook Timeline is awesome. Everyone will get to see it next Saturday!

I played a lot of KOTOR tonight as well. This character is coming along well – I’m following the “light” side with him. Speaking of TOR stuff, Elisha was supposed to be able to start beta testing at 6p, but couldn’t login. She went to out to eat with her peeps – she let me know all of this in some texts. Not sure if she was able to go home and log in or what as I didn’t hear from her after that, but I hope she at least got to have some fun and experience this game. I can’t WAIT to hear about it. I got our TOR guild up to 10 people tonight, which qualifies us for inclusion in the over all beta, not just a beta weekend. It’s still random selection, but now she and I both have this extra chance to get into the overall beta. We have our individual selection possibility, and now we have the shot to get in with our guildmates as well. I realize the game launches in just over 2 months, but GDit I wanna play the frakking thing now! 🙂

Tonight I texted with Elisha, as I said, and also with my brother – still talking about hockey stuff (especially since the Hurricanes were on tonight). I IMd with my Mom on AIM – keeping her company. She says that aunt Mitzi is in town for the weekend, though, which is good for both of them. I also IMd with Todd because he logged into gmail chat. I got him to join the TOR guild, and he told me about Facebook Timeline and how to test it. Kickie Assie!

Well that was my Friday evening. I’m very pleased that the weekend is upon us once more! I’m going to sleep a lot today, and then get up and do some cleaning of the condo. I need to do laundry as well. I think “Scream 4” is out on Blu Ray – if so I’m gonna buy it. I have like 10 DVR shows to watch, so I will do some of that as well. And hopefully I will hear a ton of TOR info from Elisha.

Well, that’s all I have for ya. When it’s After the Fact – you’ll read all about it. Next time…………



Today was Thursday – 10/06/2011. No songs for today as I still have both the Chickenfoot III album and the new Mayday Parade albums going through my brain. Both of those just kick freaking ass.

I don’t really have much to say about today. It was mostly just another day, more or less. I took calls and solved problems, as usual. I worked tickets and solved even more problems. That’s how I roll.

I IMd with Mom and we small talked. I texted with Lee Jay and Danielle about hockey. I texted with Elisha about The Old Republic. Todd logged into Gmail and we just shot the breeze. Fah Lah!

I came home and watched DVR goodness. I posted a pic of me waiting at the Arts Center Station for the Atlantic Station Shuttle to arrive. Check it out at commonterry.tumblr.com. I still have a  ton of shows from this week to watch, and I’m sure more will record tomorrow – like Fringe! But LOL I just watched last week’s episode of Fringe tonight. I get way behind sometimes when it comes to DVR stuff. Mainly because I play games a lot as well – it was more KOTOR for me tonight. And that’s about it.

So you see – it was a plain day. I’m not complaining. We need days like this. Nothing to get giddy over, but also nothing to get a headache over as well. Just a day that came and went, and it’s all good. It’s all good, folks.

Well that’s all I have for you tonight. This was After the Fact, and next time will be as well. So wait……with bated breath. I know you will!