Survivor, Season 33, Episode 5: “Idol Search Party”

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As usual, the episode opens at the camp of the tribe who was at tribal council at the end of the last episode. That means we’re at the GX camp. Dave is wondering if playing his idol was for the best. I think it was, and not just because it saved Jessica. Ken was right – they’d be back on the bottom if that happened. At least now they probably have the numbers: Dave, Ken, Cece, and Jessica vs Sunday, Chris, and Bret. Jessica apologizes to Ken for not believing him, and even tells him about her “legacy advantage”. Ken says he trusts her again in a diary sesh.

The next day, everyone is searching for the GX idol now that it’s back up for grabs. Cece’s quote, “We…had an idol search party” is the name of the episode. That earns her and Bella 3 points! Even though everyone is out searching for it, once again David stumbles on it even though both Sunday and Cece pretty much looked right at the symbol marking the spot several times and didn’t see it. So David once again has the idol, and, yes, he’s once again confirmed for me that he’s this season’s Tai. I’m mad AF that I so completely discounted him.

Next, as rumored, we see that Jeff is telling everyone to drop their buffs because it’s going to be a tribal shake up. Again, as rumored, it’s going to be the splitting of the tribes into THREE tribe. The reason one tribe is going to have an extra person is because they have to go to an empty beach and start all over with a new shelter and fire. Here is how it all went down.

New Orange: Chris, Michelle, Zeke, Cece, and David (2 ME and 3 GX)

New Purple: Figgy, Adam, Jessica, Ken, and Taylor (3 ME and 2 GX)

New Green: Michaela, Sunday, Bret, Hannah, Jay, and Will (4 ME and 2 GX)

Further evidence that luck is on Figgy and Taylor’s side in this game is that they end up on the same tribe again, and they are for sure stoked about it. They can’t keep the smiles off of their faces, and I can’t really blame them I don’t suppose. And Taylor’s name for them — “Figtails” — is just perfect. Good for them! Michaela is PISSED about having to go to an empty beach and start all over again. And I don’t blame her either. As this is a tribal swap situation for sure, all the above get 1 point each! πŸ™‚

At the Green tribe, they introduce themselves to each other, and then get right down to gathering water and building materials. Jay is talking smack about the GX in a diary sesh, and, to my surprise, I agree with him. Plus I didn’t get the impression that he’s completely vacuous this time. Okay, so maybe I was somewhat wrong about this dude after all.

The new Purples are also having introductions. They seem like they’re all getting along. Figgs has decided that her and Taylor need to settle down with the PDA. This is a new situation, and I suppose I kind of agree, but at some point it’s going to be obvious to the former GX that they are a pair. I guess we’ll see how well they can keep it quiet, and how much it even is going to matter. My guess is not a lot. Adam is having a diary sesh, and he’s not happy about only having Figtails with him from the former ME. He calls the situation his worst nightmare. He says that Figgy is very controlling, and lies all the time. I wonder if the edit Figgy is getting is not portraying her true character, or these ME peeps have some kind of grudge against her because she’s beautiful. I’ve had chick friends be treated like this for no reason. “She’s beautiful and doesn’t pay enough attention to me, so fuck her,” and, “She’s beautiful and everyone pays her so much attention that I’m ignored – so fuck her.” Those are the primary issues people have with beautiful people who are genuinely decent people. It could be that she’s exactly what Adam and Michaela say she is, but I wonder why the show is portraying her completely different if that’s the case. Then we see Adam and Ken making a connection, and Adam’s diary sesh continues with him then realizing that maybe this isn’t his worst nightmare. Figtails are a tight pair, and Ken & Jessica are as well, so that leaves him in the middle. He’s the lynch pin these two pairs will turn to, and he will decide which pair moves forward. We will see….

At the new Orange tribe, MIchelle is having a diary sesh where she’s not feeling good about her situation. It’s just her and Zeke and she feels like they’re on the bottom. Will she be able to work her big brain magic here? Zeke and Chris make a connection because Chris played for the Oklahoma Sooners, and Zeke grew up in Oklahoma and is a Sooners fan. They make an alliance. I’m curious to see how this works out.

Back with the greens, Michaela is having a diary sesh and I’m just getting more and more impressed with her. She’s talking about how she’s going to college, but also working to pay for it all. I really respect people who are independent, strong willed, and are willing to work hard to make their dreams come true. While the diary sesh is going on, it’s intercut with a scene showing Michaela successful building a fire for the greens. I think Michaela is awesome, and wish she were on my team.

It’s immunity challenge time. As usual with 3 tribes in this game, the first two to finish are both immune. It’s another challenge in the water with swimming / diving under water elements. Purple is in the lead at first thanks to Adam. Jay is strong in the water and ties it up for the Greens. Jessica then puts the Purples back in the lead. Cece is taking forever trying to swim for the Oranges, and is failing miserably, so they are in third so far. Figgy and Michaela are keeping the pace for their respective teams, so Purple is still in the lead with Green in a close second. Ken is helping the Purples keep their lead while David is also struggling in the water for the Oranges. This is not looking good for the Orange tribe at all. All the Purples are done with the swimming part, and now have to throw some buoys into a basket – basketball style. Jay is going twice for the Greens because Sunday can’t hang, but he’s so athletic that it’s working out. The Greens are second to finish the water part and also need to start shooting the buoys into the basket. With the Oranges, Michelle also can’t swim well and has to give up without even getting a buoy! What’s up with people who never learned how to swim well? Suddenly, out of the blue, because Michaela is so good at making the basket with the buoy, the Greens are now in the lead. Ken is shooting for the purples and isn’t doing so well. Michaela sinks all five buoys for the Greens, with the Purple just having one in the basket, to give the Greens the win! Ken finally gets it together and gives second place to the Purples. The Oranges just couldn’t make up for the horrible swimming performances of their team.

The Greens win gives Will (Bella), Bret and Michaela (Kelly), Hanna (Me), and Jay (Haylee) 5 points each. With the Purples in 2nd, that gives Jessica (Me), Figgy and Ken (Jo Lynn), and Taylor (Haylee) 2 points each. As the Oranges are going to tribal, that’s -2 each for Cece (Bella), Chris (Me), Michelle (Jo Lynn), and Zeke (Haylee).

At the Orange tribe, it’s going to be Chris, Cece, and David’s third time in a row at tribal, but this time they have the numbers. Cece and David want Michelle or Zeke gone. Chris has other ideas. With Chris teaming up with Michelle and Zeke, they have the numbers to vote of who they want. But for some insane reason, Chris tells David that he wants to vote off Cece. ?!?!?!?!?!?! Chris, man, WTF dude?! You seemed so smart to me, but now… I just don’t get it. Chris is all like, in his diary sesh, “I’m trusting a guy that’s burned me twice.” Yes, you are, but WHY?! You didn’t need to do this at all. OMG WTF?! So Michele still thinks she’s on the bottom with Zeke, even though they’ve told her the Cece plan, and tries to talk Cece into voting David out – trying to work that big brain magic again. However, Cece’s capacity for strategic thought is somewhere in the less than zero range, so that doesn’t work out. Cece of course tells David, and now David is saying in a diary sesh that he might have to give his 2nd idol to Cece. LOL Wow – it is last week all over again? We shall see….

At tribal, the theme continues. Chris admits that David has gotten him twice, but he wants for them to rebuild trust. David says he owes that to Chris. Michelle is dumbfounded at why someone would want to work with someone who has blindsided them twice, which I think any other intelligent person should be, and says they should vote out David. I don’t get it either, Michelle. Seriously – I don’t, but I also don’t think you should be saying this at tribal. You know your David plan isn’t happening, so you need to trust Zeke and Chris at this point. Chris was dumber than dirt to bring David into this to begin with, but what can you do about that now?! At this point I’m sure that David is going to play his idol. The vote comes and goes, and, shockingly enough, David does not play it! Here’s how the vote goes down: Michelle, Cece, Cece, Cece, Cece. Poor Cece is shocked and her jaw hits the floor. Gotta feel bad for her, but this clearly isn’t the game for her. I feel bad for Bella as well – this is crippling to her team. :(((

Here’s the scoring: -4 to Cece (Bella) for the votes, but +4 for finishing 16th. -1 to Michelle (Jo Lynn) for the vote, but as it’s just one vote she doesn’t get the survival bonus. +3 points to Chris (Me) and Zeke (Haylee) for receiving no votes at tribal. Kelly leads the week for 12 points. Haylee and I are close behind with 11 points each. Bella is next with 8 points. And Jo Lynn’s weekly total is last with just 5 points. To date here is how the points race is going: Me (54), Haylee (47), Kelly (46), Jo Lynn (35), and Bella (14).

Cece says in her exit interview that now the GX are going to lose because they voted her out. LMAO! Yeah you are indeed an irreplaceable asset in the game of Survivor, Cece. Classic! Next week it looks like Figgy succumbs to her desire for Taylor, so her down-low plan lasts all of a few days. Also they’re having one of the awesome blindfolded challenges. Sweet – looking forward to it for sure. Until next week you lovely ladies. πŸ™‚


This season has been SO good! I just don’t know how my people keep… surviving! LOL! Thank you Brian! You and Kelly are killing it!

J Brian Terry

Thank you, Jo Lynn! I’m loving the season so far as well. I’m kinda amazed how the producers keep finding new ways to keep it fresh and interesting. I’m looking forward to Wednesdays every week! πŸ™‚

Kelly Conway

I’m sorry Bri., Life got in the way but I am all caught up and ready to discuss. #1 so happy I have Michaela on my team. I wasn’t sure during the first episodes but damn she’s turning out to be a great player!! She even forfeited her top in the previous episode before this last one!! She’s strong in challenges and can make fire. I think she is definitely one of those
players proving that first impressions are not always correct!!
#2 How David has made it this far is inconceivable yet also a testament to “anyone can win survivor”
#3 Being a romantic at heart, I’M definitely in the love bubble with Figtails and enjoying watching how pissed Taylor was that he couldn’t get no loving when they switched tibes. His disappointment was that he was missing her was the highlight of the last episode for me. I”m really enjoying this season. Not to mention I’m in close running for 2nd place right now!!! Woot Woot!!!

J Brian Terry

Michaela is strong, and I’m jealous that you have her. She could win it all as long as she can keep her mouth in check. David is getting lucky, but also being really savvy. He may be weak AF in challenges, but he’s pretty much making up for it by being strong socially and intellectually. Not that I’m not shocked as well. And I agree that Figtails are awesome. I love them both; yes, even mega dumb Taylor. πŸ˜‰

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