Survivor, Season 33, Episode 6: “The Truth Works Well”

What up my Survivor babes?! Much love to you all! I’ve been massively busy with scary / thriller movie watching like I do every year for October / Halloween. That has taken up most of my free time, so now that is over I shall get cracking on writing this post for last week’s Survivor episode. Tomorrow is episode 7, so this one may be short. We’ll see….

At the Orange tribe, everyone is pleased to come back now that they’ve voted off Cece. David says in a diary sesh that it was the right thing to do. He says it’s no longer GX versus MS – it’s the people he trusts vs the people you trust. We’ll see about that, because Zeke, in his diary sesh, seems bemused that this all went down. He says the “silly GXers sent home one of their own on the ONE tribe where they had the numbers.” Indeed they did. We’ll see how this all works out now….

At the Green tribe, where these peeps had to go and start over last week, everyone is hungry. Jay in a diary sesh is breaking down because he wants to win this for his family. He is off looking for an idol, and he finds the symbol clue. Like a dummy, he points this out to Will. He breaks it open and find the idol, but right in front of Will. I don’t think Jay is as dumb as I used to think he is, but he could have handled this better. If he had been David (someone smarter), he would have turned that bamboo over so the symbol didn’t show and come back later by himself. He didn’t though, and it just so happens that Michaela walks by as he and Will are talking about it LMAO. So now she knows about it as well. But as it is, he did find the idol, and that gives Jay and Sailor Moon… er I mean Haylee… 5 points!

Now it’s time for a reward challenge, and Figgy is elated to see that Michelle is still in the game. Probst notices her and asks her about it. She says that she and Michelle are close, so she’s happy that it was Cece and not her that was voted out. Probst asks Michelle if she’s concerned about such an open display, and Michelle says, “No…actually I think the truth works well in this game.” This shocks Probst, and me as well, because the truth often will not serve you well in Survivor. Probst says he thinks she’s the only one who has ever said that, and I agree. Not sure if she believes that, or is just saying it, though. Anyway, that is the title of the episode, so that gives Michelle and Jo Lynn 3 points! The reward challenge is the blindfolded challenge they shows in the “next time on Survivor” clip last week. Sweet! Reward is apple pie, cookies, brownies, sweet tea, and milk (for the first tribe to finish); and just cookies for the second place team.

The blindfolded challenge is always awesome fun and hilarious. These people stumbling around, running in objects and each other. David in this one was especially hilarious. He apparently does not take direction well. Because of him the Orange tribe was massively behind the whole time, but because Michelle has a brilliant mind she was able to work with Zeke to get the puzzle solved first. Orange comes in first to win reward, and David lucks out yet again, giving Chris (Me), Michelle (Jo Lynn), and Zeke (Haylee) 3 points each. During the challenge, Hanna is one of the ones sitting out due to being an extra tribe member. However, she starts complaining that she feels faint. She goes to sit in the shade, but as the comp goes on she’s feeling worse. Green comes in second for reward, giving Will (Bella), Bret and Michaela (Kelly), Hanna (Me), and Jay (Haylee) 1 point each. All of this after the Purples had a MASSIVE lead due to gathering the puzzle pieces so quickly. However, Figgy just wasn’t able to help Ken put the puzzle together quickly enough. Turns out that Hanna just had a minor panic attack. She just got too hyped up watching the challenge, and her rapid breathing caused her to start cramping up. The pain made her panic. The docs sort it out, though, and she’s all good. Poor Hanna. I don’t think she has a chance to win, but I love her. I’ve always had a soft spot for Jewish chicks, though.

At the Purples camp, Figtails just can’t deal with keeping their secret. They are sure that Adam is on their side, and therefore they have the numbers. Little do they know that Adam detests both of them. So Figgy breaks down and tells Jess and Ken about Figtails. Unsurprisingly, they already are aware of it. So Figtails is out in the open – good for them!

I’m usually writing this recap as I’m watching the episode for the first time, or at least writing in shorthand while I watch, but this time it’s not the case as I’m writing while I watch the episode again. It’s hard for me to separate what I know is going to happen with what I’m seeing. Poor Figtails. I’m so sad!

Anyway – time for the immunity challenge. It’s another “gather stuff from the water and bring it ashore” challenge. They have to bring little white balls to a table maze, and navigate three balls through it. The Purples are first to gather all the balls and start the maze. Figs and Jess are not working well together. Michelle and Zeke aren’t working well together either. Hanna and Michaela aren’t either. Michaela’s mouth is going to get her into trouble in the future, but her badassery gives the Green’s first place! The Purples are on their last ball, but it keeps going in and out. The Oranges are on their last ball, and the same is happening. But the Purples lose it, and the Orange make it. Once again, the Purples blow a huge lead to lose a challenge.

Here’s the scoring: first place to the Greens gives Will (Bella), Bret and Michaela (Kelly), Hanna (Me), and Jay (Haylee) 5 points each. Second place to the Oranges gives Chris (Me), Michelle (Jo Lynn), and Zeke (Haylee) 3 points each. The Purples going to tribal gives Jessica (Me), Figgy and Ken (Jo Lynn), and Taylor (Haylee) -2 points each.

Adam says in a diary sesh that he can side with either pair he wants to at this point. So either Ken / Jess or Figtails are going to be sad after tribal. He doesn’t seem to be sure yet what he’s going to do. He tells Figtails that they need to vote out Ken. They’re on board with that, of course, but privately tell each other that they’re not sure they trust Adam. Jess approaches Adam, and Adam admits that he’s not sure what he’s going to do, but Figtails are voting for Ken. Jess tells Ken he needs to work Adam, and he does so. He makes some good arguments that are going to seal the fate of Figtails in this game.

At tribal, they are talking about the Figtails relationship. Probst says that since he’s an ordained minister, if they want to get married right now then he’ll perform the ceremony. Figgy is all like, “Let’s do it.” Taylor, in true dude style, is all like, “Are you serious?!” I would have been all like, “Hell yes!” LOL. Anyone who wouldn’t want to wake up next to Figgy every day doesn’t like beautiful women. I mean – good lord – she’s gorgeous. Anyway – long story short Adam sides with Ken and Jess and votes out Figgy. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ah man I’m going to miss her, and her perfect bikini bod. Oh well….

Figgy gets 3 votes, which is -3 for Jo Lynn, but she finishes 15th for +5. Ken receives 2 votes, so that’s -2, but he gets the +2 bonus for surviving multiple votes, for Jo Lynn as well. Jessica (Me), and Taylor (Haylee) receive no votes and get +3 each. I saw no player inspired hashtags tonight, but if you did then let me know.

This weeks final scores are: Haylee with 18, Me with 13, Kelly with 12, Jo Lynn with 7, and Bella with 6. Current standings are: Me with 67, Haylee with 65, Kelly with 58, Jo Lynn with 42, and Bella with 20.

Next week it looks like Taylor is vowing revenge, and Zeke & David are forming a bond. Well, I say next week but that’s actually later tonight as it’s 3am Wednesday morning as I finish this up. I also just realized that I forgot to update the spreadsheet last week, but it is updated now. Well, until next time my peeps!


As much as I love Figgs she needed to go. She was too arrogant and shouldn’t have flaunted their relationship like that! Another great episode! Can’t wait to see what happens tonight! Don’t message me Brian!!!

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