Survivor, Season 33, Episode 7: “I Will Destroy You”

Here we go once again, my survivor lovelies. I hope all is well with each of you. It is now time for the first episode: post Figgy. I am still mega sad LOL….

…and so is Taylor of course. At the Purple camp, directly after tribal, Adam is talking with Taylor one on one trying to apologize. He keeps admitting how hard he screwed him. Yeah, it was mega hard, Adam. But it’s almost funny how he keeps admitting over and over how much he screwed him. Come on, Adam, you know there’s no way he’s going to work with you. Taylor admits as much in a diary sesh. He’s playing a total revenge game now. He says he will play it cool now, but says soon, “I will destroy you,” which is the title of the episode. This gives him and Haylee 3 points!

At the orange camp, David is trying to strike up a deal with Zeke. He says he feels like him and Zeke are cut from the same cloth, and he then tells him about his immunity idol even. Zeke is elated during his diary sesh. We’re not seeing this right now, but I have a feeling he may use this knowledge in his alliance with Chris. At least I hope so lol.

It’s now time for another reward challenge. Everyone is shocked that Figgy was eliminated, except for Michaela who is, of course, very happy. I’ll say this yet again: her mouth is going to get her into trouble. The challenge looks cool. Gathering 3 very large balls, shooting them into a basket, pushing them through a rope tunnel, and then lay them up on a perch and try to make them balance there. The reward for first place is to have a chef come to camp and cook for them. Second place gets kabobs that they have to cook themselves. The Green team, as usual as they are clearly the most athletic as a group, quickly takes the lead and starts shooting first. It’s Jay shooting for them. Purple starts shooting, with Ken shooting. Ken makes it! You can’t shoot again until you get the ball through the rope tunnel. Orange has caught up, and Chris is shooting for them. He makes it on his first shot! Jay finally sinks one for Green. Orange was WAY behind, but is now the first team with a ball through the rope tunnel. Chris sinks the second ball before Purple finally manages to get their first ball through the tunnel. Orange has their 2nd ball through just as Green gets their 1st. Purple gets their 2nd through right after that. Jay sinks the 2nd ball for Green. Chris makes the 3rd for Orange, and they look like they may be well on their way winning this one. Ken makes the 3rd ball for Purple. Orange has their 3rd ball through, and now Chris is trying to get them to balance on the perch. The beam with the perch looks like it may be about 5 feet above Chris’ head. Purple has their third ball through while Green is still moving their 2nd through the rope tunnel. Chris has the Oranges’ first ball on the perch. Ken is laying up for the Purples. Jay sinks the 3rd ball for the Greens finally, and they are working it through the tunnel. Chris has the 2nd ball balanced for the Oranges. Ken has the Purples’ first ball balanced. Chris balances the third ball, and the Orange come in first for reward! Chris was a BEAST in this one – yes! Ken is still working on balancing the 2nd call for the Purples, and finally the Greens have their third ball through the tunnel. Michaela is laying up for the Greens, and finally getting involved in this one! And just like that Michaela balances the first one for the Greens, and now they’re tied with the Purples. Ah man the Purples have been getting their asses handed to them – are they going to lose this one too?! Sweet – Ken balances the 2nd one for the Purples! Michaela ties it up again! Ah man this is awesome – coming down to the wire. I’m still pulling for the Purples to win something, though. Next ball balanced wins the kabobs – who will it be?! Michaela does it again! She is such a badass! Green wins 2nd place, and will get to take the kabobs back to camp. Poor Purples get nothing.

Here’s how the scoring shakes down. Chris (Me), Michelle (Jo Lynn), and Zeke (Haylee) get 3 points for first place. Will (Bella), Bret & Michaela (Kelly), Hanna (Me), and Jay (Haylee) get 1 point each for 2nd place. Michaela says in a diary sesh that she’s happy that they were able to come back, but is nervous that always kicking so much ass makes her a target. I think her mouth makes her more of a target than anything. We will see….

Back at the Orange camp, they are enjoying the Chef and their reward. None of them have eaten so much so fast. Poor Michelle is the only girl, and she is overwhelmed with the guys all belching and farting because they ate so fast. Personally, I found it quite hilarious lol.

At the Purple camp, they don’t seem to be sad over losing yet again. Ken and Jessica are taking with Taylor, and Taylor is making an alliance with them. Taylor says he will never write their names down, and they all shake hands. Jessica says that Taylor wouldn’t understand strategy even if it spanked him on the ass and called him Figtails (Okay – those were my words, but she said something similar lol), but she feels better being in an alliance with him because he’s such an open book. She knows Adam is way smarter and more strategic. She and Ken can use Taylor, but they likely wouldn’t be able to use Adam.

Hanna is now talking to Bret at the Green camp. She is suspicious of him because he claims to be a funeral director while he actually a cop. Hanna grew up in Boston, and says she thinks he’s a cop. Look at the big brain on my Hanna! Yes! Bret doesn’t seem to realize that Hanna doesn’t believe him, which kinda gives me some hope for her. Cops usually can read people better than Bret seems to be reading Hanna. Bret says in a diary sesh that cops get targeted in Survivor, so he’s going to keep lying. Jay now says he agrees with Hanna. Bret may be the first one the Greens vote out. Seems like that’s what they’re setting us to believe. We’ll see….

Time for the immunity challenge! Fill a basket with coconuts. Their weight will lower the basket to drop a flag, with a combination on it. The combination will unlock a key. The key unlocks a slingshot. Then they use the slingshot to shoot sandbags at targets to knock them down. Sweet! Each person on each tribes has to take turns shooting, so it’s not just one person like in other challenges. Surprisingly to me, the Purples have the combination first! Greens are second. Purples have their key and are unlocking the slingshot. Greens are next. Oranges are falling massively behind because Michelle can’t figure out the combination! Purples have their first target down! Now their 2nd. Oranges finally have their key and are unlocking the slingshot. Purples get their 3rd target! Oranges have their 1st target down before the Greens do! Greens just then get their first down. Purples get their 4th – just one more to go! And they’ve done it! Finally the Purples win a challenge, and what a one to win. They come in first for immunity! Oranges get their 2nd target. Greens get their 2nd. Oranges get their 3rd. Man I can’t believe they’ve come back after being so far behind. Oranges get their 4th target, and will come in second with just one more! And they do it! Orange comes in 2nd! The Greens are going to tribal for the first time since they split into 3 tribes. Wow! What a cool challenge. 🙂

Here’s the scoring for the Purples coming in first, the Oranges 2nd, and the Greens going to tribal. Jessica (Me), Ken (Jo Lynn), and Taylor (Haylee) get 5 points each. Chris (Me), Michelle (Jo Lynn), and Zeke (Haylee) get 2 points each. Will (Bella), Bret and Michaela (Kelly), Hanna (Me), and Jay (Haylee) get -2 points each. Looks like Bret is going to be the one to go.

Back at Green camp, Michaela gathers everyone and shows them her plan for the rest of the game. She wants to go to final 4 with these 4 MS here on the Green tribe. She says it’s because she trusts them, but to me it’s because she knows she’s more of a comp badass than all of them. Then Jay, in a diary sesh, is all like, “Michaela is too smart” (paraphrase). Now he is convinced they need to get Michaela out tonight. I always thought her mouth would get her into trouble, but I didn’t expect it to be like this. Jay talks to Will about it, and they seem to be agreeing. Another strike against Michaela is that she knows about Jay’s idol. They decide to vote her out, and not tell Hanna because they’re afraid she will freak out. But they don’t show Jay and Will telling Bret and Sunday about this plan. Is it happening?!

At tribal, Michaela and Hanna clearly believe it’s one of the GXers going. I can’t tell for sure what everyone else thinks is happening. They are all preaching unity, and being a tribe where no one feels like they are on the bottom. Well we will see what happens. Ah wow they are actually doing it – they are voting out Michaela. She can’t believe it’s happening. She screams out “What?!” when the third vote comes because then she known it’s not just the GXers voting for her. It inspires an on screen hashtag for 2 points for her and Kelly. Hanna’s mouth drops open. Michaela asks Jay if he did this, and he just matter-of-factly says, “Yeah.” Hanna says she did not. Michaela is out of here. Sorry, Kels! This was one of the coolest tribal after voting reactions I’ve ever seen – from everyone not just Michaela. So awesome.

Scoring: Michaela (Kelly) gets 4 votes for -4, and finishes in 14th for +6 points; Bret (also Kelly) received 2 votes for -2, but gets the 2 point bonus for surviving multiple votes. Will (Bella), Hanna (Me), and Jay (Haylee) each receive 3 points for getting no votes. Haylee leads the week once again with 15 points, I’m in 2nd with 12 points, Jo Lynn is in 3rd with 10 points, and Bella and Kelly both had just 2 total points this week. Haylee takes over the overall lead with 80 points, I’m in 2nd with 79, Kelly is in 3rd with 60, Jo Lynn is in 4th with 52, and Bella is last with 22.

Next week the merge is happening! MS have 7 left in the game, and the GXers have 6. It’s going to be interesting to see how Zeke’s bond with both Chris and David might change things, how Taylor goes about extracting his revenge against Adam, and now Hanna wants revenge against Jay. My guess is that the MS are not going to be united at all. It’s till anyone’s game from either tribe!

In her exit interview, Michaela still believes that her 4 Greens could have ran the table and made it to the end with one of them winning the million. Maybe she’s right – who knows. She’s certainly badassed enough, and with a voting block behind her then she may have been right. But at the same time, if they didn’t get her out then I think she just might have won the game. It was probably the best move they could have made. In any event, Michaela finishes up by saying, “Oh well – I’m going to get rich some way.” LOL – that’s awesome! You go, Michaela. Winners always win even when they lose, so that’s the attitude to have.

Well……….until next week my peeps! Hugs for you all!

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