Survivor, Season 33, Episode 8: “I’m The Kingpin”

What up you brilliant beauties?! I hope all is as well as it can be with you.

We open on the Greens fresh from tribal from last week. Jay is proud of himself, and I think he deserves it. I didn’t want Michaela to leave, but it was their best move for sure. Hanna is pissed they kept her out of the loop and vows her revenge against Jay and Will.

The following morning everyone notices a boat coming to shore. They are told it’s merge time, and they have 5 minutes to gather their stuff and get on the boat. Bret says he might try to stick with Jay and Will, but he also wants to hook back with Chris. At the Purple camp they are gathering their stuff too. Adam is stoked he made the merge, and says it’s the merge that separates good players from mediocre ones (paraphrasing). He hopes he’s one of the good ones. The Purples and Greens, on their respective boats, meet up with the Oranges at their camp.

All our players receive 3 points each for being involved in the individual game tribal merge.

Zeke is stoked, but is also nervous about whatever relationships the MEs have made with GXers. Michelle is happy to have Jay and Taylor back, and thinks she can team with them to get to the end. Jay is also stoked. He’s happy to be back with Michelle and Taylor, and is sure he has Will, Bret, and Sunday. He also has his idol. He says, “I’m the kingpin, but no one knows and I wanna keep it that way.” His phrase, “I’m the Kingpin,” is the title of the episode. That’s 5 points for him and Haylee. Bret says he’s not sure who to trust, but he trusts Sunday and Chris the most. He thought he could trust Jay, but thinks the MEs are too tight. Chris likes what he has with David and Zeke, and he thinks it will be all the better with Bret and Sunday in the group as well. All the castaways all get to share in a crate of food for making the merge.

Zeke says he’s glad to be back with his nerds (Hanna and Adam), and Hanna tells him about Jay’s blindside to Michaela. Zeke is worried about Jay now, and is seeing through him to his Kingpin alter ego. It sounds like Zeke is thinking about voting out Jay ASAP.

During the merge feast, Adam goes off by himself to search for another idol (the merge idol). However, instead of finding it, he finds a new power that no one has ever had in Survivor history. He can steal someone else’s reward from them after they have won it. I’m not so sure I would even use such a power. That’s a good way to royally piss someone off. Especially someone with conservative tendencies – I DO NOT like the concept of other people being able to take from me what I have rightfully earned. If I share with you, then that’s my choice. I believe very strongly in the philosophy that all of the money that you earn isn’t meant for you to spend. We all know someone, at any given time, that needs some help. I think we all should give a percentage of every check away, save a percentage of every check, and then live on the rest. But taking from me, or worse feeling entitled to what I have earned with my own hard work, just boils my blood. If someone used such a power on me, I’d vote them out as soon as I possibly could.

Later that night, Taylor a.k.a. “Brainiac” (my new nickname for him), decides it’s a good idea to go clanging around the mason jars of food that Survivor gave to the new merged tribe. For some reason, he thinks it’s okay to take a jar and throw a bunch of the dried foodstuffs together in it for just himself to eat. He “hides” this jar under his top and makes his way toward the beach. He made so much noise clanging around that it woke up Bret. He says in a diary sesh that he didn’t want to be the one calling him out, so he want back to bed. However, Adam woke up as well and decided this is his chance to manipulate Brainiac. He tells Brainiac he won’t tell anyone. He hopes this builds a bond between them. Dear Brainiac: Why do you think stealing from your tribe is okay?! What a douche! In any event, Adam tries to convince Brainiac to vote out Will. He tells Brainiac about his new reward stealing advantage as well. Brainiac is saying what Adam wants to hear, but in his diary sesh he reaffirms his plan to get revenge against Adam.

Later that morning, several of the GXers notice the missing food. Bret tells them it was Brainiac. Their wariness of the MS increases. Sounds like they are going to target Brainiac. This is getting interesting….

Later that day, Brainiac pulls Jay aside and tells him about Adam’s plan. But, because they’re both so oblivious, they don’t notice Zeke behind them listening in on everything. Zeke wants a geek alliance with himself, Adam, and Hanna. So he’s going to have to figure something out to keep that a possibility.

It’s the first individual immunity challenge of the season. Yes! It’s an endurance challenge where you have to hold your hands up on a bar. If you drop an arm, or heck even twitch it seems, it will lower a bucket of water on your head – and you’re out. It’s about digging deep and ignoring pain. Sunday is first out. Then Chris and Bret. Jay is next, and then Zeke not long after. A little while later, Ken isΒ  out, closely followed by Hanna. Michelle’s bucket drops next. Brainiac’s bucket falls, and then David and Adam almost directly after. Only two are left: my girl Jessica, and Bella’s dude Will. After an hour and thirty minutes, Jessica drops and Will wins first individual immunity! Congrats to him and Bella! That’s 10 points! I’m proud Jessica, though – I didn’t know she had this fire in her. So awesome!

Back at camp, the MS are saying they need to vote off Adam. Michelle isn’t happy about this because it seems more emotional and less strategic. I agree on the surface, but I know the things she doesn’t know: like his idol. If they could pull it off, it would be a great move. However, Zeke approaches Adam away from camp and tells him he heard Brainiac and Jay plotting to vote him (Adam) out. They are talking about getting the votes together to take out Brainiac. They approach the GX with this, and they say ok. But then they say maybe Michelle. Then they are back and forth who to vote out. So Adam goes to Brainiac to try to convince him to vote someone else out. Brainiac says in a diary sesh that he’s in full on revenge mode against Adam. He and Will are sure that Adam doesn’t have an idol because of how much he’s scrambling. Ah you poor guys – how little do you know….

Hanna, David, and Zeke are getting frustrated with Adam because he keeps pulling others aside to talk with them. Hanna tells Adam to settle down – they are gunning for Brainiac. He needs to just relax before he screws up the vote. But she tells Zeke and David that Adam is too untrustworthy and needs to go. Zeke is starting to agree with her. Adam says in a diary sesh that his position is tenuous at best, and he would be correct. Looks like maybe it will be idol playing time at tribal….

The producers did a good job at misdirection on this episode, because going to tribal I wasn’t quite sure what was going to go down. Is it Adam? Michelle? Brainiac? The players talk to each other about how the MS eat too much food, but especially Brainiac. As usual, though, Brainiac just thinks it’s all hilarious. The GXers are calling him selfish, and they’re right. Brainiac doesn’t give a fuck, and that’s why he’s not going to win the game. Hell, someone might take him to finals with them because I think everyone, even Jay, realizes that he’s clueless.

I’ve had this exact, well at least very similar, conversation with a lot of MS peeps in my life. I met a lot of them while working for AMC Theatres in 1996-2000, and in fact am still friends with many of them. I’ve always been very technology and geek oriented, and a lot more MS are like that than GXers are. Therefore I have a lot more MS friends than I do GXers. But the problem with many MS I’ve met in my life is that they are so ridiculously self absorbed. Explaining to them why doing something like Brainiac did is selfish and rude is nearly impossible. In my experience, that is, which is certainly not a condemnation of all MS – just so I’m clear. However, a great deal of them in my experience don’t understand the fact that they don’t have a right to everything they want. You don’t deserve something just because you want it. You have to earn it first. You don’t have a right to happiness; you have a right to PERSUE happiness. There’s a major distinction there that MS peeps often don’t seem to understand. Brainiac certainly doesn’t understand this. When Jeff remarks that he wasn’t hiding the fact that he was stealing food, Brainiac says he didn’t consider what he did as stealing. OMG man – again, like I said, it’s maddening trying to make so many of them understand this point. He’s gotta be gone soon. The GXers aren’t going to put up with his shite for long, that’s for sure, unless, like I said, someone decides to take him to the end with them.

The rest of tribal is just the usual loyalty, the tribal switches, trust, and the like. It really sounds like this is no longer GX vs MS at all, so I don’t think it’s going to matter that there’s 7 MS vs 6 GX tonight. Going forward this is going to be more about alliances than generations. I’m sure the initial GX and MS tribes will play into those alliances some, but for the most part it’s all about alliances and who do they trust.

The voting goes down, and Brainiac votes for Adam saying, “This one’s for Figgs”. Everyone votes, and Jeff asks for any idols. Adam doesn’t play his idol! Does he know something we don’t? The votes are read and, wow, it’s Michelle! Brainiac doesn’t even get one vote. Michelle gets 9 votes to Adam’s 4. Jay and Will can’t believe it. So much for the “Kingpin” LOL. Michelle becomes the first member of the Jury. Sorry Jo Lynn! πŸ™

Scoring: For Michelle (Jo Lynn), 9 votes is -9; she finishes 13th for +7, and gets +5 for making it to jury. No one has Adam, so there’s no points there. Will (Bella); Bret (Kelly); Chris, Jessica, and Hanna (Me); Ken (Jo Lynn); and Jay, Brainiac, and Zeke (Haylee) each get 3 points for receiving no votes at tribal. Haylee and I are the only players with all three of our castaways still playing in the game, while everyone else has just one player left. That is weird! This is Haylee’s third episode in a row with the lead. She scored 23, I scored 18, Bella scored 16, Jo Lynn scored 12, and Kelly scored 6. The season totals so far are: Haylee with 103, Me with 97, Kelly with 66, Jo Lynn with 64, and IzzyB with 38. There are 6 episodes left this season, and 3 castaways left in the game that no one picked. This means that it’s possible that by finale night, which will likely start with 6 castaways, and eliminate 3 of them to get down to a final 3, could see those final 6 be both Haylee’s and my complete teams. Hey, it’s possible hehe. πŸ™‚ Hayway: I’m coming for you! Prepare yourself!

Until next week my lovely peeps! Remember always the wisdom of the following word: “This too shall pass.”

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