Survivor, Season 33, Episode 9: “Still Throwin’ Punches”

Hello my Survivor beauties! I hope that everyone lets life get back to normal soon, and starts keeping up with Survivor again with me. I miss you all. Anyway….

We’re back at camp after the vote, and Jay is having a diary sesh and isn’t happy. Of course the GXers like Chris and Dave are happy. Chris feels like he’s gaining some traction with how things are playing out. Jay and Brainiac know they need to try to find a way to crack the other alliance. Brainiac seems flabbergasted that the GXers trusted Adam. Why? He’s not the one going around stealing food from them!

Brainiac is touching base with Adam now to make sure their secrets will remain secrets. They seem to be in agreement with keeping the secrets. Then in another diary sesh, Brainiac is talking so proudly about his theft of the food. He calls it his “best idea ever”, and claims that no one even noticed it. EVERYONE NOTICED IT YOU COMPLETE MORON! EVERYONE CALLED YOU OUT AT TRIBAL ABOUT IT! The fact that they think you’ve already eaten the food, and yet you’re just stashing it for periodic munchings, is irrelevant. You took the food, and every freaking body KNOWS THAT YOU DID IT. OMG please vote this clown off soon!

Jay and Hannah are talking. He says he’s proud of her move, and she’s explaining herself well to him. She felt with the MS group that she was just their goat, but with the GXers that she is playing WITH them. Jay gets it. He just wants for her to include him going forward. I think she’s doing a good job of trying to maintain a social game and be respectable to Jay, but I don’t think she’s going to actually work with him again. In short, good job, Hannah!

I love the Survivor theme song. I hate the fact that they’ve started using only this truncated version of it nowadays. I don’t like it when shows do this. Elementary, for instance, has a spectacular main theme. Some episodes they play the whole thing, but on too many it’s just like 5 seconds. Blah. Please stop doing this TV peeps! It sucks ass!

Yay it’s time for a reward challenge! Yes! We’re going to have 2 teams of six. A huge part of it is having to drag this huge crate on loose dirt under a freaking net. Obviously strength is going to play a huge part in this. They are going to do a schoolyard pick. Captains will get chosen, and then the captains will take turns picking the teams. Turns out the Captains are my peeps Chris and Hannah. Boo – so I’m not going to be in a position of scoring triple reward. Anyway, my man Chris picked the best team: Bret, Ken, Brainiac, Sunday, and David. Obviously he has all of the strength on his team. Hannah elected to pick: Will, Jay, Zeke, Jessica, and Adam. So Hannah decided to keep her peeps close. Chris did as well, but at least he picked up some strength and athleticism in Brainiac. I understand why Hannah picked the team she did, but come on, man. Oh well.

I didn’t even need to watch this go down. I knew that Hannah’s team would be lucky to push/drag that crate under the net at all, let alone have a shot a winning this. That is exactly what happened. Chris’ team just absolutely smoked them. They get to go to a resort, hang out by a pool, eat burgers & fries, and wash it down with cocktails and soda. Sweet! The win gives Bret (Kelly), Chris (Me), Ken (Jo Lynn), and Brainiac (Haylee) 3 points each. Hannah explains her picks in a diary sesh, and I get it. You have to balance strategy with practicality in Survivor, though. That’s why this show is so awesome, and why it’s “survived” this long on the air (and there’s no end in sight as far as I can tell). I think Hannah understands this and will do better in the future. It’s a hard lesson, but the lesson is learned. I hope.

The peeps at the reward are enjoying themselves. I certainly don’t blame them. Bret apparently has too much alcohol and is being a goofball. It’s all good – been there and done that. Sunday says in a diary sesh that the GXers don’t trust David, Ken, or Jessica – and that she is going to gun for Jessica! AAAHHHHH no you old bat! Leave my girl alone!

Back at camp, Jay decides to try to mend fences with Adam. They are talking while floating in the ocean, and Jay is asking him about why the last vote went down the way it did. Adam explains himself well, and for some reason Jay gets butthurt by it. Adam says it’s Brainiac’s fault that Jay’s group are on the bottom, and for some reason this surprises Jay. “So I am on the bottom,” he says, as if this is some kind of news flash. Adam is all like, “Of course you are,” as in: Yes, Forrest, shouldn’t this be obvious to you?!

See, I feel for Adam because I fall into this situation with people all the time myself. I can be too straight up logical and blunt when I talk to people, think sort of like Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory”. Things that seem obvious to me quite often seem not-so-obvious to other people, and I get into trouble with them when they get butthurt about me telling them so. That’s not to say that I think I’m right all the time. I am wrong AF sometimes – I’m certainly not perfect, ok? When I’m not wrong it can be really frustrating getting people to see it instead of getting pissed at me. The truth is still the truth, and reality is still reality, regardless of feelings or ego. A ridiculously stupid cliche people like to say is, “Perception is reality”. NO! NO, NO, NO, NO! Perception is NOT reality; reality is reality. Perceptions and hurt feelings don’t change it when broken ideas and plans, or just general obliviousness that is entirely too common, (and in the case of Survivor, broken / flawed strategies) need to be fixed. Ah, but I digress….

So I feel for Adam here. He wasn’t trying to rub anything into Jay’s face. Jay was asking questions, and getting the straight up truth in return, and now he’s going to whine about it like people often do. Especially when the problem is with them (see his “I am the Kingpin” speech from last week), but they want to deflect their shortcomings, and short-sightedness, onto others instead of embracing the truth. Ugh. You can tell that Adam is getting frustrated with Jay’s questions (the face palming is his unconscious body language sign of that), because Jay seems to not understand what the vote of the last tribal council means. And during Jay’s diary sesh going on during the scene, it’s made obvious that he didn’t understand shite – until Adam made him see it. However, instead of being frustrated with himself, and his game, he’s all mad at Adam. This is weakness of character, and it really aggravates me.

So then Jay goes back to camp and, yes, whines about Adam. And of course these dingy MS all believe him. Adam has his social game problems, and so his image with the others didn’t help him here. But this wasn’t his fault. Some people – really, the vast majority of people in my experience – can’t handle the straight up truth. At all.

It’s day 25, and Sunday is reaching out to Jay to try to get him, Will, and Brainiac to vote out Jessica. Jay is, of course, all for it. Sunday, you ho biscuit! You must go! You and Brainiac need to catch the fast train to the jury!

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. It’s an endurance and balance challenge. Sweet! There’s a wrinkle, though. There’s a food temptation. Those who think they have no shot of winning this one, or who feel safe from the vote, can opt to skip the challenge and eat instead. Will and Zeke opt to skip the challenge and eat. They figure they might as well eat and go back to camp with a full belly, than lose and go back to camp with nothing. Will says as much in a diary sesh, and I agree with him. This unfortunately nets them, and Bella & Haylee respectively, -2 points each.

The challenge is on, and I have to say that I love Brainiac’s shoes. He has a pair of those kind of shoes that look like a rubber foot over top of your actual foot. They look like they’d be mega comfortable, and easier to run in and keep your balance with. I’ve always wanted a pair of those. Anyway, like I said the challenge is on and Hannah, who perhaps should have felt like she had no shot at winning this one, and should have eaten as well, is the first one out almost immediately. I am proud of her of trying, though. Bret is next out, a little over 5 minutes later. About 15 minutes later, after they’ve moved down to the hardest part of the balance beam, several people drop out all at once back to back: Jessica (poo), Sunday, David, and Chris (dangit!). Now all my peeps are out. All those left are: Jay, Adam, Brainiac, and Ken. Haylee has two left, and Jo Lynn has Ken. Who will win?! Adam drops next, and then Jay. We’re left with Brainiac and Ken. Brainiac is whistling as if he still doesn’t give a frack. They both are getting wobbly, but eventually Brainiac falls and Ken wins immunity! This gives him and Jo Lynn 10 points.

Back at camp the majority alliance gets together and decides to split the votes between Jay and Brainiac. Sunday still wants Jessica out, but can’t seem to muster the movement on that front. Bret seems to be in her corner, and says he will talk to Chris. I don’t see it happening (hopefully). Later, Sunday is in the hammock with Jay and tells him it’s him or Brainiac. Jay understands it. In his diary sesh, he says he’s not going to give up and that he’s still throwin’ punches. His line “Still Throwin’ Punches” is the title of the episode, and that gives him and Haylee 3 points.

Brainiac shows Jay his food stash, and they decide to have a “last supper” together. In a diary sesh Jay is debating on whether to use his idol or not. He says he’s thinking about saving it for a rainy day. How is this not a rainy day?! Unless………if he votes for Brainiac as well, then he can guarantee that Brainiac goes home. Wow – I bet he’s going to do that. Brainiac tells Jay about Adam’s advantage, and it looks like they’re going to try to get the alliance to vote out Adam during tribal. What will happen?! We’ll see….

At tribal Brainiac does indeed spill the Adam secret, and his hidden food stash situation. It wasn’t a hugely crazy tribal like I’ve seen in the past. Adam wasn’t pleased, of course, but defended himself well I thought. It’s not going to help him in the future, though. It seems to me like it’s still going to be Jay or Brainiac. The votes goes down and indeed that is the case. Brainiac’s day has indeed came – sorry Hayway!

Here’s how the votes went down: Jay = 4; Brainiac = 7; Adam = 1. Jay did exactly what I thought he was going to do, and voted for Brainiac as well. Adam got a vote from, of course, Brainiac. This gives Haylee -11 for the 7 votes against Brainiac and the 4 against Jay; Brainiac finishes 12th for +8 and gets +5 for making it to jury; Jay gets +2 for getting multiple votes but surviving. Will (Bella); Bret (Kelly); Chris, Jessica, and Hannah (Me); Ken (Jo Lynn); and Zeke (Haylee) each get 3 points for receiving no votes at tribal. I didn’t see any player inspired hashtags in this episode. If you did, please let me know.

Here are the scores for this week: Jo Lynn earns her first weekly high score with 16 points; I am 2nd this week with 12 points, Haylee is directly next with 11 points, Kelly has 6 points, and IzzyB has 1 point. The season total so far are: Haylee with 114, Me with 109, Jo Lynn with 80, Kelly with 72, and Bella with 39. I hope everyone enjoyed the episode this week. Until next time you ridiculously lovely ones! 🙂


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