Survivor Season 34, Episode 4, “Who’s the Sucker at the Table?”

Hello once again to my Survivor peeps. The glorious beauty of each of you is indeed immense. While that is neither here or there, it’s just a reminder to each of you to look in the mirror today and feel good about yourselves, or, at the very least, you can feel good that I feel good about you. Okay then? Here we go….

At the GX camp Chris and Bret are reeling from the blindside of Paul being voted out. Chris is so pissed that he says in a diary sesh that he considered throwing the rice into the ocean and starting a tribe of one. Okayyyyy – not what I want to hear from who I thought would be my #1 player. So Jess is trying to explain that Paul basically said that he’d be all for a guy’s alliance, and would ditch the women. This is apparently the first both Chris and Bret have heard of having a guy’s alliance, so they are still bewildered.

The next day Sunday and Lucy are discussing it, wondering if they made a mistake. Wait, Lucy?!….who’s that?! LOL I jest, of course. Lucy seems to feel bad about it as well in her diary sesh. Lucy and Sunday are talking again, and they want to make up with Chris and Bret. It seems like, since no one else ever heard anything about an all guy’s alliance, the GX peeps are starting to think maybe Jessica made the whole thing up. Lucy seems to think so. She thinks Jess just wanted to get in her head.

Lucy goes up to Bret and Chris and apologizes, and tells them that Jessica is just as power hungry as Paul was. Wow – what a little manipulator she is. I’m starting to wonder if her minuscule edit at the start was CBS trying to mask the fact that Lucy either wins this season, or at least makes it far in the game. I can see it happening. The guys seem to be buying into everything Lucy says: hook, line, and sinker. Lucy suggests an alliance with herself, Chris, Bret, Ken, and David. Lucy thinks, for some reason, that she has them (Ken and David) in her pocket. I don’t know why… maybe something went down between them that wasn’t aired. Whatever it was, she seems sure of it. Chris says in a diary sesh that he’s all for getting rid of Jessica, and Bret seems on board. Ah man this isn’t looking good for me….

At the MS camp, they are convinced that there is a pig on the island, and they are determined to hunt it for food. Not sure what Hanna thinks of that, but maybe she isn’t all that concerned about being kosher.  Adam, instead of hunting for the pig with the others, decides to go off and hunt for the idol instead. He searches around, and he found something…. Poor Adam – it’s just a clue. He doesn’t have time to go off looking for it now, though, so he will have to do it later.

Now it’s time for the first reward comp of the season! It’s going to be one of those wrestling type of challenges where one person tries to hold the other team back, or otherwise occupy their attention, while their partner accomplishes the mission – which this time is getting what looks like a life preserver (they refer to it as “the ring”) from one point in the water to another.

First round it’s Chris / Dave vs Jay / Adam. GX scores the first point due to Chris’ strength occupying the MS, allowing David to score. Round 2 is Cece / Sunday vs Figgy / Michaela. LOL why are Figgs and Michaela working together? They hate each other! So weird. Well, to my surprise, they actually seem to work well together. They completely smoked Sunday / Cece and tied it up 1 to 1. They high five each other! Classic! Round 3 is Ken / Bret vs Taylor / Will. This is a more evenly matched battle, but GX scores to retake the lead 2 to 1. The 4th round is Jessica / Lucy vs Hanna and Michaela. Michaela is STRONG! She, by herself, pulls everyone else to the MS pole and scores! It’s tied 2 – 2 and the next score wins! Figgy is impressed and high fives Michaela AGAIN, and then gives her a congratulatory smack on the ass as well. Are these two going to become besties now? 😉 Final round is Chris / David vs Jay / Zeke. I was really impressed by Zeke and David in this final battle. They both fought hard and didn’t wuss out. It looked like the MS were going to win it, but David hampered Jay enough for Chris to shake Zeke and take over. Then it was nothing but Chris’ brute strength that ended up winning it for the GX.

GX wins reward: raw steak, sausages, veggies, and spices they can cook for themselves on a grill. Yum! This was an extremely entertaining challenge – I loved it! Great job by both tribes! With the win, though, that earns Cece (Bella), Bret and Lucy (Kelly), Chris and Jessica (Me), and Ken (Jo Lynn) 3 points each.

At the MS tribe, they are discussing the challenge. Adam says in a diary sesh that he wishes he could have performed better, but realizes that a comp like that isn’t his kind of comp. He doesn’t like full contact sports. He realizes he needs to find the idol now more than ever, so goes off looking for it again. This time, he finds it! However, Hanna sees him. She asks him how his idol search is going, and he says he’s working on it. Of all things, she tells him good luck, and doesn’t even try to approach him and see if he’s found it. She leaves him to it. Wow. Just wow. Hanna – you deserve to lose! Why do I always pick lame players?!

Ah poor Adam – he’s talking about how his Mom has stage 4 lung cancer. His dreams are coming true while his and his Mom’s worst nightmares are happening. That may be why he ultimate ends up leaving the game as was predicted before the season started. He’s crying and I am too. 🙁

I’ve seen people die of cancer. My Dad, for one, and his brother Gene. Dad went fast. His liver was eaten away almost completely before we even knew he had cancer, but his cancer started out in his lungs as well. He was gone 2 weeks after we found out. Gene, on the other hand, lingered. He had lung cancer as well. He blew up like a balloon. I was a teenager when it happened, and that was the absolutely most frightening thing I had ever seen in real life to that point. Ever seen the movie “Blade”? (The first one) When Blade and that chick go meet the bloated, fat vampire “Pearl” – that’s pretty much what my uncle Gene looked like. He went from being all of 150 or 160 pounds to THAT, because of cancer. It was horrifying.

Watching my Dad take his last breath is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in real life now, but seeing Gene for the first time in his hospital bed looking like that still haunts me. He looked like an alien. Poor Adam and his family. I hate that anyone else has to deal with that shite. Two of Dad’s other brothers, Dale and Bud, also died of cancer, but I wasn’t witness to their passing. All of them were smokers, and that’s what killed them all. Don’t smoke, folks. Don’t do it. Don’t even try it.

We return to the GX camp the next morning. Lucy and Dave go off to fetch some water. Ken comes up behind them, and they all have a convo. She tells them that they have nothing to worry about, and fills them in about the Jessica plan. However, she then commands them to not talk to anyone else lest they risk her wrath. This rubs Ken the wrong way, as it would have done for me as well. I’m surprised after all these years that the people CBS picks to play this game seem to not understand it at all. You can’t speak to others like this, and not expect backlash. You need to be diplomatic, or at the very least make others think your ideas are their ideas.

It’s immunity challenge time! It’s a gather puzzle pieces and then assemble the puzzle challenge again. It’s more involved than that, but that sums it up. GX gathers the pieces first, and a few minutes later MS does as well. David is taking the lead with solving the puzzle for GX. Michelle, Figgy, and Michaela are working together to solve the MS puzzle. It took over 45 minutes, but eventually the MS figure it out and BAM! It’s done! “Somebody loses their flame tonight” was the answer.

It was a very cool challenge and puzzle. I love puzzles! The win gives Will (Bella); Michaela (Kelly); Hanna (Me); Michelle and Figgy (Jo Lynn); and Jay, Taylor, and Zeke (Haylee) 5 points each. Since GX is going back to tribal, that gives Cece (Bella), Bret and Lucy (Kelly), Chris and Jessica (Me), and Ken (Jo Lynn) -2 points each. Hopefully my girl Jessica isn’t going home! 🙁

Back at GX camp, Chris is saying in a diary sesh that he isn’t sure what is going to go down at tribal, but he’s counting on Lucy to orchestrate the blindside of Jessica. I don’t get it. My opinion of Chris has decreased. Orchestrate your own moves! Be more like Michelle! Ugh.

Anyway, he’s talking with Lucy about it now and it’s intercut with another of Lucy’s diary sessions. She calls herself “Tiger Mom”, and that is another player inspired hashtag. That’s +2 for her and Kelly! Lucy is yet another control freak in the realm of Survivor, and she thinks that since being a control freak to her husband and kids works, then it should work in the game. Right? Uh – no – you poor deluded soul! Didn’t you see WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO PAUL?! Haven’t you ever watched this show?! Please – why can’t these control freaks focus their control issues in another way? Be in control using subtle manipulation. You don’t have to be in obvious control to be in control.

David and Ken are talking about what they’re going to do. Ken says he’s not working with Lucy as it’s Paul all over again, and they’re still on the bottom. He says they need to vote out Lucy. He is trying to clue Jessica in on what is going on, but she doesn’t believe him. Instead of trying to see all possibilities, she of course goes and tells Lucy everything. Then Jessica says something really annoying in her diary sesh. She says she thought that the girls decided to come up with the plan to vote out Paul “together”. What?! You did ALL of that! YOU did! You were the driving force behind the whole thing! I’m so annoyed with my castaways’ lack of logical thought processing, and now she’s discounting her own game move as a group decision?! I don’t get this at all.

Lucy is of course annoyed. David is telling her he’s shocked, although he was fully on board with Ken’s plan, and is really being convincing. He’s a much better player than I thought he would be – at least so far. I thought at first that maybe Lucy would change it to Ken instead, but no – the Jessica plan seems to still be in force. David says in a diary sesh that voting Jessica would be the safe thing to do now, but at the same time that would leave him on the bottom again. He is once again thinking about using his idol to save someone else. The way things are looking for him, that may be his best idea, but at this point I think Jessica might be so dumb that I’m not sure I’d want her for an ally.

It’s tribal time. During tribal, Lucy confirms she had a conversation to Ken and told him what to do. She just straight up says that’s how she is, and men usually appreciate her bluntness. (Dear Lucy: being blunt is one thing, but ordering people around is something else. Ding dong!) However, despite this exchange Jessica STILL DOESN’T BELIEVE KEN! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here. Does she think Lucy told Ken to vote for Cece?! Why would he do that, and why would Lucy even need him to do it?! THINK JESSICA! David’s quote “Live tribal” becomes a hash tag, but no one has him for those points. Chris’ quote “Who’s the sucker at the table” is the name of the episode, so that’s 3 points for us yay! Now it’s time for the vote!

They all vote, and, wow, DAVID PLAYS HIS IDOL FOR JESSICA! This is probably going to mean lots of points for me. Here are the votes: Jess, Jess, Jess, Jess, Jess, CC, Lucy, Lucy: Lucy has been voted out of the game! David’s idol saved both Jessica and my team! Even though no one picked him, he helped my game so much! At the expense of Kelly – sorry Kells! 🙁 Ok let’s break this down in points.

Lucy’s two votes were enough to evict her. That’s -2 for Kelly, but +3 for finishing 17th. Jessica’s 5 votes don’t count against her, also earns her 2 points per vote due to the idol being played for her. That’s 10 points for me, and also the 2 points for getting multiple votes but surviving for a total of 12 points. Cece receives 1 vote for -1 for her and Bella, but since it was just 1 vote she doesn’t get the bonus. Bret (Kelly), Chris (Brian), and Ken (Jo Lynn) received no votes, so they earn 3 points each.

Let me just add that I am so disgusted with Jessica right now because despite all the tribal council confirmation between Lucy and Ken, Jessica STILL voted for Cece (which is what the 5 alliance told her was the plan). Wow. Just wow.

Thanks to blind luck, I’m 1st for the week with 25 points, Haylee is 2nd with 15, Jo Lynn 3rd with 14, Kelly is 2nd with 13, and IzzyB is last with 6. Our season to date totals so far are: Me with 43, Haylee with 36, Kelly with 34, Jo Lynn with 30, and Bella with 6.

The preview for next week shows that they’re going to do some mix up of the tribes. The rumor is that they’re going to split into 3 tribes, but I’m not sure how they’re going to pull that off with 16 castaways left. Maybe Adam leaves due to his Mom’s illness, leaving them with 15? We will see what happens! Until next week my lovely peeps! 🙂

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