Working Fine Yesterday

I don’t understand why people think statements like, “I don’t understand why [inset anything here] isn’t working today because it was working fine yesterday,” make any sense at all. As if, when they die, they’re going to march up to the throne of God and proclaim, “God, I can’t be dead — I was alive yesterday!”

Why do some peeps think yesterday has to do with the functionality of anything today?! I mean – HONESTLY! – why do folks believe such statements make ANY sense?! Just because your tire isn’t flat today doesn’t mean it’s not going to go flat tomorrow for ANY number of possibilities. Anything you own might stop working tomorrow, and it will have nothing to do with the fact that it’s working today. People often use this phrase when referring to their computers. The functionalities of yesterday have nothing to do with today. You computer might stop working today, okay? There doesn’t have to be a why. Computers are imperfect constructions of imperfect people. Everything ends – this is the nature of reality.

Also, please consider this: everything that breaks on any given day was not broken before it broke. Do you follow that? Everything that stops working on any given day was working the day before it stopped working! EVERYTHING! So when you say that you “don’t understand” such breakage because of “yesterday”, you’re essentially saying that reality does not exist for you! (LOL) And while I’m sure that many of you wish it didn’t… guess what?!

The moral of this story is this: please stop saying ridiculously foolish things like this. Try harder to fully think such lines of thought through to their proper conclusions. Please try harder to make more sense. Please. Seriously, please try lol….